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  1. and this my friend can be an issue sometimes, I repair pc too in spare time (I'm a back-end develop.) and sometimes update from windows bring wrong driver or just an updated version of driver no longer adapt for old version of the same hardware
  2. true, but in payload opener you can't set production, it's like "Unlimited" all the way, so I choice to disable it, but the message don't go away anyway, and this is a bug, a smaller one but still a bug
  3. check your driver and look out for windows update, it happens often?
  4. anyway, in an alpha game with tons of debug features, it's kinda normal sadly It's not normal a reboot, have you check if you have a blue screen enabled? some version of windows provide a "instant auto restart" when something goes wrong and you need to disable that features and enabled the report error screen (first link on google just to give info) Maybe you can check your Event Viewerif you are using windows for example, to search if somethings go wrong Like they suggest to you, you should check temperature as well
  5. thanks, at least I know, I'm trying step by step different things just for the fun of knowing
  6. just asking, it give me error "insufficient resource payload 10kg" even if disabled, even if I have payload to open (and during the opening) is it a bug or I miss something? ps: there is a liquid pipe, a gas pipe and a shipping rail already connected
  7. and what about the lore? I love the lore in the notes you can find anywhere
  8. I start with 2 WW just close to a material research, when I feel I can do more, I create two or three material research station with 2 WW just close enough. I know it's not pretty good, but soon as I discover everythings in research I destroy everythings and just use WW to cool down some farm plots. In the end game, when I need ton of radiation as source of power for rocket, I use a classic reactor in a comfort zone very close to the edge of the maps, so if needed I can close the water flow and make it explode inside a bunker tile, make a tons of rads and let it collect with 7-8 collector with automation off (so I can decide when they shoot) If the maps didn't have a good power source, I install from 2 to 4 steam turbine on top of reactor. the only exploit I use "sometimes" (just for fun) is using the rocket with rad engine start then land over and over, just to create a "cloud" of rads in the area. (the exploit is simply: no fuel is consumed on start engine and landing without move from the first square in hex maps; they will fix it for sure) Anyway, the problem with generate rads is the zone and the base material uranium (metal tile dissipate very good rads, but I feel safe if is it close to space so I can dissipate everythings in the vacuum) and well...for uranium you need to travel through space. the game changing for me it was discovery that radbolt generator can "hold" radiation (as long is powered) with a simply automation on/off and shoot when you want.
  9. Like title say, if you deploy Interplanetary Payload, then press "empty", the dupe doesn't have animation, just loading and done it.
  10. The tongue out, because we all know you can't focus otherwise. What is your favorite "animation" or "little frame" of our dupes so far? ♥