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  1. Aww, still no Wes? He's like, the easiest character to implement... You don't even need to balance him because he's the tough character.
  2. Can I express my discontent for this? This was a great way to make a finite resource infinite, and now it's gone completely. I want them back in the tumbleweeds, personally. While we're add it, can we add Mandrakes, and Thulecite and/or its fragments extremely rare drops from Tumbleweeds? Those things would be nice if no longer finite. I see no reason they shouldn't be since everything else, ruins gems included, has become relatively unlimited.
  3. I think you're all overthinking this. The comic was done to get us thinking and excited. It also serves as a sort of an explanation as to how multiplayer is even canonically possible, instead of them just saying "yeah okay, Maxwell decided to put two people in the same world now". We'll likely start in multiplayer right away, and it'll just be the assumption that at least one of the characters present built a portal, and that's why you're now together.
  4. I feel like if they add him (which I'm rather against), they shouldn't give him lore. He should just be a fun/gag character that means nothing to the rest of the story. That being said, I'm still disappointed that they spent all this time making an unoriginal crossover character as opposed to putting all that time and effort into a new, unique one. You see people hoping for Wallace, Waverly, Wortox, etc, but no one seriously asking for a TF2-Pyro crossover.
  5. Excited by the prospect, but disappointed because no backstory. GIVE ME MY LORE GODDAMIT.
  6. Uh, no, not "this". Suddenly having incarnations of Greek Gods/constellations doesn't really make sense. I meant that the references to twins watching over Wilson was foreshadowing to Wendy and Wilson meeting up, or something Wendy-related happening at the least. I'll pose it again: What if the figure in the portal is Abigail?
  7. Wilson and Wendy don't have to have a connection to each other, but they're both connected to Maxwell. Why would it be Wendy? If it's any of the female characters we know, it's gotta be her. Wendy's like 17-21 now, isn't she? Assuming she is Maxwell's niece, she was born in 1901-1904, and the game takes place in the 20's. You'd look like crap too if you were stuck in the wilderness for a few days/weeks/months/etc, wouldn't you? Also, remember how we got to this point: the answer to the puzzle was the names of the Gemini twins, who are also "watching" over Wilson in the sky. As I was typing this, I came up with a crackpot theory of my own: What if the girl standing in the portal is Abigail? How? Why? I don't know. But if it happens, I can say that I called it. I mean, she *did* die under "mysterious circumstances".
  8. If it's anyone we know, it's Wendy or Charlie. It seems we have things pointing to Wendy already, so my hopes are two of our friends will finally meet!
  9. I don't think they were done to intentionally be in reverse order, they were just aligned in such a way that we wouldn't guess their purpose on the first day. Day 1 we just saw him mixing something. Day 2 we just knew he was building something. Day 3 we had a decent idea as to what was going on. Day 4 it's all but confirmed.
  10. The fourth panel isn't the only thing that's changed this time... but why? EDIT: Looking at it more, he seems to have gotten more "gruesome" and "distorted" looking.
  11. I hope this doesn't simply "end" the game's progression once the door's built. What if we have to go through a big obstacle once we enter the door? Some sort of second Adventure Mode, only more terrifying because the one "running the show" isn't a showy, embittered magician, but rather a dangerous entity/entities- known only by pronouns- that feed off of human suffering? I don't know, I have this image of each character getting an epilogue in my mind, where you enter a world with black ground, the old movie style coloring, and Ragtime on loop. The goal of the epilogue is to solve the puzzle as to how and why they're on The Islands. There'd be no hunger, no health, no sanity, no night, etc. Just a strange little world that you can't leave until you piece together. For instance, Wendy's ending could be her being forced to recreate the day Abigail died, and then how she got pulled onto the islands. It could end with her saying "WAIT A MINUTE! I REMEMBER WHO-" and then being cut off, potentially by freedom, death, or whatever the developers want. Every character would have something. Webber's "who are you" puzzle could likely involve piecing together chronological events regarding his transformation, followed by the how he got here part. What if Wes had a line or two at the end? I can't give too many examples because we only know a few pieces of a select few backstories; however, I just REALLY want to know about all the characters before this whole experience is over!
  12. I honestly really want this to have something to do with the twins. What if in line with the Pollux and Castor, something was taken from Wendy to keep Abigail around? But what? Her happiness? Her soul? Or maybe Maxwell, trying to fix whatever horrible thing happened (I'm sure the "mysterious circumstances" surrounding Abigail's death are his fault), accidentally signed her over to this horrible fate? What if her presence here wasn't something he really wanted, but couldn't circumvent?
  13. I mentioned this a while back in the thread, but what if this is the time that some of the character realize they aren't alone in this nightmare? I'm not saying this is pointing towards a multiplayer mod- please, don't take it in that direction- but maybe it's a story move? If the puzzle is going to reveal info about someone who isn't Wilson/Maxwell (PLEASE KLEI, PLEASE!), it's definitely going to be Wendy. Maybe Wilson feels like he's being watched, and he's being watched by the twins, meaning Wendy's somewhere nearby?
  14. No one has really interpreted the picture so far... is Wilson creating the secret recipe we made? The one with silk, rocks, and berries? He really has gone mad...
  15. Oh god, even more stuff about twins is popping up? I really, really hope this is going to be about Wendy and Abigail. Maybe Maxwell blocked the horrible memories from his mind? Maybe it's about Wendy forgetting about/not recognizing Maxwell? I just hope it's something about a character that isn't Wilson/Maxwell for once...