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  1. I like the Rocket modularity a lot. saves a lot of time compared to the classic build and deconstruct
  2. New bugs for us and a new easy way to abuse it. This might be a nightmare. But you can use it to your adventage and build EATNs wherever you want and much efficient. Thermo regulator\aquatuner. Loop it untill cold enough. Dissable the bulding. Profit. The coolant will never heat up, but chill the surrounding.
  3. psssst*Whisper did you know you could plant them in Plant boxes? plant it deconstruct it ??? Profit
  4. there is a change how the AETN works. my plants arent pleased
  5. domestic wheezewort consumes only 250g/s of gas, wich suppose to be 1000g/s if I remember correct. see also this post:
  6. this is not a bug. just as you said you just didn´t have found the right solution for this problem yet
  7. Polluted water <0°C = ??? Polluted water >100°C = ??? steam was generated and the pipes broke. dupes got injured. fresh hot Regolith Bonus question: -20°? The unintended icemaker! I hope the debate is now over and all the false information will die like germs in chlorine
  8. kidding? you put clean water to a sieve... what are you expecting to happen? even more clean water?
  9. this information seems not true: Sieves consum sand. Sand will be delivered to sieves, by dupes and by autosweaper. without sand the sive does not work. everything works as always. beside input temp = output temp
  10. reporting. tried 2 savegames wich was troublesome. no crashes
  11. don´t connect green output to green output. this mistake exist since ages. instead bridge it
  12. About the game Crashes It seems the Water sieve causes this edit "Colony Summary" will result in instantcrash