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  1. I just want to say, I love the bugs in this game. It is so beautifully broken in the most unexpected ways. And then you people - you turn this all into art.
  2. I keep my cockpits chilled by filling with very cold oxylite. curative tablets. Takes up less of your precious cabin space than a sanitizer station or sink and they're cheap to produce. 1kg coal and 1 kg water. Also, if you keep things cold enough, then germs aren't a problem either.
  3. Pitcher pump removed, 4 cycles later the pool hasn't grown. Stopped getting hotter as well - has even cooled a couple of degrees. I think the new material was being created at a fixed temperature. Looking forward to seeing this in the next patch notes. Until then, here's an exploit for infinite nuclear waste. Enjoy. Also, does nuclear waste leak out of the refinery? Because this would be excellent coolant fluid. Hell, I'm tempted to set up a pump to just put it back in when it does leak.
  4. I'll check later and see if this behavior continues after a fresh load. Playing on the stable branch. But again, I had a pool of about 4 tons - nice radiation source for the radbolt generator - and now it's grown to several times that. Seeming to grow by 30-50% about once per cycle. The thermal properties of it fantastic - next best thing to supercoolant for heat destruction. But... I don't know. Something really strange is going on. Then again, as I think about it, it didn't start multiplying until I put a pitcher pump in it.
  5. Help me understand nuclear waste. I have a pool of it, and it's growing It was initially 4 tons, it's now up to about 18 tons, and it's getting hotter - it started around 50c, now it's over 100c. What's the mechanism here? Does it convert other materials to nuclear waste? I haven't done much with nuclear yet.
  6. Sulfur is guaranteed, a minor volcano is not. There should be 3 covered geysers on oil. I was a little hasty last night. I missed the guaranteed sulfur geyser. This is the relevant portion of the world gen file for the oil planet (from sandstone start, slightly different for swamp start). Looking at the .yaml for the swamp start, the geysers there on the oil planet can potentially spawn in the magma biome, which I'm not in favor of. So... water is not guaranteed on the rad planet. But, on the sandstone start, you have a much better chance of getting one. And since we're on it, the water planet:
  7. That's pulled straight from the current worldgen .yaml files for the oil planet. The radioactive planet has a different list - Curiously the sandstone start has 1 extra geyser possiblity in the list for planets 2 and 3.
  8. There is little variation in the geysers in the DLC. The teleporter asteroid will spawn 2 random geysers from a list of 6 or 7. List: The whole thing is very curated - not necessarily a bad thing.
  9. What I've found works well is a caste system. I build little micro colonies of 2 or 3 dupes each and I seal them in. The farmers do nothing but farm. They have their own dining space, bathrooms, and bedrooms. They are locked in and can't leave. Same thing for the ranchers. Same thing for the cooks, and the refineries. Conveyor rails move goods from one micro colony to the next. Weight plates signal if they need more food or filtration medium. What happens is that dupes are so productive in their little bubble that they're idle 60% of the time. Then for the rest of the colony, is some haulers and some builder/diggers. The less freedom a dupe has, the more productive that dupe is.
  10. With the new interplanetary launcher, I'd use that. But otherwise build a storage unit in your rocket's command capsule. There's not much to it. When the planets were closer together and these other systems didn't exist, I actually used the cargo bays and had my dupes flying daily missions to the various asteroids to deliver supplies and bring resources back to the home asteroid. That was actually fairly satisfying to set up. In some ways, the DLC at that point was more satisfying in a "less is more" kind of way.
  11. Use a volcano to cook dirt into sand. It converts at 326C. Granted, I never do this intentionally, but it's happened a few times when I've built a volcano tamer with polluted water. For polluted water, I use an aquatuner/steam turbine to make a water boiler. Produces dirt as a byproduct. Kind of an awkward build, you can realistically only get about 4kg/s on the output until you get supercoolant, but arguably well worth it because it becomes a zero labor device.
  12. I do exactly this with atmo suits. When colonizing a new planet, I load up a storage unit with fully charged atmo suits. When the suit runs out, it's back to the ship and find one that's fully charged to equip. Easier than putting a dock and checkpoint into the ship itself. Kind of.
  13. I've had good results with the rocket ports loading and unloading cargo from the cargo bays. What I don't like is the ports inside the command capsules. It would be nice if the command capsules had a small amount of intrinsic storage. Adding a gas cargo tank just so I can dispose of CO2 in an automated fashion is excessive. Even better would be if the capsule had gas and liquid in/out ports that just connected to the outside of the capsule - forget about connecting them to the cargo tanks, I can take care of everything else inside the rocket as long as the connection exists. And power (yes, I know, the battery module, same objection).
  14. Which is why on the sandstone start, I would go straight into drecko ranching. Conveyors are so fundamental to everything I do mid-late game.
  15. The biggest roadblock I've found now is needing to do research on board a rocket to get solid transport. Which requires that I get a few hundred kg of plastic first.