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  1. I try to gathering some reed fiber to try the Suit, I have 15kg of reed fiber (don't know how much in number) but the system don't allow me to use it. First the machine who create suit, tell me always 4/14, in the moment I try to realize a suit, 4/0. I have attached the save file (but the forum doesn't allow to upload a .sav file so I change the extension in .txt, just go back to .sav to try)
  2. I was able to reproduce this too, after a day of crying about overload problems.
  3. wrong irrigation - Polluted water

    OK I managed to figure it out. It only works if you empty it first then pump in the polluted water,
  4. wrong irrigation - Polluted water

    of course I try clean water too, same problem.
  5. like in photo, I try to irrigate my mealwood with polluted water but it says "wrong irrigation" If I plant a sleet wheat, it drink the polluted water, even if the tooltips says "water" Is it a bug? I didn't find on the forum this argument
  6. Righty or Lefty?

    long years ago (middle ages) people thought that people lefty was ****'s child. coincidences ? I don't think so
  7. well, speaking of default setting (because I think seasons' options must be editable) I like the idea of a very long season, stack up in the summer, get ready in the autumn and hold on for all winter and so on... a total cycle of 60 days (more or less) requires a full immersion on the game, and I love it. so 60/4 = 15 days each would be awesome.