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  1. Apologies if this is a known issue, I just noticed it today. Anything stored by a Sweepy Module bin gets picked up by a dupe and taken to a "Sweep Only" storage device despite the swept objects not being tagged for sweep. Mac OSX 10.15.7 other tech specs probably not necessary
  2. Hi there Klei, Since the Breath of Fresh Air update, my performance has taken a huuuuuge hit. When game first loads, lag is minimal, but after I start playing for about 15-20m lag gets noticeably higher - animations get jerky, mouse and keyboard response times get delayed by as much as 1s. It's reached a point where I pause the game to reduce how much ONI is having to do if I ever need to just scroll around to a different part of the asteroid map, and even then, I still get very noticeable lag. The colony that I'm doing is under 100 cycles old under Classic Terra start. While I've revealed the second asteroid, I haven't actually done anything there yet. By contrast, my prior colony was on cycle 500-ish, and I had three asteroids that I was doing work on that was running better up through Big Merge Update. I haven't spent any significant time on that colony since BoFA to determine if it's colony specific (bc i don't know why it would be). I should caveat that some or all of this could be a result of my machine more than the ONI update. For example, even working in non-video/motion-graphics Creative Cloud applications (PS, AI, InD), I can get some mouse click/drag lag that I have to compensate for. My MBP is also dying - I've hit about cycle 850 out of my battery's 1000 cycle life, so that could be affecting performance. That said, these MBP issues are not new - the battery has given me the alert that it needs service for about a week, and I've been playing ONI in that time with Big Merge and the performance was not nearly as bad. Maybe it's not related, but i figured more data was better than less data, so thought I'd post it in the event that I am not unique in my issues. Specs: MBP 2017 15in 2.8ghz quad core intel core i7 16 gb 2133 MHz LPDDR3 Intel HD graphics 630 1536 MB macOS 10.15.3 If there's any more concrete data that I can give you, let me know.
  3. oh apologies, this is for the Spaced Out DLC early access branch, i accidentally posted this in the wrong place
  4. when I built this set up: the sweeping of oxylite to the conveyor loader worked fine. When reloading the game, the autosweeper stopped working, leaving the oxylite on the ground, forcing dupes to manually send instead. quitting the game and reloading did not solve the issue deconstructing and reconstructing the autosweeper did resolve the issue subsequent reloads have not replicated the issue - auto sweeper has behaved as expected since, maybe 4-5 sessions since the initial issue. MBP 2017 15in 2.8ghz quad core intel core i7 16 gb 2133 MHz LPDDR3 Intel HD graphics 630 1536 MB macOS 10.15.3
  5. i guess i should finish my rocket interior mini colony design before that gets "fixed".
  6. for whatever reason, the steam traveling through this pipe is below its condensation state, but it is able to travel through the pipe unhindered with no state change damage,
  7. this might not be apparent in the screenshot, but I do have a pipe going straight down from the minipump, but the pipe is graphically hidden behind the minipump.
  8. While the "walls" of the rocket interior cannot be deconstructed, they can be replaced with other tiles, and those tiles can then be deconstructed. This allows for an entire reconstruction of the rocket interior space to be as big as you want it within the "visible space" of the rocket interior. As a small example:
  9. when seed resources are transported from one planetoid to another inside of a command module, they are greyed out for planting on the target planetoid unless they are swept onto the target planetoid's storage first. They cannot be set to 'plant' if they are still inside of the rocket module.
  10. update: after three loads where the rover was still active, I opened it again and it was inactive. I decided to try to see if i could create conditions to make the rover active again and was able to do so: destroy the tile that it was sitting on. It immediately jumped to the tile next to it and started working again. So i believe this bug has to do with situations where the rover needs to "move" because of what it sees as invalid circumstances even if it's dead. in the first instance, the rover died "floating" on a ladder. I imagine other circumstances on load were similar where it wasn't settled on an actual tile.
  11. when reloading my game for a new session, a rover whose power had completely depleted is now up and running and doing tasks for me despite still showing 0 power remaining. I believe i'll have this rover forever.