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  1. This is still happening in the solar swamp release. I watched a dupe eat an atmo suit. Thing is though that it happened at the tail end of eating (something real), at which point a dupe was trying to pick up a meal (probably to put it back in a refrigerator), which I interrupted by telling to go equip an atmo suit.
  2. I have observed on two occasions that when dupes pick up an identified mutation, the floating text that appears for a moment over the dupe says that they've picked up an unidentified mutation. I observed this both in the solar swamp update that came out today and prior. I played a cycle, observed this, had a (probably) unrelated crash before the end of the cycle, updated before restarting, and then saw it again.
  3. You're supposed to have to use the botanical analyzer to discover what your seed mutation is, but if you happen to be watching when your dupe farms the plant that drops the seed, the name of the seed displays, for example my dupe just farmed an "easygoing" bristle blossom seed. If I click on it it says it's unidentified, but I did see the name flash past.
  4. Every once in a while my dupe (not just this one, I think) will display the eating animation while doing something else. This one happens to be doing it while researching orbital science, but I've seen them do the same thing while in the bathroom in the home base, which is perhaps more disturbing.
  5. This is in the most current released version of Spaced Out. I wrangled a bunch of plug slugs, then went about my business. A short time later I noticed that I had a wrangled (bound) plug slug hovering slightly off the floor in the room where I wrangled it, its age was 100/100, and its status was "Dead". The other critters I'd wrangled had been moved to their destination. I let it sit there for a while, I'm not sure if I let it sit into the next cycle, but eventually I decided to see if I could kill it to a greater extent than it was already dead, so I set a dupe to attack it, and the dupe took its HP down to zero in a few seconds but the plug slug was still hovering there. I let it sit there for a few cycles, then I quit the game to desktop and resumed, and I watched the death animation for this plug slug and it turned into meat.
  6. This rocket is a CO2 engine with a trailblazer and a normal nose cone. Based on the tool tip its speed should be 2.0 but it's displayed as 1.0. The game has been reloaded since the rocket was made but I'm pretty sure you get the 1.0 figure initially. It is not fueled.
  7. It seems to be off by one. When i discovered a fourth planetoid and went with a rocket to the third one, the rocked showed as under the fourth one.
  8. My oil well is deactivated through automation. If it's full enough that it generates a depressurization job, my dupe will try to go do the job, but it goes on forever.
  9. This rocket is landed at Starato but the outliner shows it as landed on Vegetara. It started out on Yuckilios and I sent it to Starato. The game hasn't been reloaded since this happened. The dupe in the rocket was able to leave the rocket, and I haven't noticed any other negative effects.
  10. I updated because I wanted the "dupes no longer stand around for a few [a lot] seconds after doing something" fix, and because I was hoping the lower graphics option would help. Twenty crashes later I'm regretting this. And dupes still stand around.
  11. I got a crash in today's release after I'd played a few cycles with it. One of the first thing I had done is turn on lower quality textures. I tried to reload the autosave and crashed. I tried to reload the autosave from two cycles ago and crashed. I tried to reload the autosave from three cycles ago and crashed. I turned the higher quality textures thing back on. I tried to reload the autosave from three cycles ago and it worked. I tried to reload the original autosave and it worked. If you would like save games I can provide them.
  12. The transit tube in the screen shot has been disabled for several cycles. A dupe just went up it. Maybe this has to do with residual charge. The tube is not recharging after the dupe used it.
  13. I noticed this trait in a potential new dupe and searched for it here. I'm guessing this is partially implemented since dupes without the trait don't appear to be affected.
  14. They do not appear to exhale CO2 while performing this behavior, so this is mostly a cosmetic issue.