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  1. Never ever stay near your houndious shootious when you are being attacked by Antlion. Sinkoholes created by Antlion just destroy them. Ouch.
  2. Also we were told not to spend klei points, because we are gonna need them. It's all coming together now.
  3. You can put charged moon glass inside ice chester, and it makes it spoil slower, usually it makes it so that i can bundle all 30 shards at once and they are still kind of fresh. The same works for insulated pack. Very handy.
  4. Well yeah. But I thought it would be nice to point it out. The more information the better.
  5. Actually I am almost certain that stress and overjoyed responses are bound to certain duplicants, for example Abe will always be an Ugly Crier and an Ballon Artist.
  6. New music (I think it's called ''To The Stars'' but not sure) is playing only the beginning section, and doesn't progress to later stages. This makes this music repetetive really quickly.
  7. As with every follower, when she drowns, she just respawns on land. When you drown her, just aproach land and let her get onto a boat.
  8. Hmmm. I think this might not be completly true. To my knowladge game rounds hp, so you just might be 20,5 hp when crafting a living log and game round up remeaning hp to 1. But that is just a suspicion.
  9. Chester can be attacked by gestalts spawned from celestial crown. To me it's a bug, because other followers like glommer or befriended pigs just don't get hit by these gestalts.
  10. Maybe not something big, but carrats eat meat, so don't drop meat on the ground when you have them around.
  11. It also happened to me a few times, if I remember correctly it happens when a duplicant goes away form station(because there are no more radbolts) but during that animation station recives more radbolts and it glitches out. But I am not 100% sure.
  12. I was trying to get my seeds analysed on other planet, these unidentificated seeds were in a storage bin, i tried to get them in a rocket so to get them out i ordered my duplicants to compost them, this gets them out of storage, unfortunently this also gets rid of mutation. I don't know if it only happens when clicking compost option from storage, or always.
  13. Maybe not necesserly a mechanic, but you can stunlock celestial champion in it's second phase. I suspect it requires a specific frequency of attacks, which you can get with holding f on a beefalo, also it doesn't work 100% time, I guess you need to have a specific ammount of lag, to have your desired attack speed. MOV_0246.mp4
  14. Shadow creatures can take demage form Toadstool's boomshrooms, get killed and drop precious nightmare fuel.
  15. Oh... Thank you. Because of this bug my save became corrupted. I nearly lost interest in playing because last backup i did was 2 months ago. Just thank you for fixing this bug.
  16. I think you need to have a Bell in your inventory.
  17. I knew it would be better with some kind of image. That green thing is a Dragonfly and a black arrow points where you should go while green one where Dragonfly goes. Yes is also is a viable strategy, but it requires from you a little bit more effort and you have to pick up the backpack and that takes precious time.
  18. Two usefull tips for boss fights. 1. You can easliy dodge Dragonfly's first attack with 75% speed boost(road, cane, maigluminescence), all you have to do is run at a 45 degree angle to her. 2. Toadstool's sporeclouds do not affect perishable items for the first miliseconds, that means that you can beat toad with hambat if you have enough speed boost.(you need cane and magiluminescence, mabye less but I tested it with these items).
  19. While loading a few of my old (the oldest is from november 2017) files game crashes. Here are the save files. And a link on general disscusion forum, maybe someone will find sth usefulll there. And an output log somehow didn't generate this time(it did yesterday) so I can't attach it. The Rocky Base.sav The Ultra Colony.sav Happy Supernova.sav
  20. Oh after diving deeper into forum i found it was posted a while ago...
  21. My dupe has lvl 10 creativity and she creates crude moon sculpting. Or is there something i don't know fr example art students create worse arts then artists...