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[Poll] Torch Tussle


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  1. 1. What's your FAVORITE torch skin of all time?

    • Default Skin
    • Hallowed Light
    • Rustic Torch
    • Weatherbeaten Torch
    • Carved Stone Torch
    • Conch Torch
    • Carrat Torch
    • Tragic Torch
    • Oil Torch
  2. 2. Which item's skins do you want polled next?

    • Chests
    • Backpacks
    • Ice Box
    • Hambat
    • Winter Hat
    • Torch
    • Lantern
    • Football Helmet

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  • Poll closed on 10/22/23 at 04:39 AM

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It depends on what stage of the game i'm at. If im still in the early game, then i'll use default, or weatherbeaten torch. If im doing ocean stuff early game, then driftwood torch. Same scenario but i've found pearls house, shell torch. If im in the later stages of the game, oil torch.

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2 hours ago, GetNerfedOn said:

I just checked and realized i left the torch option on...

But what if i did for the heck of it LMAO we'll just have a torch poll for eternity

ohhhhh torch is in 2nd place now, Torch Eternity may soon be arriving....

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Is there anywhere to see all of the different torch skins burning in the game? Some of them have effects, but I don't have all the skins myself, so I'm not sure what they all are. Is there a video or something somewhere showing all of the torch skins in action?

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The Hallowed Light is tied with the Tragic Torch as my favourite. It's cuter, but the Tragic Torch's little mini shadow creatures appearing in the smoke is a cooler effect. (As a Wilson main, the Hallowed Light is my favourite to spike into the ground.) Sometimes I'll use the Weatherbeaten Torch in the very early game to complete my Survivor skin look, and the others I mostly use in themed builds.

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2 minutes ago, GetNerfedOn said:

So ot seems we have a triple tie and the torch didnt make it


This is truly the outcome of all time

Check again. I did something.

Edited by Jakepeng99
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