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[Game Update] - 575720

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Hey friends, 

Our October 2023 Quality of Life update goes live today! 

This minor update includes bug fixes, UX improvements, new buildings and a new free recycling system for blueprints (aka cosmetic skins) for both the base game and Spaced Out! DLC. 


  • Critter-themed improvements: wrangling, Move To tool, gas consumption, and a new Field Guide!
  • Added a new Critter Cargo Bay module to Spaced Out!
  • Added a search bar to the storage filter sidescreen!
  • Added a new Light Sensor building!
  • Revised which buildings are considered Industrial Machinery!
  • Blueprints are now recyclable!

Critter Improvements
Gas consumption for Pufts and Slicksters is now linked to their hunger levels: the hungrier they are, the more they'll consume. Hunger and other critter states are now explained in depth in the new Field Guide we've added to the database. Individual critter database entries also include additional information about specific space requirements and life span (formerly called Max Age). 

We've adjusted the idle behaviors for Gassy Moos, Pufts, Slicksters and Shine Bugs, so that they can now be wrangled. These critters—indeed, all critters except Beetas—can now also be easily relocated using the Move To tool that we introduced in the June update! 

In addition, Spaced Out! players can move critters using the Critter Cargo Bay described in the next section. 

New Buildings
There's a new Critter Cargo Bay rocket module in the DLC! It's designed to transport furry (or slimy, gassy, scaly...) passengers between asteroids, one at a time. Critters will continue to age while they're in transit, but they won't lay eggs or get hungry until after they've been released. They also won't poop—um, excrete resources—while they're in there. 

Both versions of the game now have a new Light Sensor building, which sends signals based on the ambient light detected. It can be used anywhere that light levels might inform your setup: everything from opening/closing surface bunker doors for solar panels, to keeping your colony's beach chairs nice and sunny. 

UX and QoL Improvements
We're making things more searchable: there's a new search bar for finding specific elements in the storage filter side screen, and another one in the Supply Closet accompanied by a toggle that filters which Blueprints are displayed (all/owned/multiples owned). 

The Industrial Machinery buildings category has been reassessed, with some buildings added and others removed—details in the patch notes. 

We added automation ports to the Plant Pulverizer in both versions of the game, and to the Manual Radbolt Generator in DLC, making it easier to "set it and forget it" so you can get on with the business of colony-building. 

Recycling Blueprints
We've been working on adding a recycling system to the Supply Closet so you can customize your Blueprint collection. If there are Blueprints (aka cosmetic skins) that you currently own but aren't super attached to, you can now recycle them into spools of Filament. Once you have enough Filament, you can use it to print a fresh copy of a Blueprint you're more excited about... including one of the 60 new ones we've added for this update! 

It's a work in progress, so let us know what you think. 

The Move To tool works on critters! There's a new Light Sensor for both games, and a DLC-only Critter Cargo Bay! It's easier to search for things in storage buildings and the Supply Closet! Blueprints can be recycled to print other Blueprints!

If your mods are breaking or you need a little extra time before switching over, you can opt in to the temporary, unsupported Previous Update branch.

Whether you were involved in public testing or are joining us for the full update, we're happy you're here!! We look forward to hearing about how these changes land for you and welcome bug reports here, or feedback and wacky ideas here


Full patch notes



  • All versions
    • Added a Light Sensor building that detects the ambient light level.
    • Currently-owned Blueprints can be recycled in the Supply Closet to gain Filament. Filament can be used to produce other Blueprints.
    • Added critter Field Guide to the database.
  • Spaced Out! only
    • Added a Critter Cargo Bay rocket module.

