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  1. The transit tube in the screen shot has been disabled for several cycles. A dupe just went up it. Maybe this has to do with residual charge. The tube is not recharging after the dupe used it.
  2. Allergies are too powerful?

    I noticed this trait in a potential new dupe and searched for it here. I'm guessing this is partially implemented since dupes without the trait don't appear to be affected.
  3. They do not appear to exhale CO2 while performing this behavior, so this is mostly a cosmetic issue.
  4. I don't have a screen shot but it's kind of ridiculous sometimes and it's pretty easy to repro, you just set up an exo suit area whose entrance is in a CO2 pit. The dupes will arrive at the exo suits in a state of low breath and sometimes weird stuff happens. If a dupe needs to catch breath, it doesn't take into account that it's wearing an exo suit that's full of oxygen. I just watched one that obviously needed to catch breath run and put on an exo suit, then go through a water lock, then catch its breath in what was beyond the water lock, which was a place where an exo suit should be necessary. If a dupe is wearing an exo suit this should obviate the need to catch breath. A dupe shouldn't put on an exo suit in order to get to a place where it can catch breath. As it stands now they are putting on a protective atmo suit in order to get to a place where they can breathe a bunch of germs, *beyond* an atmo suit checkpoint. I don't know if they are exhaling CO2 but if so that is bad, since one of the points of exo suits is that you can isolate gas environments.
  5. There are lots of things that don't show up when they've been mined, but slime and algae normally do.
  6. In the screen shot I have my mouse over a tile that contains an egg shell, algae, slime, more slime, and polluted water. I'm in the material's overlay and have selected organics. If a wad of slime is sitting in a tile, this will normally highlight the thing in icky green (good choice). As you can see, nothing is highlighted. Everything in the tile except the polluted water is organic. Egg shells don't show up in the organic display even when they are alone on a tile. So your overlay has a few problems with organics it appears.
  7. My dig errand priority magically changed

    This seems to happen in a one-tile AOE around the first dig.
  8. I want to dig out this heavily piped nonsense but I don't care if the pipes are built yet. So what I did is select dig priority 9 and paint the area. As you can see in the first image, I have set the yellow-circled tile to have a dig errand priority of 9. My dupe walked over, dug out the tile immediately to the left of the indicated tile, and before my eyes the priority of the indicated tile changed to 1. I expected it to remain as it was. This is very reproduceable.
  9. ONI freezes my computer when I tab out

    Okay, this is a crappy bug report. I get that. But it's a big deal for me because it hard crashed my computer a whole bunch of times, usually when I tabbed out to report a bug. Here's my life. I was doing stuff. Then I started playing ONI. Then my computer went to hell. "Playing ONI" means playing ONI and looking at the ONI wiki and the Klei forums. That's how my life changed. The browser I use is Chrome. Conjectures: 1. ONI is doing this. 2. ONI wiki or Klei forums are doing this, since I never used those before and now I use them a lot. How to isolate this? I ditched Chrome and now use Firefox. Haven't had any crashes since then, knock on wood. It's possible your app doesn't play well with Chrome. If it's just me, great. But maybe other people are having the same problem with Chrome.
  10. There is absolutely no tile there. It's waiting on delivery of sandstone. He walked up to this spot, which I don't think has ever had a tile on it, natural or unnatural, and decided to just stand there and dig. When he was done, he jumped down and dug the other two tiles there, then he jumped back up on this invisible empty tile and climbed over it. He went back to town and got some materials and brought them back. I increased the priority on the tile and another dupe walked up and dug 510 kilograms of sand out of the tile (now that I think of it there had been falling sand above there), then the original dupe came back and finished. No save/reload monkey business.
  11. Preview branch, if that is not clear enough. The screen shot should be clear. Incorrect "learning" value in "Skill increase" tool tip. I have seen this happen in other cases, perhaps only with learning, but dunno.
  12. If I have pipe I get to paint a section. It will paint that whole section ceramic. If I do another line of pipe, it will use some other random rock. Nobody on Earth would design this this way intentionally. There's no indication that you've run out and there's no indication that your material has changed to something random.
  13. This sieve is trying to filter water into a pipe that's kind of stressed, meaning that it is full but is passing maybe a couple of kilograms of water per second. It is well-supplied with polluted water, meaning that the input pipe is full. There is a sweeper above it that keeps picking up 935.5 kg of sand that's on the ground. There is no automation and everything is powered. What happens is that the sweeper puts the sand in the water sieve, and the sieve spoots all of the sand (935.5 kg) back out onto the ground, instantly. It does this every time the sieve manages to output a packet of water. Every time it tries to put sand into the sieve, the sieve ends up with about 1kg less sand in it. This sand is called sand, and it seems to be normal sand.
  14. I have a few tons of ceramic and am laying insulated pipe. I can do this beyond the point at which I'm out of ceramic. But if I come along later and try to lay more ceramic pipe, it won't let me select ceramic, because I am out. I would prefer that I could build with materials that I don't have now but I know I'll have later. If I can't do that this business of being able to overdraft materials if you start with a positive amount is confusing. This whole thing is counter-intuitive enough that I'd call it a bug. A work-around to this problem is to mouse over "ceramic" in the materials list along the right-hand edge of the screen, which gives me an indication as to how in the hole I am.