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Will bestiary be added in dst?

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When i heard rumors that dst is gonna have collab with terraria, it instantly made me think about how awesome it would be to have a bestiary book in this game. Don't starve developers always have stuff to say, with these millions of character quotes, every single skin having a description with a free bad pun in it, and even lore bits in random stuff like loading screen arts descriptions. So they are more than capable of writing some interesting, or fun description to every single creature in dst, on top of general and useful stuff like stats, drops and their chances. I love mobs, especially in games like dst where they aren't just moving objects but rather individuals, who don't focus all their attention solely to the player. If bestiary were to be added, it would definitely be my favorite addition to the game in years.

Anyways, how do you fellas feel about mob book? Would you give it a read? 

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I doubt a bestiary will be added. A much more useful book would be a cookbook that actually tells you the recipes for things, but as demonstrated with the implementation of the cookbook used in-game that is too explainy & blatantly videogamey so instead it just records what you've done to succeed with the recipes.

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I want a Spelunky style journal, not just a beastiary but an actual Journal that fills in content as YOU the Player discover it.

leaving everything you have yet to discover blank or with question marks..

here is exactly what I mean: B8594C31-806D-442D-8D77-6F623B869223.gif.2683f7ae06f3fd6fb513f998c902a831.gif

Notice how it shows Monsters, Places, Traps, etc all in one little book that fills content as you uncover it.

So for example players first encounter with a rabbit could be 

Rabbit- Scurries away when approached tries to return to its hole.

as the player learns more about rabbit..

”can be baited into grass trap with carrots, berries or ran into trap”

learning and crafting these for the first time:

Can be used in crafting Rabbit Earmuffs & Prestihatitator.

Becoming insane near a rabbit will fill in journal log as “Rabbit Turns to Beardling when low Sanity”

Beardling drop X resources when killed.


it’s a lot of coding, descriptions and writing- but.. if Klei wants to teach players the In’s and out’s of their game without that player needing to look on a Wikipedia page or have the game hold their hand the entire way through with a step by step tutorial-

Then a Spelunky style JOURNAL that fills in content only as you discover it is the best way to do it.

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it definitivly should ! 

i would love to see a craftable bookshelf, where you can sort your book collection (cookbook, bestiary, Wicker's ones...). And we can imagine some new books : books about gardening, craftings, Atlas world maps, used costumes...



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