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  1. Content is fine, just not when it's not a forgettable gimmick (or annoying or obsoletes many other things). The nuclear power mentioned above would be just another tubes or recreation. Bug fixes are needed right now. Content is a gamble - well designed content would be even better than bug fixes, mediocre content would be a lot of wasted work and delays in much needed bug fixes.
  2. There's also the more general variant that goes like "When you sacrifice usability for security, you lose usability and security".
  3. Bug fixes > redundant features like more power generation
  4. Carnivore is the best achievement in the game because it's the only challenging one.
  5. OR gate could be cut down into an "identity gate" with no loss of functionality.
  6. I tend to have like 2000t of spare rock around cycle 300 despite farming stone hatches for carnivore. Anything beyond cycle 1k is "death from boredom" (and lag) kind of a game. Later you can switch to sage hatches fed tree ethanol pdirt byproduct - one tame tree produces over 150kg of pdirt/cycle this way, so it's just one tree per hatch (or 4 wild trees if you roll that way). Or build a regolith melter with cooling.
  7. One hatch eats at most 140kg/cycle, so you only need 7 seconds of "conveying" per hatch, per cycle. 600/7=~87, so a single belt would suffice for the whole ranch.
  8. Not to my knowledge - the rocket outputs a signal when it's ready and a scanner outputs one when the rocket is coming back. You could use the scanner signal to start refuelling, though. I use something simpler: a memory cell is set manually (clock sensor), then reset when the fuel starts looping back (pipe element detector). The memory cell output controls a pump and a shutoff. The shutoff is to avoid sending that last 4kg packet a pipe inevitably outputs at the end.
  9. That would be a regression: you'd have only one output, as opposed to current 3: ethanol, pdirt, CO2. That pdirt can be just as valuable as ethanol itself since it greatly speeds up farming for lime, which is the limiting factor in space colonization. Requiring an arcane, late game (conveyors) build, just to produce some energy, which is easy to produce in excess already AND has better gimmicky builds (oil->natgas), would not help.
  10. To sum up: Short pipes Loop back Ensure all packets are 10kg/s. Note: automation-disabled pump usually outputs one 4kg packet after disabling - take care of that. Overcool the LOX to just above solidification temperature. Make sure to do that before pumping. Pipe as much as you can through true vacuum that never gets any gases/liquids/solid on it
  11. Ethanol pipeline is an example of a Job Well Done. Byproducts are the key to making things interesting. Pity that current plant farming system is all input->output. It has plenty of potential.
  12. That would be weird since that row can still contain regolith, meaning it shouldn't be an out-of-bounds memory region for purpose of temperature calculations. Do you have anything in the output log? If the game crashes due to C# part of the code, it will almost certainly dump a stacktrace to the log. If it crashes due to native code, it might not say anything.
  13. Tame moo outputs 16.67 g/s of natgas, which translates to ~148W, excluding pumping cost. It would need about 3 sunlit, tame gas grasses for full output. If we omit the need to replenish moos from space, liquefy and pump chlorine and groom them, they're slightly better than solar panels. If we don't omit the above, farming moos falls somewhere between "not worth the effort" and "genuinely useless".
  14. Is there a thread that documents it? In earlier versions of the game, lower TC was used for all heat exchanges, but this has changed since then.
  15. Weird Temp Anomaly

    Most common causes: Some dupe was carrying a hot bit of volcano metal, magma-derived igneous rock or freshly solidified glass, but dropped it After supplying material to a construction site, it still has high temperature until the construction is finished 95+% chance that it's one of the two above.