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WTF is That again?

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WTF is That again? 1000 time i reinstall game and what, nothing error only 

 played yesterday and today it

tired already yes how much more?

there were no updates!

is everything "Klei" all right there?

no DLS, no vanilla does not turn on



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3 hours ago, jonius said:


Just calm down already. Yeah we get it, its annoying when you get a problem and have no solution. But thats no reason to scream and behave like a spoiled brat  You´re here to get help arent you? And there are people here willing to help you if they can. But if you keep behaving yourself like you´ve done so far, the nice folks here stop wanting to chat with you, and you gain nothing at all.

So once again. Do you have log files? No, not the error-display you´ve posted, but the actual files.

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I only hear crying... and see unnecessary big letters. First of all: Mods are community created, if you use mods, don't blame Klei. Second: This is Early Access, errors and bugs are to be expected. Third: If you are too stupid to get that, it's your problem!

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just mimimi
anyway, friend you are not the immortan joe to go out screaming
I understand you, I understand your frustration with the fact that your game is not working, I understand! but as friends have already responded to a problem solving it is necessary to follow the rules not only of treatment but the steps to be attended and have your problem solved among them:

On 1/26/2021 at 7:40 AM, RomainL said:


then, since you know the forum, look for similar problems for similar solutions, much better to report a problem where it is being addressed than to open a new search on:


On 1/26/2021 at 7:49 AM, gabberworld said:


third: there is a specific forum for that! how amazing isn't it? there you can report all your errors and bugs and look how cool! the adms investigate problems directly over there and still mark the problem as solved or not possible in your topic!

but ... you have to follow the previous 2 steps to be effective



ah, but there the forum is not specific to space out!
create the topic and list! mark with tags and it will be more related

fourth place:

On 1/26/2021 at 8:46 AM, MartinSerdar said:

Second: This is Early Access, errors and bugs are to be expected. Third: If you are too stupid to get that, it's your problem!

still having the caveat or not, if you are in public testing
that is ... it is even more expected that errors will occur and, guess what! that's what testers are for! solven problems with the community! and if you came across it unfortunately you put yourself on fire, you were warned xD

On 1/25/2021 at 12:55 PM, jonius said:

I have unsubscribed from all mods removed from favorites completely cleared the content and reinstalled again now it doesn't load 

and to finish ...
it has been said that mods have nothing to do with klei, but I have something more to add:
play in a save that you have used mods and then disable them and think that it will work as if it had never activated mods in save ... well ... that's not how it works ...

once you start saving with active mods it has mods even if you disable it! if you deactivate the mod it will stop working and be active, but that does not mean that what the mod has modified (that is, its code influences the game) ceases to exist, it may be that the code will remain inactive and this will cause conflict in the code Final

that is, if you start a game with mods, they are "marked"
if you really want to test whether it’s the mod or not that’s causing conflict the right way would be a new game with no mods

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2 hours ago, jonius said:

i fix it 

thanks :wilsontea: idiots :D

Usually i wouldn't have answered to such message that seems to reflect a poor level of maturity considering that all the peoople here wanted to help you with your problem. If you'd be used to the forum and know just a little its community, you'd be happy that some people such @SharraShimada or @Yunru are interested in your topic and wants to help you.

Instead of some consideration to the people on this forum who always try to help other with explanations of concept, builds and other tips, you lack of respect to them.

I am not very active on the forum but i enjoyed a lot its community and what all of them can offers.

To close that answer i would like to thanks all the members who contribute actively to many threads !

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