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  1. Why would you want to prevent newbies from making mistakes? Then they would never have the... interesting experience of having to figure out what to do after accidentally peeing in their water supply.
  2. The new cooling mechanic with fridges is great, but it seems to have problems with very small amounts of food. I'm not really sure how i got 3mg of meal lice in there, but when i did the fridge got locked on 100% power usage and the temperature of the minute amount of meal lice failed to change from room temperature although everything else in the fridge cooled very quickly. I'd guess somehow it's transferring heat with the surroundings (or the fridge itself) and because of the tiny amount this happens faster than the fridge can keep up. The rest of the contents warmed when the fridge was unpowered and cooled again when powered, but the tiny amount of meal lice didn't change much (it changed by 0.1°C or so, but that might have been incidental).
  3. The teleporter POI on the non-starting world (that is, the one you arrive at when you first teleport somewhere) has tiles with 2000kg of oxylite. I'm not sure if this is actually a bug but it seems like quite a lot? I noticed this on the Spaced Out Forest cluster, but from looking at the worldgen files it seems to apply to all of warpworldSandstoneBase.yaml warpworldSwampBase.yaml warpworldForestBase.yaml I'd guess they're supposed to have 200kg, but if not feel free to ignore this. I mean, i'm not complaining...
  4. I wish i could treat this as a joke, but it's honestly my default solution until very late in the game... Especially as it also solves heat problems.
  5. This could probably be modded fairly easily. Make a worldgen that only has the one main asteroid; or perhaps two if you want to include the teleporter expansion. Then just don't use rockets.
  6. The patch notes for the Big Merge update (469287) include "Corrected capitalization of kilogram", but kilogram units in the game are still presented as "Kg" everywhere. Kilowatts (kW) and kilocalories (kcal) do not appear to have this problem. As has been pointed out (and should be quite obvious to anyone who has either ever studied physics or is from literally any country in the world apart from the USA, Myanmar or Liberia), this is incorrect. I saw something about this in a pervious Spaced Out patch. Perhaps the fix somehow got lost in the big merge?
  7. You can always set your own silly goals. I personally liked "turn care packages off and always print a dupe immediately whenever the printing pod is ready". I got to about 200 dupes before complete colony collapse... :)
  8. There were some issues with mods that caused the game to crash when loading even after the mod was removed. That was related to the mod being updated for the testing branch and breaking on the main one. I think the mod versioning system got improved after that however. Some mods i think may not be safe to remove in general (they should say something about that in their description if that's the case?). Like if they add a building, you build it, then you remove the mod, the game won't know what it is so will crash when you try to load that game. If you can start a new game but not load an old one, it could be something like that. I don't actually use any mods so this is all hearsay. But if you were previously using mods, and can start new games but not load old ones, it could be something like this.
  9. I've had a few worlds where there was only a single pokeshell and i had to quickly dig out a little reserve for it. I think the biomes are too small and sometimes, randomly, that small space that you get just happens to not have any critters in it. I don't like it.
  10. It's very difficult to help without more info. Are you using mods? Were you using mods before? When does it crash? Is there some sort of error message? For the majority of players, the DLC does not crash. There are sometimes bugs causing crashes, but usually related to specific circumstances or actions, and they tend to get fixed quickly.
  11. The priority is set according to the delivery point. If you set the priority on the critter drop-off, that sets the priority of picking up the wrangled critter and taking it there. The basic problem however is that just after the rancher wrangles, the critter hauling job doesn't exist yet. So while the critter is falling to the ground, they go do something else. It then drowns while they do that other thing. If you force them to stop just after wrangling (for example with a forced move order), they will realise that there is a critter to be hauled and haul it. Assuming of course the drop-off priority is higher than whatever else they might think they should be doing. I have no idea why hauling the critter back isn't simply part of the original wrangling job. It's a tedious mess.
  12. I think if there were some sort of life support module that let you carry a small amount of O₂, CO₂, water, p-water, and perhaps a few kJ of electric charge, it would make the management of these basic life support resources a bit less tedious.
  13. If this behaviour is intended it really needs some sort of warning. And i mean a warning other than reading the specific fine print of all relevant items and determining that technically, this behaviour indeed follows within the letter of the given rules. Personally i expect the skill scrubber to revert the skills to the state they came out of the printing pod. Certainly not a strictly worse state. If that's the case then you need to worry precisely about what skills you give those dupes because it can never be undone, which goes against the very purpose of the skill scrubber letting you undo bad or unintended dupe skill choices.
  14. Does that still work? I recently tried it with something (i think copper ore for smooth hatch) but it didn't seem to noticably increase the egg chance when i only fed 1kg at a time. Yep. I do like my wild critters :). Which actually makes it difficult even if i'm grooming my sage hatch p-dirt disposal ranch. I can't just auto-crack the plain hatch eggs because they go and murder my cute wild hatch population. Otherwise it wouldn't be so bad. Hmm does it increase the egg chance for sage hatches? I actually haven't tried this as my dreckos never produce much phosphorite. Maybe i should give them more than one plant per four dreckos...