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  1. glass traps that are fragile but deal good damage
  2. I HATE THISSSS, it's been like a week and my game is super laggy with this, and it's been so long the game bugged out and made the little animation every night of the little moon eye thing turn into a regular full moon I just wanna fight my lunar man againnnnnnnnnnnn
  3. Does this mean he was eaten before he went to the constant, because when he quotes Maxwell In regular dont starve he says something along the lines of "He tricked US"? I don't like big spiders in the real world
  4. That still doesn't explain how he got inside the sipider...
  5. How would he have gotten resurrected inside of the spider?
  6. If I think of fun for all players, I gotta say Wendy. The ability to kill hordes of mobs while not being able to take out bosses with ease can give a bit of a challenge aspect to most players (especially new ones). Wendy Is ok with the dark which makes for a more laid back style of gameplay, not having to worry about sanity drastically. Abigail can make for a good partner in killing anything and helping with dog waves and such. Her sisturn is nice for sanity (especially for new players who may be afraid of nightmare creatures), giving her a nice reliable source of sanity. She's all round a fun character for me, especially a good starting character. That's my thoughts
  7. As I have said from PS4 post "I know the updates out, but, I think having the touchpad for the length of the soul hop and cane would be great. Not directly pushing it, but by moving it like how you would with other things. I think the button for soul hopping is fine, but maybe like L3 would be nice, it would make me stop accidentally using my cane..." I think that would be a nice solution
  8. I'm sorry friend, you cant remove it at all
  10. New players, or ANYONE, please PLEASE, look in the description of the world your joining They might have some rules like "Please don't go in so and so's chests without asking" "If I ask you to be a certain character please be" "I request you don't be (Insert character(s))" Nothing is more frustrating on when you put something in the description of your world, and then people disregard everything that was in there. Also, If the world is in summer and is in public, please be courteous on where you go, you may cause a fire and ruin something very, very special.
  11. Maybe the ability to have helmets or whatnots under it? But the helmets have less durability and break more quickly?
  12. THANK YOUUUUUUUUUU Thank you very much