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  1. Would love for us to have the ability of transferring our existing dupes to a new map, that gets us around the new worldgen required with-out losing all our dupes and slowly starting from scratch again. Maybe make it something in game, the ability to transfer things between saves via a portal similar to how they can teleport between the starting asteroid and nearest neighbour?
  2. It's do once until you expand, build a new location, etc. Happens a lot for me at least. I'll often send someone to the other asteroid via the teleporter with a suit on and then replace it as it's easier than sending a suit via the physical items transporter. As soon as one of the bays is down a suit, it's a total lottery where they take one from. Sometimes you don't even notice until you look at an area and notice the suit is missing.
  3. So something is super bugged with Atmo suit delivery... I've got two suits stored in a storage bin with a priority of 7, I've got four locations with suit bays, all at priority 9. I expanded one of the bays to include more suits, press to deliver them and instead of grabbing the suits right next to it, on the ground, or in the storage bay, they run off to another bay, and steal that suit! It can take a couple cycles to finally get all my bays filled with-out them grabbing from others and I end up having to restrict access through doorways so they can't decide that's the best suit to take
  4. The Expresso Machine is another thing needing a bit of a rework. It takes a lot of power and resources for a single cup of coffee and can only be used by one dupe at a time. Any chance we can make this more of a communal thing? One dupe makes coffee and there are multiple serves available for dupes who want it?
  5. So this bug seems to happen when I bring back my last dupe from the second asteroid via the teleporter. Suddenly random resources will bring up the "Insufficient Resources" icon when I try to build with them. It will still be built and there are hundreds of tons of the resource just lying all over the place like Granite. Not game breaking but figured it was worth the bug report?
  6. It's been in the game since the start and is EASILY the most annoying "feature" there is. The moment the downtime schedule hits, all your dupes throw away whatever they were holding and run off to the bathroom. Is there any way to make it so they just deliver the goods first? In many cases they are delivering them back to base which is where they are going anyway! Constantly they will drop objects down massive ladder runs which take ages to get back, critters they were moving get dropped into water so they drown or captured critters get released, ice in the middle of the base so it melts everywhere or some other temperature critical material into an environment it can't be in. Dupes traveling through tubes will throw away the item mid transit, in some cases this will mean I lose items because I often build my tube systems through areas my dupes have no physical access to. I don't mind the "I'm low on oxygen so I'm going to drop this" one, that makes sense as people do panic a bit when out of breath. But the "I'm it's dinner time, I'm on break, not my job" discarding of objects is a real pain and often leads to massive clean up jobs. Could we at least have an option they remember what they were doing when they come back off break? They usually reassess and if other priorities have come up that block of ice they dropped in the bedrooms will flood them sometime tomorrow before they get back to remembering it.
  7. Just so you know, they didn't remove the original game, it's still right there... Obviously you weren't around for the pre-release days of the original either which had HEAPS of systems which didn't work or had no punishment for screw ups. Hell I still want to see my dupes die immediately if they accidentally inhale chlorine gas or touch lava. It's a work in progress, it's very bare bones, no one is forcing you to exploit it, and they have difficulty levels if you want more/less of a challenge. Most of the changes are great, there are a bunch of skills listed as "WIP" so obviously a lot more content is coming... Feel free to disappear until it does, whining in here isn't going to achieve much when you're judging an unfinished product.
  8. If you go into the "Colony Summary" in the upper right hand corner will be a Red X or a Green ✓. If you hover over the icon it will tell you why you can't get achievements or "Platform Achievements can be unlocked" for the Green tick.
  9. People will go on and on about the rockets but they are just as bad in the old game and it's still early days for this one. I appreciate all the little other changes which have happened more than the rockets so far. It's certainly more challenging starting on a very small swamp biome asteroid (although now you have choices, this is an older save). I like it overall. I've hit the one year mark with-out even needing to leave the first two asteroids. I like having one smaller colony supported by the original via the teleporters you start with and I'm getting everything locked and loaded on those before I even venture out to the other asteroids. Eventually the second asteroid will be my "hot zone" and the starting asteroid my "cool zone", I'm also hoping to automate everything on asteroid #2 so I can abandon the colony support side and just run it as a production site with occasional dupe visits to tweak some of the machines.
  10. It also appears to not be counting anything for the achievement "Down the Hatch". I'm guessing they are all tied to some older marker for critters which has changed?
  11. It also appears to not be counting anything for the achievement "Down the Hatch". I'm guessing they are all tied to some older marker for critters which has changed?
  12. I've been working on getting an all colony achievements in one colony going. I figured some of them may not be possible like Pulling back the veil (I have the whole map and it's only at 34.45%) and Immovable Object as there are no meteors (which I miss, I liked them! Should make them an off by default but can still turn them on thing). However it appears that "Critter Whisperer" isn't updating at all. I've got tamed Puffs and Hatch right now and have previously had tamed Pacu and Shine and Slickers with no updating applying to the goals.
  13. Looks like the "Rocketry" isn't showing up in the editor for dup interests? I tried searching to see if this had been mentioned earlier but couldn't see anything. Additionally most people will be using cloud saving so the save file location has changed slightly so an updated tool tip as well? Fantastic tool BTW, much appreciated
  14. OK so it appears that if you use a jet suit on a conveyor belt it gets to live there forever... I finally setup a system so I could move the jet suits from the base entry to their loading docks automatically (sweepers and a conveyor belt system) only for it to not work at all... I even tried to rebuild it and throw in a storage box to see if they would be moved there but no... I've attached a screen shot with how it's setup. Does anyone even have a work around that I could do the end step manually at least? Right now the only way to get stuff out of it is to destroy it
  15. OK so the screen shot is the result after I started to destroy everything to try and stop it just destroying the entire ice biome (too late by this point). So basically what happened is that my Metal Refinery was still working, even though the exit pipe had been broken by a temperature change (from cold ice biome to the hot exit water after I hadn't used it for a bit). It kept going for a while until the temp was over 380 degrees and just radiating and destroying things near it, I couldn't get it fixed so I emptied it from the machine and then on the ground and WOW that was a mistake! Basically it seems the machine doesn't stop when it no longer has an exit (it only stopped for me as it melted the power generator next to it which ran the water pump feeding it), it instead starts to make lava... The machine was made of Ceramic and the second image is from an earlier save before I destroyed the area. Edit - Added a video. Video.mp4