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  1. It's ridiculous that some of it requires dupe interaction and some doesn't, especially when in some cases the effect is the same.
  2. Unless I've missed something, you need two rockets to get from steam to petroleum, and they aren't of any use or value beyond that. The only thing you can reach with steam alone is the 10k planets and the only thing you can do at those 10k planets is bring back research. So there isn't much point in making a long-term steam setup.
  3. My theories about slimelung: You get it from infected polluted oxygen. You do not get it from polluted oxygen that is not infected. You do not get it from other gases (notably oxygen) that are infected. I have seen a whole lot of evidence for the first point and a general lack of evidence that the other two points are wrong. If you have an infected polluted oxygen bubble on your map, approach with extreme caution. If you can place a deodorizer, break into the area, and run, you should be okay if the infected polluted oxygen is transformed into infected oxygen by the deodorizer, and then gets into your base. Growing mushrooms in your base is now a dangerous thing because slime accidents will cause slimelung. Trying to mine slime in your base is similarly dangerous. Eventually you will drop slime on the floor, it will off-gas infected polluted oxygen, and your dupes will get slimelung. The old food poisoning prevention mechanics work. I have never gotten it in QOL3, but I don't cook with water, and I have wash basins. Slime lung has been made difficult to avoid, and if you don't want to get it, use exosuits, avoid slime, and/or avoid swamp biomes.
  4. The transit tube in the screen shot has been disabled for several cycles. A dupe just went up it. Maybe this has to do with residual charge. The tube is not recharging after the dupe used it.
  5. Allergies are too powerful?

    I noticed this trait in a potential new dupe and searched for it here. I'm guessing this is partially implemented since dupes without the trait don't appear to be affected.
  6. It's not a pain at all, it's about the same as the other one. By "other one" I mean that one. I'm guessing you are talking about initializing the mechanical filter. It's easy and if you aren't an expert on how pipe mechanics work it will teach you a lot. His tutorial is simple and works. One problem it has is that if you pipe hot water in it tends to run pretty hot. The problem with the mechanical filter is that it expects hydrogen packets to be < 1 kg. This will be true if the hydrogen line is not backed up, but if it is backed up, hydrogen will get into the oxygen line. In both cases it's something of a pain to set up the cooling chamber early game, because you don't have the high pressure gas vent. The other SPOM is a bit better in this regard because the vent is at the bottom. The electrolyzer chamber in the mechanical filter version is easier because once you've trapped a hydrogen bubble and built the loop, you can just build the rest and turn it on. The hydrogen line can't get other gases in it, all the hydrogen will all go into the hydrogen line, and if you have CO2 or something else in there it will blow out of the oxygen line in a couple of seconds. I started using this one after the zillionth time repairing an exo suit bay because hydrogen got into the oxygen line. Another thing I enjoy about this one is that it's split into two halves internally. I build the top part and put the hydrogen power generator somewhere else.
  7. Your space scanner tutorial assumes that scanner cones can't overlap, but they can. You can put a scanner between your two scanners and make a three scanner system in the same space. Or, you could reduce the width of the scanner system that you have by 1/4 (two bunker doors). I need to look at your QOL3 preview tutorial but the new steam turbine makes important work that you've done obsolete. I think your tutorials are very good and if you can update that stuff it would be helpful to me and presumably a lot of other people. Petroleum boilers. Oxygen/hydrogen condensers.
  8. That works and doesn't mix gases. The only caveat is that if you let hydrogen back up, it goes out the oxygen line. It's easy to avoid that though. There is no reason that a water breakdown system has to self-power and so I set mine up so that it runs on other power if that's available. There is no reason to burn hydrogen when you have solar available.
  9. It is possible that there is lag in the UI because I'm using an older computer. This is still something of a problem because I am having problems with this and I do not have problems with other software. And I've had this problem since before QOL1. I can't believe that nobody else has clicks fail to register in the priority tool. It's a very frequent problem when I play.
  10. They do not appear to exhale CO2 while performing this behavior, so this is mostly a cosmetic issue.
  11. I don't have a screen shot but it's kind of ridiculous sometimes and it's pretty easy to repro, you just set up an exo suit area whose entrance is in a CO2 pit. The dupes will arrive at the exo suits in a state of low breath and sometimes weird stuff happens. If a dupe needs to catch breath, it doesn't take into account that it's wearing an exo suit that's full of oxygen. I just watched one that obviously needed to catch breath run and put on an exo suit, then go through a water lock, then catch its breath in what was beyond the water lock, which was a place where an exo suit should be necessary. If a dupe is wearing an exo suit this should obviate the need to catch breath. A dupe shouldn't put on an exo suit in order to get to a place where it can catch breath. As it stands now they are putting on a protective atmo suit in order to get to a place where they can breathe a bunch of germs, *beyond* an atmo suit checkpoint. I don't know if they are exhaling CO2 but if so that is bad, since one of the points of exo suits is that you can isolate gas environments.
  12. There are lots of things that don't show up when they've been mined, but slime and algae normally do.
  13. In the screen shot I have my mouse over a tile that contains an egg shell, algae, slime, more slime, and polluted water. I'm in the material's overlay and have selected organics. If a wad of slime is sitting in a tile, this will normally highlight the thing in icky green (good choice). As you can see, nothing is highlighted. Everything in the tile except the polluted water is organic. Egg shells don't show up in the organic display even when they are alone on a tile. So your overlay has a few problems with organics it appears.
  14. I use the priority tool, by clicking the arrow along the bottom edge of the screen, nearer to the right-hand corner. A bunch of numbers come up. I click on one and it doesn't catch my click, because I'm clicking too casually. If you have something like a "destroy earth" button, you normally signal that the user has clicked this button when the mouse button comes up while over the button. That indicates a pretty affirmative click. If you have a "fire one of millions of rounds of ammunition" button, it's more likely you want to catch this when the mouse button goes down. I think this should function like the latter but it functions like the former. Assuming current priority is 5, Go into that tool, click the "7" but don't lift your finger. Move the mouse off the button and lift your finger. You'll be back at 5. I think the priority should change the moment I click the 7, regardless of where the mouse is when I lift my finger. A good example of when the former behavior is appropriate is when I click the "submit reply" button here. I can click it and it does nothing unless I release the mouse button while my pointer is over it. An example of the latter behavior is if I click a tab in my browser's tab bar. The tab changes instantly even if I don't release the mouse.