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  1. When you try changing a skin for your wooden gate, but accidentlly you teleport yourself into bunnymen pen. Fun thing is that this happened today exactly after reading this post.
  2. If someone really needs some natural light, that is somewhere near the ruins, you could look for this setpiece with a bunnymen. Since its always in the orange(mud?) biome, you shoudn't have any problem finding it, though it might not be guaranteed.
  3. But what about light from mushlights or glowcaps? Do they count?
  4. One mechanic that I would love to have in game is the ability to make more plants (saplings, grass tufts and normal and juicy berry bushes). Like, we have stone fruits, that give us 3% per harvest to obtain a new bush, so having 3% of receveing new plant would be GREAT. Also grass gekkos should drop tufts upon death.
  5. Sorry for reviveing this threat, buuuut i have found a "better" pair of wormholes. YES they are useless... sometime
  6. 1k+hours and a few computer changes yes hound, i am being lazy with traps + dealing with them on Pearl's Island is hard
  7. Oh after diving deeper into forum i found it was posted a while ago...
  8. My dupe has lvl 10 creativity and she creates crude moon sculpting. Or is there something i don't know fr example art students create worse arts then artists...