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Got Any Fun DST Stories?

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Any stories about you, or you and your friends?

Write it here I and we will allll have a great laugh about them!

I'll start!: I joined my friends server, both of us playing wormwood, and the first thing we see is a rook near spawn, we run around gather resources and on day 6 six we do a hunt. OF COURSE it's a Varg, we run it around, and decided "Lets get it to kill the rook". We run it to the rook and as soon as the Varg collides with the rook, the game crashes. 

Every time we tried to join that world it would crash indefinitely. We burst out with laughter every time we talk about it

TL;DR, Day 6 Varg breaks the game killing a rook


(Also i'm surprised no one has made a topic like this before) 

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Oh man, i've been wanting to tell this story on the forums.

So, I really like going on pub servers and rushing a nice boat(Firepit, crockpot, ice box, tackle station, masts, wheel ice box etc), usually I get done by day 8-10 and I head out sailing. This Warly decided to hop on the boat with me and hey! Heck yeah, let's go sailing together.

Meanwhile, I was also trying to reenact Noah's Ark and trying to get any animal I can on the boat(Because hey, every animal on a DST boat sounds pretty fun and stupid right?), I believe I had gotten Woby, Chester, and Glommer. I also happen to befriend a gnarwail on the way.

So we're sailing right, and a rockjaw spawns, Rockjaws are pretty scary with how much they attack and how much damage they do, so we just ignore it and outsail the shark, then another shark spawns, like 10-30 seconds later, which is damn. That's pretty unlucky, so we outsail that one, and then ANOTHER SHARK SPAWNS, and this one aggroed onto us, well it actually aggroed onto Glommer and I tried so hard to try and help Glommer, we stop right by a salt shoal and we attack the shark with our weapons and my slingshot. Sadly, glommer dies but we defeated the shark.

So you think it's over right? It must be.

No, apparently God really didn't want us to reenact Noah's ark, and so ANOTHER SHARK SPAWNED. We were low on health, I had no more ammo, and Warly's helmet broke. So poor Warly with no armor is running around the boat with the slickness of an eel and was able to somehow dodge every single one of the sharks attack, meanwhile I was trying my best to craft some more slingshot ammo and craft armor for Warly. To make things EVEN worse, the Gnarwail was jumping around crazy trying to attack the shark with us, and you remember how I said we parked near a salt shoal? Well we were parked really close, well the ocean waves from the Gnarwails jumping and diving pushed us close enough to the salt shoal for cookie cutters to aggro onto us. So there we were, being attacked by a shark, a ferocious gnarwail jumping all around, and cookie cutters attacking us.

Thankfully, the shark lost aggro(they have a small mechanic where they lose agro if they jump 3 times on a boat and don't hit anything), the cookie cutters were killed but they did make one leak in our boat, and we were able to raise our sails and go back to nearby land.

So, that sounds pretty BS right? Four sharks spawned that quickly and that closely? Since I like modding and im fairly experienced at code, I decided to take a quick peak at the code. (Info in the spoiler)


And I found this out, sharks/gnarwails have a chance to spawn every time a school of fish spawns. Now the code for gnarwail spawning checks if there's two gnarwails nearby, and if there are two gnarwails, it won't spawn another one.

You would think the shark spawning would work like this right? Check if there's already one or two sharks nearby and don't spawn another one. Well, kind of yes, but for some reason, they check if theres two gnarwails in the area, not two sharks. This means there's theoretically no real limit so how much sharks can spawn in a single area, and the only way shark spawns can be prevented is to have two gnarwails in the area.

I made sure to report this as a bug because that definitely doesn't seem intentional, and is just very unfair.

Hope you enjoyed my little story fellow readers! xD

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13 minutes ago, Hornete said:

Thankfully, the shark lost aggro(they have a small mechanic where they lose agro if they jump 3 times on a boat and don't hit anything), the cookie cutters were killed but they did make one leak in our boat, and we were able to raise our sails and go back to nearby land.

Why can't I get luck like that, the other day I was building a boat bridge to pearls island and out of THE WORST TIME Malbatross spawns, in which I cant fight her due to the bridge being there (I haven't even fought her ONCE ever) and the game decided to tease me by her staying there for 3 days while I build the bridge.

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On 4/30/2021 at 6:44 PM, SkyistheGround said:

during winter, i got 3 tam o shanters in a row...

agh that reminds me of when i was in a solo world and i got a stupid amount of tusks before i ever got a tam. i think it was like, at least 9? i dont know how i got THAT unlucky that it took me years ingame to get the tam and killing multiple mactusks each winter, but boy was it absurd


EDIT: took a look through my discord DMs, according to past me i had killed 15 mactusks and still hadn't gotten the tam. good lord

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Oh god I have a REALLY good story to share.

So this story was ALL the way back in 2016, Back when where toadstool didn't exist, where I joined a klei public server, and the first character I played was Wilson. When I joined it was winter and everyone was here, But it turns out there were 3 other Wilsons in the server.

What basically happened was there were 2 dead Wilsons at spawn and 2 alive Wilsons at spawn. I was on of the alive Wilsons but then something happened and 2 of us died.

So now there were just 4 dead Wilsons draining other people's sanity on this klei server. And keep in mind this was still winter. So what we did was just wander around the entire server dead as a group as ghost. Though we never found base or a touch stone so we never got revived.

The alive people on the server got angered so they decided to call a vote kick on one of us Wilsons. However it was a 4 against 3 so the dead Wilson gang decided to vote no so none of them could kick us. The alive people were still Surviving and don't worry we didn't kill them. They were being annoyed by us so thats why they wanted to kill us.  A few more failed vote kicks on us later. One of them suggested a screenshot. And thats exactly what I did. And I still have the dead wilson gang screenshot. today.


This is what it looked like. And most importantly it was fun and the best round of dont starve for me. Sadly though it was my bed time and I had to go. Hope you guys enjoy this story.

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When I went to fight Pearl Crab King I did so in Spring in order to get the maximum damage output (~340 since I didn't spice my Volt Goat Jellies.) so I could spend as little time fighting him as possible. To this end I brought a Telelocator Staff to server two purposes: Teleport any Rockjaws that try to interfere with the fight far away where they cannot hurt me, and to start rain should I need it. Turns out, I did need some rain when I arrived at the arena, so I grabbed my telelocator staff, aimed it at a nearby Gnarwail and cast the spell... on myself.


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During the first season of The Forge, I got matched with a group all playing Woodie.  The moment I got connected, they told me to also play as Woodie.  The conversation was as follows:

Group: Pick Woodie!

Me: I have no idea what's going on...

Group: Don't worry, just pick Woodie!

Me: Ok

So what happened?  We won.  Easily. No drama, no one yelling at each other.  Just a group of Woodies conquering The Forge.

It was funny because of how random it was, but it is also one of my favorite moments playing DST.

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