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  1. Spam solars. Even if all their power goes to waste, you'll grind SS much faster. Also, it seems that Klei wants to incentivize "solar during the day, slugs at night" combo, considering all the free glass at mapgen. Though this won't completely eliminate travel time, since they still have to path to a grooming station. Everything would be so much simpler if grooming was more like farmer's touching. Especially that groom time loss due to critter AI failing at high CPU load.
  2. Destructive duplicants can target rocket nosecone for their attacks. They can't damage it but don't switch targets. It takes a long while for them to stop tantruming this way. The nosecone says it is being damaged, but it doesn't seem to actually get damaged.
  3. On the screenshot, you can see some "Flooded" status icons. These are for wild waterweeds on the leftmost side of my other planet. They match perfectly and other "red" icons can be added as well.
  4. A rocket doesn't need a free path to land on a platform. It can get entombed too.
  5. It's an old bug. The pathfinding cache for liquids isn't rebuilt properly, causing all critters to mistake "drownable" for "breathable" and vice versa. Pacus are the most affected, but you can commonly see it with slicksters because they add liquids to their environment.
  6. Sometimes it crashes, sometimes it drops good stuff. It looks like it deconstructs the interior walls of the rocket, which are made of steel and diamond.
  7. Angry destructive duplicant can destroy the walls walls of the rocket's interior. This will expose the rocket interior to vacuum (even if the rocket is contained on a planet with an atmosphere).
  8. Opening certain menus gets slower and slower as the game goes on without a shutdown and re-launch. I had the game completely freeze on me when opening the Comestibles menu. The memory usage was ~8gb and one of the CPUs was running at 100%. The log did not capture anything relevant.
  9. A dupe with a trait that gives them a skill will lose this skill if skill-scrubbed. The skill can't be regained without meeting prerequisites.
  10. Clicking patch notes causes "black hole ate the game" crash.
  11. It resolved itself when I got more food items. Seems like there's an un-sweet spot where this bug happens.
  12. In consumables menu, icons of food items are shifted to the left compared to their checkboxes when there are many known food items.
  13. On Linux, the effects of light on regolith layer on top of the map are visible on the bottom of the map, in magma layer. I haven't seen it happen on Windows, but it does happen on Linux. Pretty sure that's a OpenGL vs Direct3D thing: they have Y coords for framebuffers going in the opposite directions, which affects deferred rendering if not taken into account. On the screenshot, all the light "rays" go from the bottom to top - there are no "islands". This supports my interpretation.
  14. I had an egg in an incubator turn into 1kg of rock on save load. It wasn't even egg shaped! I'd understand if they put the egg shaped rock artifact in there
  15. Rockets subtract planet mass on launch (!), but spawn cargo based on its mass at the time of landing, with mass already subtracted. For example, sending a rocket with 3000 kg capacity, on a 3 cycle mission to a planet with 3500 kg available resources and 100kg/cycle recharge, would return 2400 kg of cargo (800 kg mass available, but 3 cargo holds, each receiving 800 kg). On the flip side, sending 20 rockets at the same time, to just one planet, will still produce mission time * planet recharge rate of resources, per cargo hold, as long as no missions are started while those 20 are ongoing.
  16. This is actually the same bug as the "robo miners digging infinitely" one, just more general. There are 4 common instances of this bug happening: Two dupes digging a 3+ tile "tower" of sand from below. The tile at height 2 is dug, the tile at height 3 starts falling, the tile at height 1 is dug and immediately re-created with falling tile. Now there's an undiggable tile at height 1. Two robo miners try to dig a tower of regolith. Same as above. A rocket is embedded in regolith and then starts. A similar situation as in the above can happen. A rocket is embedded in regolith, but there's some coal, algae, slime or dirt in the regolith too. The rocket destroys the regolith, but its heat causes one of the materials to change phase in the same physics "tick", creating an undiggable tile. Attached a screenshot with an example of the last point. This rocket has came back, but failed to destroy that refined carbon tile. You can tell it came back onto the tile because there are items on top of the tile - if it formed after landing, items from landing would be buried inside. Not attaching a save since the bug fixes itself on save.
  17. Sightseeing seems to have an effect created for it. This effect is not applied to duplicants who were in a sightseeing module in a rocket that just came back. The stress-reducing effect of sightseeing can be replicated by having a duplicant enter the module and then immediately come out. This will reset stress to 5% and remove existing morale effects. Not sure which one is a bug here since the description is ambiguous.
  18. Slicksters who escape drowning will move diagonally through rock. This often results in them "realizing" that they are now in rock and causes them to become confined. This prevents further drowning, but also any movement. Pictured: One drowning slickster (selected, not confined) having an allowed path go diagonally through rock. One confined slickster (moused over) "created" as a result of a slickster taking such a diagonal path through rock. Pufts are allowed to move diagonally through rock too, but they somehow avoid confining themselves when not drowning. May be related to drowning state itself?
  19. Vacillators, after being recharged, are in "Neural Vacillation in progress" state, making them unusable. Save+load fixes it.
  20. Tiny graphical bug: the destroyed planet in space background has its screen position updated only on active game tick, but its position is view dependent. As a result, planet doesn't move from its absolute (non-view-dependent) position during pause, but snaps to its view dependent position as soon as game is unpaused. For example, if planet is in the middle of the screen, pausing and then moving up will "move" it to the bottom of the screen. On unpause, it will re-center.
  21. Astronaut after arriving from a mission will look un-suited, even when actually wearing a jet suit. The dupe can still fly and will dock the suit later on, it's just invisible until the dupe removes it. EDIT: Earlier bug report was incorrect, the dupe REALLY doesn't lose the suit, but the bug triggers even with gantry
  22. A duplicant in a jet suit can get into a loop where two identical length paths are "better than each other" and the dupe will rapidly switch between them without being able to take a single step. This "dance" will continue for as long as the paths are of identical length, which can spontaneously stop being true due to dupe going a bit too far in one direction. I managed to capture it in a save, but since jobs are not saved, it may take a moment to happen. The attached save has a construction job on yellow alert - this job pretty reliably gets this bug. May not be 100% reliable, but I tested it a few times and it happened every time. I'm pretty sure this bug existed many versions ago, then I stopped seeing it happening, but now it's back. Future Burrow.sav