Changes and Improvements

  • All Versions
    • Added search bar to storage filter sidescreen.
    • Renamed a number of elements’ solid, liquid, or gas states for clarity.
    • Added sound and some animation fx to the Sandbox tools.
    • Critters
      • Moos, Pufts, Slicksters, and Shine Bugs can now be wrangled. Their idle behavior has been adjusted to make this possible.
      • Pufts and Slicksters will now consume more of their respective gasses as they get hungrier. 
      • Critters can be moved using the Move To tool: it causes a wrangle errand to be started. All critters except Beeta and Morbs are movable.
    • Changed which buildings are considered Industrial Machinery: 
      • Removed from Industrial Machinery category: Conveyor Loader, Crafting Station, Clothing Refashionator, and Textile Loom.
      • Added to Industrial Machinery category: Rock Crusher, Metal Refinery, Steam Turbine, High Pressure Gas Vent, Robo-Miner, Power Control Station, Blastshot Maker, and Meteor Blaster.
    • Orders to plant a seed can now be placed as long as there is a reachable seed in the world. They will no longer be dependent on whether or not the seed is needed by a building.
    • Added tile artwork for Plastic and Solid Ethanol.
    • Added Liquefiable filter to the Materials overlay.
    • Abyssalite, Diamond, and Sulfur are now visible on the Materials overlay.
    • Added automation port to the Plant Pulverizer.
    • Added Sweepy emote animation for Critter Fountain.
    • Details screen and Sidescreen improvements
      • Added status items to various stations to display what they are producing, researching, cooking, etc.
      • Added a Requirements section to the details panel, which includes new information about the selected entity, such as the Room Requirements Class of a building.
      • Moved entity “Effects” text out of the “Information” panel of the details screen and then into its own section. 
      • Various station buildings now show the time required for a selected recipe to be crafted in their sidescreen.
    • Database
      • Modified Element database entries to show more information about element transitions caused by temperature.
      • Improved building database entries to mention construction time and required materials.
      • Buildings listed in the database now show their size under "Construction Properties."
  • Spaced Out! only
    • Added automation port to Manual Radbolt Generator.
    • Interplanetary Payload Launchers will now accept radbolts even while their sky visibility is blocked.
    • The Exuberant mutation for Gas Grass has been added back to the game.
    • Added buildings to the Industrial Machinery category:
    • Interplanetary Launcher, Diamond Press, and Sludge Press.
    • Copy Settings now also copies a Fish Feeder’s mutant seed settings.
    • Corium, Diamond and Solid Nuclear Waste are now visible on the Materials overlay.


  • All versions
    • Potential fix for Duplicants passing by a suit checkpoint without equipping a suit.
    • Potential fix for Duplicants unequipping a suit at a suit checkpoint set to vacancy only with no free docks.
    • Fixed an issue where a Duplicant dying while trying to path through a suit checkpoint would reserve that locker until the next save/reload.
    • The Pitcher Pump no longer deletes liquid when a pumping task is interrupted.
    • Fixed critters and ranchers getting stuck when a critter leaves the Grooming Station.
    • Fixed a ranching crash that can occur if the Grooming Station room changes.
    • Fixed Outhouses sometimes being permanently out of order until reloading the game.
    • Updated Meteor Blaster description to indicate that blown-up meteors now drop resources.
    • Gassy Moos should now play the correct animation after finishing drinking from a Critter Fountain.
    • When placing a Bleach Stone Hopper, it no longer switches to the Plumbing overlay.
    • Under-construction critter traps now indicate where the logic port will be when built.
    • Critter Sensor now loops the critter paw animation.
    • Fixed bug which allowed Spice Grinders to work outside of kitchens.
    • The hover tooltip will now be shown for tiles at the right and top edges of the world. 
    • Fixed invalid temperature transfers occurring on the right edge of the world.
    • Fixed Duplicant CO2 exhalations traveling further than intended in vacuum and passing through solid tiles.
    • Fixed Sweepy not delivering small amounts of materials to the Sweepy Dock.
    • Fixed an issue where Shove Voles and Grugbrubs would render in front of traps when captured.
    • Added status item for Sticker Bombers.
    • Fixed missing Duplicant helmets when using the Milking Station.
    • Rotated buildings now handle rotating the decor correctly.
    • Ores marked for move can no longer merge with similar ores on the same tile.
    • Fixed a crash when moving reserved ores.
    • Fixed Confined critter tooltip not mentioning that this effect stops reproduction.
    • Fixed a crash with critter traps when a critter dies while it's being captured.
    • Fixed typo that said that Oxygen Masks must be refilled at an Atmo Suit Dock.
    • Corrected color errors in basic shoe and glove Blueprints.
    • Fixed Decor overlay showing non-player-facing names for artifacts. 
    • Made Solid Ethanol liquefiable and allowed Tempshift Plates to be built from it.
    • Changed conduit content temperature sensor strings to correctly indicate measuring of their contents instead of surrounding atmosphere.
    • Fixed a crash that could happen in some saves with a Move To command queued up.
    • Fixed a bug where Mooteors hitting a tile that was on the top edge of a world would cause the landed Gassy Moo to freeze and become unreachable.
    • Fixed description and effects strings in the build menu not showing when using the Copy Building tool.
    • Story Traits
      • Pajama Cubby's dispense errand now persists over save/load.
      • Fixed a bug where the Somnium Synthesizer was unable to resume operation after running out of resources.
      • Fixed an issue where the Somnium Synthesizer would sometimes fail to request a 25th Dream Journal.
    • Localizations
      • Fixed a localization issue with the germ exposure status item.
      • Fixed Infinity and negative-Infinity in some places not being translated correctly.
  • Base game only
    • Removed mutant seed status item on the Spice Grinder and hover card.
  • Spaced Out! only
    • Fixed issue where radbolts traveling in vacuum would sometimes cause huge amounts of radiation.
    • Fixed Spice Grinder hover card not displaying mutant seed acceptance on load.
    • Fixed a bug where icons that appear over plants when you select the Harvest tool would also appear in the black zone at the edge of a map if other plants were in an adjacent asteroid.
    • Fixed a crash when launching a rocket into the Temporal Tear if the selected world is the rocket interior.
    • Fixed Interplanetary Payload contents being deleted in some scenarios.
    • Fixed Interplanetary Payload Launcher not firing when minimum launch mass is changed to be less than the currently stored mass.
    • Fixed issue causing critters to receive the incorrect number of kcal when eating plants with certain mutations.
    • Fixed a rocket-related crash when loading some saves.
    • Fixed the hat hair disappearing issue of the Duplicant’s side view, exported for the Party Line Phone.
    • Fixed a memory leak in Experiment 52B.
    • Fixed a bug where oxygen bars were rendering even after the Oxygen Mask was unequipped, whenever the active world was changed.
    • Sponge Slug and Smog Slugs no longer allow stored Polluted Water to off-gas.

