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  1. I asked you clear, understandable questions concerning your reasoning. Instead of answers to them, I received whining. Just pathetic whining. From your posts, it's pretty clear that you're the one who overrates his knowledge.
  2. Yeah, I noticed. No matter how much I try, all I get back is some vague concerns that would require very specific implementation that is incredibly unlikely to be a thing. All to excuse a hack that probably isn't even in the game. Is it THAT hard to come up with an actual argument?
  3. How do you know that? Have you checked the actual algorithm or even just the cache building part of it? How would an additional pass even work here? I already covered the flag option when talking about the performance penalty compared to weights. How would "direction-dependent length" work without weights? What is that even supposed to mean? Pathfinding algorithms are weighted pretty much by definition.
  4. The weights are there already in the cache. Poles. If it was a special case hardcoded at the lowest level, it would be much worse for performance than switching the entire algorithm to weights.
  5. Performance: utterly negligible. Memory: tens of mb at the worst. Possibly no change at all. Poles may be a hardcoded exception, but unless it's a really ugly hack, the game should cache weights already. The case is probably handled on pathfinding cache building time, not on pathfinding algorithm execution, which needs to be fast and shouldn't handle weird cases on its side.
  6. Incredibly misleading post. Ability to differentiate between slower and faster paths has been done hundreds of times before. It's simply a matter of penalizing slow movements by treating them as if they involved longer paths. Klei already does it for climbing up poles. @OxCD is not asking for something like Factorio's train route pathfinding. Nor for pathfinding with a large vehicle with momentum and direction. No portals, no time-dependent paths, no paths involving planning fuel usage. Just plain paths with extra weights. Like climbing up poles. Depending on Klei's data structures, this problem is between easy and trivial to solve.
  7. Then you certainly didn't win the hardest game. Getting carnivore+locavore without locking self out of super sustainable is a real test of ONI skill that a hard map can't really offer.
  8. Did you get carnivore, locavore and super sustainable on that save?
  9. It's a red flag for a terrible person when you have to defend your ideas like that.
  10. It's a red flag for terrible idea when you have to defend it like that.
  11. Coolthulhu

    Critters babyhood lenght

    There was a bug with badly stacking death drops many versions ago, most commonly triggered by drowning many hatches at once. Could have been that bug.
  12. Coolthulhu

    Critters babyhood lenght

    Nope. Though there is one critter that, at least few versions ago, had different drops: pokeshells. Babies didn't drop their adult molts, only the 5kg ones.
  13. You want to send a pulse and then suppress it until the whole door cycle is done. The simplest way to do this is a memory cell that activates a buffer gate for the first door, but also a second buffer gate that continuously resets the cell (preventing reactivation) for a set time, approximately the same as cycle length. It's bulky and probably has more gates than needed, but it's better to build things you understand than to copy things you don't.
  14. Coolthulhu

    Dreckos: Too good?

    I mean it literally, not as an insult. I know it firsthand. It's not rational to bother with sustainable vs 5000 cycles worth when your games end around 1000 cycles. It's just personal aversion to non-sustainable builds, similar to how some people absolutely refuse to use rock crusher on ores and wait until refinery.
  15. Coolthulhu

    Dreckos: Too good?

    Sustainability of phosphorite is in vast majority of cases a concern coming entirely from a wrong mentality. You'll get bored with the colony long before you run out of diggable phosphorus.
  16. In properties, not "for real". To get real mass, you have to mouseover the lowest pixel of the tile. 99.99% chance it's sweating. If you can't "find" the lowest pixel, try tiles made from other material and notice it's producing igneous.
  17. Content is fine, just not when it's not a forgettable gimmick (or annoying or obsoletes many other things). The nuclear power mentioned above would be just another tubes or recreation. Bug fixes are needed right now. Content is a gamble - well designed content would be even better than bug fixes, mediocre content would be a lot of wasted work and delays in much needed bug fixes.
  18. There's also the more general variant that goes like "When you sacrifice usability for security, you lose usability and security".
  19. Bug fixes > redundant features like more power generation
  20. Carnivore is the best achievement in the game because it's the only challenging one.
  21. OR gate could be cut down into an "identity gate" with no loss of functionality.
  22. I tend to have like 2000t of spare rock around cycle 300 despite farming stone hatches for carnivore. Anything beyond cycle 1k is "death from boredom" (and lag) kind of a game. Later you can switch to sage hatches fed tree ethanol pdirt byproduct - one tame tree produces over 150kg of pdirt/cycle this way, so it's just one tree per hatch (or 4 wild trees if you roll that way). Or build a regolith melter with cooling.
  23. One hatch eats at most 140kg/cycle, so you only need 7 seconds of "conveying" per hatch, per cycle. 600/7=~87, so a single belt would suffice for the whole ranch.
  24. Coolthulhu

    Lead in Solid Oxidizer?!

    I had an egg in an incubator turn into 1kg of rock on save load. It wasn't even egg shaped! I'd understand if they put the egg shaped rock artifact in there
  25. Rockets subtract planet mass on launch (!), but spawn cargo based on its mass at the time of landing, with mass already subtracted. For example, sending a rocket with 3000 kg capacity, on a 3 cycle mission to a planet with 3500 kg available resources and 100kg/cycle recharge, would return 2400 kg of cargo (800 kg mass available, but 3 cargo holds, each receiving 800 kg). On the flip side, sending 20 rockets at the same time, to just one planet, will still produce mission time * planet recharge rate of resources, per cargo hold, as long as no missions are started while those 20 are ongoing.