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dst update. do u think itll come today?

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Pretty sure it’s going to be released in May.. I’m just a little upset that for my birth month the only thing I have to look forward to is my least favorite type of content


Another boss fight.

I won’t get too salty though, cause some of the more recent skins have been aimed directly at me, like the gothic metal fences, Wormhole skins and moss covered walls.. ahhh I love those so much Klei!! :wilson_love:

Need Mor Skinz.

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I'm nowhere near the skill level in DST where I'll be able to get to the boss fight anytime soon, so the new boss fight, although I look forward to it when I eventually get to that point in like.... 2000 hours of DST gameplay from now.

BUT I'm personally most looking forward to seeing the update trailer/animation when the devs finally release it.

Update Beta spoiler:


I really hope and guess that the people accompanying Wilson this time (this IS an RoT update, right? I've noticed in the RoT trailers, Wilson tends to be accompanied by one or two other characters) will be Winona and WX-78, since those two are the ones that have ties to Wagstaff (well, WX's ties to Wagstaff is speculation but there's a plethora of evidence that supports such speculation), similar to Winona and Maxwell encountering Charlie in the Forgotten Knowledge trailer. I want to see their reactions.

I mean, we have some insight to what WX's reaction would be due to their other quotes (like their lunar siphonator quote where they say "don't ever trust him" or something along those lines, and one of their other quotes where they ask "What is he plotting"). However, with as much as I know/heard, it's a bit difficult for me to assess Winona's feelings upon meeting Wagstaff once again. I mean, her quote suggests incredulity, as expected. She only started working as an employee for him because she knew Wagstaff had something to do with what happened to Charlie. Was she ever skeptical of him or thought of him as a suspicious individual or did she admire Wagstaff and saw him as a good person in all of this? Then again, maybe before the whole moonstorm event takes place and such, Winona might see him as a good person after having learned that Charlie's disappearance was Maxwell's fault, and knowing that Charlie is now the one under Their influence and occupying the Nightmare Throne, maybe Winona dismisses Wagstaff as a fellow survivor and old acquaintance... but different? I dunno man.

Ok, I'm rambling now, haha. Just me throwing my thoughts out there.

Anyway, I know the devs put a lot of work into what they do, and I am super hyped for this next update and what new information and content it will bring! 

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50 minutes ago, fierysage1 said:

2000 hours of DST gameplay from now

ehhh thats a little overzealous im on my way of fighting celestial champion and i have like 140 hours. i use a secret strategy called running away and its worked up until now

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