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  1. i was thinking that it could be a property with a number like mass, melting point, etc. that would be a part of the tile info screen and/or part of the database/lexicon.
  2. i guess i should finish my rocket interior mini colony design before that gets "fixed".
  3. It would be nice to have the exact viscocity of liquids given to us as a liquid property number. This came about because of an experiment I was doing regarding "liquid drips" in the space biome. I was primarily testing to see if a greater distance between a liquid vent and its point of impact would result in any loss of liquid volume if the drip travel is in a vacuum (which it doesn't, regardless of the liquid used). A byproduct of this test, however, revealed that the amount of liquid that does not get lost to vacuum differs by liquid which I suspect is due to viscocity - the max amount of water that will fill a tile before vacuum loss is 1000k, but the max amount of viscogel that will fill a tile before vacuum loss is 100k. (apologies for the fuzziness here, i accidentally saved the video in a very small size and needed to blow this up after the fact) if viscocity is indeed the culprit of this difference, it would be nice for players to be able to have knowledge of viscocity property to aid in engineering designs in which this would have an impact such as the above. Another example that springs to mind is how magma viscocity influenced Francis John's petro boiler design.
  4. for whatever reason, the steam traveling through this pipe is below its condensation state, but it is able to travel through the pipe unhindered with no state change damage,
  5. this might not be apparent in the screenshot, but I do have a pipe going straight down from the minipump, but the pipe is graphically hidden behind the minipump.
  6. While the "walls" of the rocket interior cannot be deconstructed, they can be replaced with other tiles, and those tiles can then be deconstructed. This allows for an entire reconstruction of the rocket interior space to be as big as you want it within the "visible space" of the rocket interior. As a small example:
  7. when seed resources are transported from one planetoid to another inside of a command module, they are greyed out for planting on the target planetoid unless they are swept onto the target planetoid's storage first. They cannot be set to 'plant' if they are still inside of the rocket module.
  8. update: after three loads where the rover was still active, I opened it again and it was inactive. I decided to try to see if i could create conditions to make the rover active again and was able to do so: destroy the tile that it was sitting on. It immediately jumped to the tile next to it and started working again. So i believe this bug has to do with situations where the rover needs to "move" because of what it sees as invalid circumstances even if it's dead. in the first instance, the rover died "floating" on a ladder. I imagine other circumstances on load were similar where it wasn't settled on an actual tile.
  9. when reloading my game for a new session, a rover whose power had completely depleted is now up and running and doing tasks for me despite still showing 0 power remaining. I believe i'll have this rover forever.
  10. At first I thought it was because building a smart battery inside of a command module would require a building skill different than building a smart battery outside, but when i checked "errands", dupes had it on their pending list to build. Dupes eventually supplied and built with no problems, so the 'skill required' icon and hover over is a notification error.
  11. When viewing the interior of the spacefarer module, depending on where you are scrolling there are very thin lines that "frame" the module due to some sort of bad crop/mask/key.