Supply Closet

  • The Supply Closet now shows a warning icon when it is not able to reach the Klei server. 
  • Added search bar to Supply Closet inventory screen.
  • Added "Owned Only" and "Multiples Owned Only" filter button to Supply Closet Inventory Screen.
  • Added 60 new Blueprints. 


  • Updated Harmony from 2.0.5 to 2.2.2. It still targets .NET Framework 4.7.1 and existing mods do not need to be recompiled to support it.
  • Fixed modded elements having incorrect nameTag.
  • Changed event strings from NOT DISABLED to NEWLY ENABLED, and NOT ENABLED to NEWLY DISABLED.
  • Fixed file handles for zip files not being properly released when installing or updating mods.
  • Changed EntityConfigOrder attribute to public so mods can use it.
  • Fixed an issue where updated mods were automatically enabled despite their original setting.
  • Potential fix for Steam Mods not updating correctly.


QOl Oct 2023 NOTEXT.png

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Love the new skirts. They look adorable ^^

About glove skins. Would it be possible to implement cosmetic item that removes dupes gloves?

Edited by ALCRD
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I like some of the industrial machinery changes, I'll be able to change up some of my rooms a bit which previously had to have things like conveyor loaders outside of them, however why high pressure gas vents?  I've used them in a few of my critter locations which are now considered industrial and I'll have to work out if I can isolate them on the other side of vented doors now :(

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Amazing! Thanks for keeping this great game alive.

btw. I have experienced bug with missing "Contents" information for buildings like canister filler, liquid reservoar, storage bin... Anyone else noticed the same?

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I appreciate the improvements to the database.

I like the field guide. It is well done and helpful. Also, the information about gasses is better now and more understandable.

Well-written and edited texts contribute to the beauty of the game.

However, I noticed a few grammar and spelling errors here and there.

Maybe Klei can let a professional person specializing in English overview all sometimes.

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32 minutes ago, Henlikuoth said:

However, I noticed a few grammar and spelling errors here and there.

Maybe Klei can let a professional person specializing in English overview all sometimes.

Or... you could file a bug report about it

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11 minutes ago, OxCD said:

Anyone had the time to test the new values for:


"Pufts and Slicksters will now consume more of their respective gasses as they get hungrier. "


I got one of my pufts stuck in a door, it was starving, moved it and in one deeeeeep breath it got up to 960 calories and pooped like 223kg of slime. All that in matter of 20 seconds. Truly a sight to behold.

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Move tool :encouragement:: this is very handy - for debris while working on Magma and other hot sauces to savely dispose this dangerous material. highly like it.

also finally it is less stressfull to relocate critter into the critter flux-o-matic. overall its  really nice to not build small room everywhere and a trap to relocate them.

search bar: faster to find what you are looking for - like :eagerness:

  • sugesstion; in adittion to this, I would like to see a little rework on the Pedestrial as I am use it a lot for displaying debris. but the display window is so small for all the stuff wich is in the game. the window should be larger or also have a searchbar.


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