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  1. comical classic the gramophone is a tormenting song, you know how characters talk in sounds, well the gramophone is most likely a voice too.
  2. It is my public server, I really don't know what happened, it just started happening, even persisting after leaving people can join, though I cannot invite others though. I'm sorry I cant provide further detail, but I truly do not know what happened, in the video I showed all my settings maybe that has something to do with it? I don't know
  3. sooo I was playing yesterday and left the world for reasons and then I got back on it over some time (this is a public world) and the tab to invite was just gone frankly I don't know what happened maybe I messed with the settings? people can still join the world, but only through the server browser here's a video sorry I don't really know how to put it without link
  4. I have also had this happen to me, I sat in the wardrobe for a few moments and I picked a skin, walked out and I had the menu (wardrobe) music play, I left the game and joined back, it seemed to be a "random" thing because everytime I tried to repeat it, it would not play again
  5. (Probably already posted I just don't want to look for it) Did you know if you haunt a spider and kill it while its glowing its a guaranteed spier gland, like for your telltale heart for a friend who's dead!
  6. Man, it will never happen, but man it would be great, just imagine a beefy iron hulk with friends!
  7. once again putting down; please read the description of public worlds not just new players but everyone
  8. New players, or ANYONE, please PLEASE, look in the description of the world your joining They might have some rules like "Please don't go in so and so's chests without asking" "If I ask you to be a certain character please be" "I request you don't be (Insert character(s))" Nothing is more frustrating on when you put something in the description of your world, and then people disregard everything that was in there. Also, If the world is in summer and is in public, please be courteous on where you go, you may cause a fire and ruin something very, very special.
  9. HA, After the bug occurred I left my world to name it "We've made a grave mistake..." and the bug fixed itself right after I was bummed because the name didn't feel right anymore
  10. Whenever I pick a huge crop it will float in the air Whenever I am a charged WX-78 or on a beefalo and drop a statute huge plant ect. there is a small chance it will fall high through the air and stay stuck in the air, almost unable to be removed from the air at all
  11. Yes it was, thank you there is no more problems at the moment now
  12. Thank you, that problem screwed with me after I started moonstorm I thought they made it so it was constant full moon same when I killed the champion pure moon for like an hour