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  1. Oh... Thank you. Because of this bug my save became corrupted. I nearly lost interest in playing because last backup i did was 2 months ago. Just thank you for fixing this bug.
  2. I think you need to have a Bell in your inventory.
  3. This is not neccessery. I have no idea why anyone tries to attack anything. My only guess is that its spring and beefalo is in Heat, that might be causing this. Anyway what should happen next is: Inn guy tells stuff about his favorite beff, then you have some time to choose a beefalo and after some time, he reveals which beefalo is his favorite and contest ends. Also sorry but i can't help you from now on, because i need to sleep. Is't 1am in my time zone. Sorry. I hope I helped you anyway.
  4. Well you have to. You need to build a few(4 worked for me) stages, you assign your beefalo to one of the stages(using Bell). Then you start the contest. You listen to the Inn guy and choose the beefalo that seems to be correct one. I am not sure why you think that, have I said sth like that in my previous reply?
  5. You don't need lucky gold nuggets to create costumes, you get costume scrap patterns when the contest ends. Also to participate in the contest you need to have INSINDE inventory the bell, without this you can't choose which beefalo is the one you choose.
  6. I knew it would be better with some kind of image. That green thing is a Dragonfly and a black arrow points where you should go while green one where Dragonfly goes. Yes is also is a viable strategy, but it requires from you a little bit more effort and you have to pick up the backpack and that takes precious time.
  7. Two usefull tips for boss fights. 1. You can easliy dodge Dragonfly's first attack with 75% speed boost(road, cane, maigluminescence), all you have to do is run at a 45 degree angle to her. 2. Toadstool's sporeclouds do not affect perishable items for the first miliseconds, that means that you can beat toad with hambat if you have enough speed boost.(you need cane and magiluminescence, mabye less but I tested it with these items).
  8. While loading a few of my old (the oldest is from november 2017) files game crashes. Here are the save files. And a link on general disscusion forum, maybe someone will find sth usefulll there. And an output log somehow didn't generate this time(it did yesterday) so I can't attach it. The Rocky Base.sav The Ultra Colony.sav Happy Supernova.sav
  9. Oh after diving deeper into forum i found it was posted a while ago...
  10. My dupe has lvl 10 creativity and she creates crude moon sculpting. Or is there something i don't know fr example art students create worse arts then artists...