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your best way to get out carbon dioxide from rocket?

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I have a rocket, I have a dupe inside of it, he breath but carbon dioxide remains and hunt me.

I tried (without debug / cheat mechanics or workarounds) to build a normal way to manage the carbon dioxide for long journey, but I can't find a stable one
algae terrarium need water and I don't have the space for bring water with me.

Slickters will die, too poor carbon dioxide, plants can do the trick but they need to start with a good amount of carbon dioxide.

the logic way seems to be the gas fitting, but I can't find a way to use it, any help? thanks :-) 

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12 hours ago, Pagox said:

I always fly with a O2 filled gas cargo canister in which I pump CO2 too.
I'm too lazy for other solutions and don't like exploits.

Thankfully, you can set exactly which gases should come out in the gas output.

Wait a second... you can actually replace the command module?! I never thought about that... wow.

well it's just right but height of rocket it's a pain 

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5 hours ago, Coolthulhu said:

Rebuild the habitable module.

I wish i could treat this as a joke, but it's honestly my default solution until very late in the game...

Especially as it also solves heat problems.

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What some people do is put oxylite in a storage bin in the rocket.  When the carbon dioxide comes over the storage bin the gas pressure will be below the threshold so the oxylite offgasses and the carbon dioxide (having nowhere to go) is deleted.  If you chill the oxylite then it helps manage heat build-up also.  Another option is build a long squiggly gas pipe with a bridge at the end and use a mechanical filter to extract carbon dioxide into the pipe.  The pipe acts as a buffer and can be emptied out at the end of the voyage (eg by deconstructing something in the capsule, building a gas nozzle and a gas storage tank on the rocket), or you can combine the two ideas by putting an exit gas vent at the end of the pipe above the storage bin where you keep the oxylite.

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I've started to set up my space module in such a way that the bottom two tiles height (let's call it the basement) contain things the dupes don't need to get at with any regularity. So battery, gas pump, refrigerator, outhouse.

Oxygen I have on the top floor either in the context of an oxygen diffuser (no gas cargo module) or a gas fitting that pumps in O2 (gas cargo module)

With the gas cargo module version, I've discovered that the CO2 takes a loooong time before building up past the basement because it starts compressing as more oxygen fills the space. I was up there for many many cycles before automation started kicking in at all, particularly if the dupes are eating and sleeping on the opposite side of the sensor. The diffuser version is less effective and is more problematic since its oxygen output is not nearly the same, but the concept still works.

So then I set up a gas element sensor with a filter of "green for >20s"ish just above the ceiling (three from the bottom) that's connected to the mini pump. Either pump it back into the gas cargo module or create a pipe snake with a bridge on the end of it and extract contents as the pipe segments get full. I like to end the snake on the ceiling so the gas container pops out above the module, but if you think that's cheating like the "below the module" screenshot above, you can just extract within the module and take the decor hit.

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There are at least two easy ways to do it.

One is to put a storage bin on the floor if your cabin and put oxylite in it. The oxylite will off-gas and whenever carbon dioxide is under it, it will destroy it. It will also over-pressurize your crew cabin and give everyone popped ear drums.

The other way is to deconstruct something on the floor of your cabin, replace with with a gas pump, and run a pipe for a few segments and stick a bridge at the other end of the pipe. You let this run until the pipe is full then have a plumber come along and empty the segments that contain carbon dioxide. These will sit on the floor harmlessly until you can get rid of them. When you're done, take down the pump and put whatever was there back.

This second solution is mildly annoying but it's low tech and dependable and doesn't require you to burden your rocket with modules devoted to this purpose.

You can implement this second idea in a more permanent way but you end up devoting space to something when space is usually at a premium.

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What I normally do is similar to the plumber technique except not needing the plumber, I build a (temporary) gas pump and canister filler then just empty the canister filler, creating bottles of CO2 on the floor that can be emptied somewhere after landing, or used in a Soda Fountain if it's a fancy rocket.

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CO2 rocket option (very simple with the gas bottle packager) - some bottles (with CO2 and O2) are left inside and can be used for emergency cases (empty the oxygen bottle when you run out of oxygen resupply or the CO2 bottle in another room to fill in CO2 engine:



petrol/radbolt/hydrogen rockets:

use the gas storage module (even small one will work well)

fill the rocket tank with oxygen automatically and purge CO2 also automatically on landing.







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On 7/26/2021 at 4:39 AM, SamLogan said:


The bottle will fall in the space. :)

One issue with this solution: the pump will provide alternating tiny packets of oxygen, Co2 and occasionally polluted oxygen. This means the plumber will spend forever emptying the pipe and you'll never get rid of the lowest layers of Co2. 

That's why it's a good idea to include a packet stacker in your ventilation system to ensure that only full 1kg packets of gasses make it to the end point where you do the plumbing.


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Hi, our rocket design:














You can make changes, for example, put a Orbital Microlab instead of a bed.

Or instead of a Storage Bin and a small battery, put a big one ... and so on))

Good luck in space!

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