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Klei Fest and Midsummer Cawnival!

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5 hours ago, Locuriyah said:

I have been waiting for days for a solution or fix the problem of playing. I cannot start my worlds, nor can I go to anyone else's, therefore I cannot play. I'm going to miss the event due to bugs again, it already happened to me in the previous one ... When are they going to fix that? I hope it's before the 20th and I have a few days left to play the event... Every event happens the same...

I say it around here because in the forums with this problem they never approve my comment, so they will least be able to provide solutions... 

I love DTS, it is my favorite game, but it exhausts me to fight in each event or lose it for the same thing always...:wilson_resigned:

If you can't fix the problem through normal troubleshooting methods then post a separate topic in the forum. i am sure some one will definitely help you. :smile:

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24 minutes ago, Dr. Safety said:

When this event is over, is it safe to assume that as long as you have a tree, you can play the event in its entirety? Or do you guys think that Goodfeathers will not spawn if the event isn't active, even if you ring the bells?

You could always test this by turning the event off in the settings. I tried and no, he does not spawn nor do his crow children when Cawnival is off. The option to ring the tree is gone

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I saw here: https://forums.kleientertainment.com/game-updates/dst/ that Twitch Drop Campaign for the Leviathan Chest will be until 24 of June but... I saw today in Twitch that it is finished, I am so sad ;_;

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