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  1. [Game Update] - 352488

    New bugs for us and a new easy way to abuse it. This might be a nightmare. But you can use it to your adventage and build EATNs wherever you want and much efficient. Thermo regulator\aquatuner. Loop it untill cold enough. Dissable the bulding. Profit. The coolant will never heat up, but chill the surrounding.
  2. [Game Update] - 352488

    psssst*Whisper did you know you could plant them in Plant boxes? plant it deconstruct it ??? Profit
  3. [Game Update] - 352488

    there is a change how the AETN works. my plants arent pleased
  4. thats a Orville reference, I get it
  5. oh! thats some good news, hope this will work (in the future) as intended.
  6. Ok lets burst this Bubble.... this will happen to every domestic plant. so if your mealwood is in bad condition, it will still consume the fertilizer.
  7. guys stop it right now. keep the topic related to this post
  8. let me join the algae lover build. I've made a build for early game, when wheezwort are rare and elektrolyzer are Dangerous due the heat production. also its its focused for decore and 64tile room size. the bathroom part is just a bonus and was actually meant to placed somewhere else on the map. but with the throughput nerf it is useable like it is right now. self sustaining through puke and poop. some statistics: Max throughput: 44g*8*600s/1000= 211,2Kg of O² algae cost: 30g*8*600s/1000= 144Kg Water cost: 9,7g*8*600s/1000= only 46,5 kg or 77,6g/s bonus: dump your hot Pwater from metal fac. or from generators and watch how it magically disappear
  9. domestic wheezewort consumes only 250g/s of gas, wich suppose to be 1000g/s if I remember correct. see also this post:
  10. ****, I discovered this a tittle bit to late. was about to post this too. fig. 1 wild setup and domestic on the right side, same temp and same ammount of hydrogen cycle 96 fig.2 10 cycle later, the wild ones are even better, but as you can see on the right info panel, they consume only 250g/s wich is 1/4 of their actual power bug
  11. Developer Logs

    but ... but .. all you need is this
  12. this is not a bug. just as you said you just didn´t have found the right solution for this problem yet