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  1. You don't need a water pump, just water storage. I use a mod for a smaller water storage container (1/4 the size, 1/4 the storage). The water flows out of that under pressure so you just fill it up when you stop somewhere next. I can now change my design to only have the water, not one water, one polluted water so calling that a big win. You can also use it in your base for some cleaver designs, although personally I use all my polluted water for plants.
  2. Would love for us to have the ability of transferring our existing dupes to a new map, that gets us around the new worldgen required with-out losing all our dupes and slowly starting from scratch again. Maybe make it something in game, the ability to transfer things between saves via a portal similar to how they can teleport between the starting asteroid and nearest neighbour?
  3. Looks like the "Rocketry" isn't showing up in the editor for dup interests? I tried searching to see if this had been mentioned earlier but couldn't see anything. Additionally most people will be using cloud saving so the save file location has changed slightly so an updated tool tip as well? Fantastic tool BTW, much appreciated
  4. OK so it appears that if you use a jet suit on a conveyor belt it gets to live there forever... I finally setup a system so I could move the jet suits from the base entry to their loading docks automatically (sweepers and a conveyor belt system) only for it to not work at all... I even tried to rebuild it and throw in a storage box to see if they would be moved there but no... I've attached a screen shot with how it's setup. Does anyone even have a work around that I could do the end step manually at least? Right now the only way to get stuff out of it is to destroy it
  5. OK so the screen shot is the result after I started to destroy everything to try and stop it just destroying the entire ice biome (too late by this point). So basically what happened is that my Metal Refinery was still working, even though the exit pipe had been broken by a temperature change (from cold ice biome to the hot exit water after I hadn't used it for a bit). It kept going for a while until the temp was over 380 degrees and just radiating and destroying things near it, I couldn't get it fixed so I emptied it from the machine and then on the ground and WOW that was a mistake! Basically it seems the machine doesn't stop when it no longer has an exit (it only stopped for me as it melted the power generator next to it which ran the water pump feeding it), it instead starts to make lava... The machine was made of Ceramic and the second image is from an earlier save before I destroyed the area. Edit - Added a video. Video.mp4
  6. OK so the issue that is happening is that I have a standard boring gas vent which has gotten a room to 145kg of Hydrogen per square now (which seems to be the limit). It appears to be when water is occupying the exit square and it doesn't cause any side effects, the room doesn't explode with the insane levels of pressure, etc. The screen show attached shows the square directly above the vent but the pressure is much higher elsewhere in the room.
  7. I was going to log a separate bug report but it's related so I'll just add to this. If it is empty it brings the surrounding temp down to ambient, essentially making them a massive heat sink that requires no contents or power.
  8. Yay, I was having a heap of these issues in the last couple of days, had a guy spend the entire cycle on a piece of snow and had to manually move him off it to get him to stop trying to mine it as it was forming. Looking forward to the path finding fixes too, they are constantly going through a set of four doors even though I gave them a short cut, etc. However, what's with it patching while I'm in the game and crashing me out to update, has to be a nicer way although this could be Steam's fault too.