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  1. I'm pretty sure it gets even worse if you use the external loaders. I haven't seen the bug happen without them, but with them it was as much as 50% of all in-out.
  2. When exuberant plants drop their 4kg of rot pile, they produce a tooltip saying that food has decayed. No actual food is rotting, it seems that the warning is just tied to rot piles being produced, regardless of source. This is misleading, since "food rotten" suggests improper storage and/or overproduction.
  3. My game crashed. After the crash, I checked Player.log and it ended with this: src/steamnetworkingsockets/clientlib/steamnetworkingsockets_lowlevel.cpp (1852) : Assertion Failed: SteamnetworkingSockets service thread waited 1665ms for lock! This directly adds to network latency! It could be a bug, but it's usually caused by general performance problem such as thread starvation or a debug output handler taking too long. I'm not sure if it's the actual cause, but it has a failing assertion so it might be it. It could have been a memory leak instead, since the game certainly gets more RAM-hungry as the time goes on without restarting it.
  4. Trailblazers sometimes create a weird invisible "teleport" that allows dupes to get on/off rocket at the point the trailblazer was supposed to land. On the screenshot, dupe tries to store food in a fridge inside the rocket, taking a path through this teleport. The weirdness seems to clear after a save+load.
  5. Same here. I noticed that starmap seems to have acceptable performance right after loading a save, but then it degrades really fast. Leaking resources?
  6. The UI for rockets can sometimes display data for one rocket when another is selected. On the screenshot, you can see the right rocket (selected one) with an empty liquid cargo module. It is empty as you can see both from the mouseover tooltip and from the bar rendered on it in game world. The rocket UI shows it with a partly filled liquid cargo module and with an artifact module - those two belong to the rocket on the left. The selected cargo module is one from the right one. This can be confirmed by looking at rocket's name: both mouseover tooltip and rocket UI show the name of the rocket on the right. The rocket UI shows correct data for selected module - the (not shown) storage data below will show the module as empty. It's just the rocket summary thing that is linked to the wrong rocket.
  7. Seems that rocket data is not properly cleaned up on delete. On the screenshot, you can see a rocket with no Artifact Module, but the UI for this rocket mentions the non-existent Artifact Module. This rocket was built on a spot where a previous rocket was completely deconstructed. Had to do it in "two saves+loads" because of rocket deconstruction crash, but after the last load, only a single solar panel remained from the old rocket. This solar panel somehow "stored" data from the deconstructed rocket - probably by referring to the old rocket that wasn't cleaned up properly. Regardless, the solar panel was removed before any part of the new rocket was built. Almost certainly related to
  8. Some of my mealwood seeds are spawning with two "(Original)" notes below them. This isn't two two tooltips or anything - only one seed is spawned and it seems to happen to all the mealwood farmed on this planet. Mealwood isn't native to this planet, it was sent there with a launcher.
  9. Correction for point 5: it will plant some seed of the same type, which may be the original or a completely different mutated variant of the seed. It doesn't even need to be the same variant for the whole copy block, you can copy an original seed and get mixes of original and all nearby mutants. Pretty sure it's related to proximity, either seed to farm or seed to dupe.
  10. Pretty sure it must be a bug, since artifact missions start a cooldown on artifacts on that PoI.
  11. I'm getting common crashes when fully deconstructing rockets. After loading a save, it's usually possible to deconstruct it without a crash. Log file shows nullptrs in rocket animator.
  12. Expected: sending a rocket that can't mine a PoI, but can harvest an artifact, on a round trip, will make it go back as soon as it grabs the artifact. Got: the rocket fails to turn around, doesn't even show "Flight status" in tooltip.
  13. Beetas kept in hydrogen atmosphere seem to be inserting hydrogen "bits" into their hives once in a while. Could they be trying to grab uranium that was completely exhausted by some other beeta a moment ago? The hydrogen doesn't do anything, just sits there in the hive forever.
  14. Neural vacillator doesn't become ready for use after recharging it. It takes a save+load to re-enable it.
  15. It looks potentially fun. Reminds me of those weird starting locations in versions before atmo suits. The rush to develop and place isolating tiles was a nice challenge. Are those "veins" in magma neutronium or just obsidian? Having to deal with winding ladders to reach the surface would probably kill my fun. Unless there was something strong to force me to go forward fast and the winding ladders were a speed bump in a race against time.
  16. They weren't great without door dropper stacking. The greatest danger of the more radioactive beetas was the fact that dupes did the "oh no, radiation!" animation. The actual rads absorbed were minuscule.
  17. Am I missing something or are they now useless as a radiation source (without the door dropper "critter concentrator" maybe-exploit)?
  18. It's an ancient error: liquid flow doesn't properly update critter pathing, so pacu and slicksters end up bugged until save+load. With slicksters sometimes drowning themselves because of it.
  19. Consumables menu is one of the worst offenders. Nowadays I only operate it while the game is paused.
  20. Another case where the AI "optimization" causes problems. I hope Klei will find a way to properly fix AI someday, without ugly hacks like this.
  21. Weird: fixed itself on save+load. I was able to select the plant for planting, as you can see in my screenshot. The duplicants just wouldn't deliver the seed, not even when I put it on yellow alert priority.
  22. Sometimes rounding errors cause seeds to be just few mg short of the 1 kg needed for planting. This prevents planting, despite the UI rounding it up to 1kg. On the screenshot, I have UI showing 1kg seed (saturn), but the hydroponics below says "no seed available". Nothing prevents pathing from the seed to the farm and the seed isn't reserved anywhere else. The ice block didn't change anything.
  23. If a liquid soldifies in a mesh tile, then game is saved+loaded, mesh tile deconstructed, the result becomes "weird": Solid turns into an item The material tile becomes "nothing" that blocks fluids When built over, it becomes "nothing" that no longer blocks fluids and doesn't block dupes When built over again, it un-bugs See screenshots:
  24. I'm also getting those. I thought it might be related to the memory leaks the game got with some of the recent updates. Never had it happen on a manual save.