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  1. Leave your dupes in atmo suits. Sure, they'll gasp for breath when their O2 runs out, but they don't release any CO2 when that happens.
  2. The hydroponic tiles are exchanging heat with the 5 kg of water that they are holding as well as the dirt. They're going to heat up. The sleet wheat itself is exchanging heat with the air that it's in, which is in turn absorbing heat from the adjacent hydroponic tiles. The air also exchanges heat with the gas pipes which then exchange heat with their contents. I'm feeding around 32 plants with 70F water and using an AETN for cooling. The water in the hydroponic tiles is generally about 8F warmer than the surrounding air. In my case, each farm plot requires around 2300 DTU/s of cooling. In an ideal case, I could probably grow a few more plants off that AETN, particularly if I put in a cooling loop of some sort to even things out, but things are working, so why change?
  3. While it is hostile and very violent, it does not actually set things on fire. It is therefore technically incorrect to call it "infernal".
  4. Oh, this is fun. The liquid pump is slowly making infinite nuclear waste. It picks up 39.6g of waste. This turns into packets of 39.6g and 26.4g in the pipe. Then 39.6g leaks out of the pump. With a blank in between, it's averaging 22g/s. Ok, it eventually stopped, but we produced a couple hundred KG before that.
  5. Once you have plastic and can make high pressure gas vents, pair them with an atmo sensor and pressurize your base to 3000 grams. This prevents undesirable things from offgassing. Slimelung only grows in polluted oxygen, so proactively clean that and you'll be fine. Don't worry about dirty surfaces, I don't.
  6. I generally agree with you. A gas reservoir only holds gasses equal to the same space at 5kg per tile. It should at least be competitive with a high pressure gas vent. If the reservoir worked at even that level, it would hold 600kg in the 15 tiles it occupies. By contrast liquid reservoirs are at a similar level to the amount of space they occupy - 5000kg in 6 tiles. The only real utility the gas reservoir provides is that you don't need a pump to get gas back out of it. The gas cargo canister is kind of ridiculous. I think Klei went a bit overboard in raising the capacity of cargo hauling. But, eh, I've never actually used the gas cargo canister.
  7. Yep, this is the one I'm waiting for to start a new map. Soon... Won't be getting much done tonight it seems.
  8. How much do those petroleum generators run? You need 1.7 carbon skimmers or 15 slicksters for each constantly running generator. Develop some geothermal power as a primary source and the slicksters will catch up on the CO2 (in a hundred cycles or so). I like to put the petro generators in an insulated chimney that's open to space. CO2 (and waste heat) just drift on up never to bother you again.
  9. They change into the atmosuit when they attempt to move 1 square beyond the checkpoint. They don't actually move into the rocket door, the exit point is the square where the atmosuit dock is located and thus they never try to move beyond it. I wouldn't describe this as a bug, just an inconvenience.
  10. Pro tip: pipe the hydrogen gas in radiant gas pipes through the LOX to pre chill it on the way to the hydrogen chamber. You get much better stability out of it that way, especially if your hydrogen is coming in rather hot.
  11. It's chunky as hell, but I can connect. I can only imagine what ONI by committee might look like.
  12. Did the rocket sit idle for a few cycles before landing? The rocket engine only produces power while it's moving. In orbit at its destination it is producing no power. Deconstruct something inside the rocket and make a hamster wheel if you're in trouble (unless it's already too late for that).
  13. 5. Wipe your hard drive and reinstall Windows. If you are using some other platform, wipe your hard drive and install Windows. Nuke it from orbit, It's the only way to be sure.
  14. Always keep your dreckos in an insulated ranch, as I learned the hard way.
  15. Geothermal plant is leaking heat - metal tiles to igneous rock to to your liquid lock. Should probably also do something about that sulfur geyser. At the very least, throw a steam turbine on it to knock the output temp down to 125C. At your research station, block in around the wheezeworts and fill that space with hydrogen to maximize the cooling they offer - most of your base looks a bit toasty from what I can see, although grubfruit is a relatively high temp plant. I would try to reduce the reliance on heavy-watt wire; the d├ęcor penalty from that stuff is huge. Separate your power production from consumption as best you can. Overall, I like what you've done with the place, good job!