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  1. Any sources on that? I tried DotPeeking the assembly, but it seems that all important thermal calculation is done in binaries nowadays. The only kind of transfer I've seen that still uses minimum conductivity is one involving creatures. I'm pretty sure that pipe/surroundings transfer is not minimum. Changing pipe material to thermium noticeably enhances it, even though all metals have higher conductivity than any possible surroundings.
  2. Yes, it's log average now, at least in the most common case. Not all tooltips have been updated, some still mention the old minimum. I'm not sure if an item on conveyor transfers directly to environment or to the rail, but that should be trivial to check. Once you know that, it's just the same deal as with all other heat transfers.
  3. I would skip 10 dupes to get one without any of the utterly terrible traits and just get a no-cook, no-care, no-research or small bladder.
  4. It's not worth any combination of 3 good traits in the long term.
  5. Allergy is so obviously terrible I don't see why would anyone pick a dupe with it except to check it out. It's clearly down there with narcoleptic, flatulent, no-dig, no-build, and anemic on the list of "never ever take, even if dupe has 3 good traits".
  6. Teapot Lore?

    The problem is, there can be more than one. A polypotic universe would need multiple Earths.
  7. If you aren't limited by regular water, you could try sending rockets to slime planets and making algae. Algal terrariums are an exploit-free way to convert lots of clean water to polluted. If you aren't at rocket stage yet, just stop trying to feed all your dupes pincha food. Let them waste some time in massage machines.
  8. Slicksters randomly dying

    The book icon, next to critter's name on top of the menu. It's probably not shown in the menu itself because the menu shows current state. And state of a hypothermic slickster is being a piece of meat.
  9. Direct mass equivalency is terrible comparison. It's like saying that steel is more resource-efficient than plastic. Algae is worth much more than water because there are no "algae geysers". It's only available in small quantities past very early game. With automatic terrariums, the main appeal post early game would be the polluted water "by"product, which unlike oxygen, is hard to renew. It would be a situation similar to "fertilizer synthesizer", which for many versions, was actually a natural gas producer with a fertilizer byproduct.
  10. Or just that Klei didn't have a solid idea on how to combine "drinking" water feature with the fact that polluted water is heavier than clean. Terrarium is actually pretty terrible as a main oxygen source. It's only an early game building because later on you have suits, it's never a good idea to have an array of terrariums in one spot. Making terrariums not require manual cleaning would be very unlikely to unbalance them because they still eat algae, which is really inefficient to renew. It's not like their ability to pollute water is THAT good. And their meager oxygen production certainly wouldn't overshadow electrolyzers.
  11. Rocket heat cone

    All of them have the same range and upper heat cap (3200C). The only things that differ are emitted gas and amount of heat applied.
  12. The athletics skill grows really fast. The problem is, it seems to grown nearly linear. Slow gains early on, when the dupes are slow, then it starts piling up. Manually training it is a bad idea, but reworking the formula could fix the problem of late comers taking long to catch up.
  13. Pacus

    Wild or stray Pacu lays an egg around its 20th birthday. Egg takes 10 cycles to hatch. So a full "Pacu cycle" is about 30 game cycles. Single dead pacu is 1.6k kcal of meat, so 2k kcal of bbq. So you need about 15 pacus per dupe on standard settings.
  14. I'm getting consistent crashes when clicking "tropical pacu fry" in pacu's egg laying chances.
  15. So far it looks like a massive improvement compared to the old mess. Has some problems, but nothing as bad as the old manual dupe shifting.