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  1. Does this mean the Hydrocactus will finally be finished? We wants it.
  2. The rad pills are frustrating, I would typically prefer my dupes only take them "as needed", like the curative tablets. Or it should be possible to produce them 10 at a time like the allergy meds. And lastly, they should be storable in a storage bin instead of a fridge or if nothing else, make them smaller (like 0.01 kg). Who takes a 1kg pill anyway? And finally, I'd like them to be able to pick up a few pills and carry them in inventory so they don't go running from the other side of the asteroid because its suddenly time to take their pill. Likewise for the allergy meds, but I strictly avoid dupes with allergies, so that's never a problem. Trying to manage pills through the consumables screen is a pain. That screen in general doesn't work very well - has to be scrolled in 2 directions. The curative tablets are fine, same with the slime lung med packs, no complaints about those.
  3. I've been exploring this a bit as well - this is what I've come up with. There's enough wild food for 1 dupe to survive indefinitely, same thing with the oxyferns. There's also critter eggs for a drecko and a hatch. Otherwise... it's pretty sparse. This is 4 cycles in. There were 2 tiles of starting dirt and 1 tile of oxylite. I could restrict things a bit more, but close enough for now. The star map has a bunch of single biome tiny worlds to land on. Each of those has 1-2 random geysers. All the major biomes (except badlands) are represented.
  4. I do a bit of world gen modding. Feel free to contact me with any questions.
  5. I've found this difficult as well. One catch is that they have to complete the task. I had dupes running on hamster wheels indefinitely but they weren't finishing (because they weren't attached to batteries, just lights) and thus no achievement. One of the easiest chores you can have them do is shower. They can shower while still in the suit and this counts. Just give them plenty of time at the start of each cycle so they can shower and you're set.
  6. The output pipes should go up 1 tile before merging with the drain pipe. If you run the pipe straight across like that, the output will be blocked by anything in the pipe. Buildings can only output into an empty pipe. This doesn't apply to bridges however.
  7. New CPU or not, I'd recommend the following mod. The improvements are substantial. It's still a work in progress, as such, it's not on Steam Workshop and must be installed manually.
  8. In order to create indefinite sustainability without geysers, as well as the ability to conduct research, you essentially need an arbor tree and a pip (to make more arbor trees). Beyond that, a source of metal of some sort. You could turn on meteor showers for that. And enough starting resources that your dupes don't starve or suffocate while reaching sustainability. If you have enough metal to build a rocket platform, CO2 engine, and Solo Spacefarer, you can make copper ore by deconstructing the rocket control station then deconstructing the Solo Spacefarer. Slow process, but you can generate 100kg of copper ore indefinitely. At some point, a source of plastic for advanced research, but that can be obtainable from space somehow. Alternately, you could do a lot with a single salt slush geyser. And including a hatch is recommended with whatever approach you take.
  9. They can reasonably be ranched for food, only takes a small amount of oxygen.
  10. I do this, but the goal isn't oxygen, it's ceramic. And crops that require polluted water. If you're playing vanilla, and you've got unlimited regolith for filtration medium, this isn't a bad approach. These consume filtration medium at an obscene pace. In Spaced Out, that's often in much smaller supply, and I don't build my ceramic factory until I've got my arbor tree farm and pokeshell ranches going.
  11. I generally put a storage bin on the tile after the checkpoint and fill that up with lead. That way dupes can access it without putting on a suit and use it to supply various jobs. You could put the bins 3 tiles off the ground so dupes can access them from above and below, but can't otherwise get into the oil area without a suit. Something that looks like this:
  12. I would recommend watching the in-game tutorials. For the entertainment factor if nothing else, they're pretty funny.
  13. I've had that issue. Don't run radiant pipes all the way to the spout. Look at the wiki here: There's a 1 tile drop after the petrol leaves the boiling chamber. That's where the radiant pipe stops and changes to insulated pipe. If you continue radiant pipes to the boiling chamber, there's a small chance of overheating and breaking.
  14. Trial and error, mostly. Longer is more efficient, better thermal conductivity is more efficient. Best case, you'll still have a few degrees difference between input and output. If you're making a petroleum boiler and a minor volcano is your heat source, I'd look at Francis John's tutorials. Otherwise, I just make it up as I go. If you've got aluminum pipes, there isn't much to worry about.