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  1. Hi, As I understand, Shove voles can only be contained by metal tiles. I have seen them burrow through mechanized airlocks. How can I grant duplicants access to a shove vole farm without them escaping?
  2. I have some mods subscribed before Go-Live. Since then the game tells me on startup that some mods require a restart. Restarting the game brings me to the same dialog. The dialog can be escaped from, so it's not a game-breaker, but its annoying. These are my active mod subs: Bigger Building Menu Geyser Calculated Average Output tooltip Bigger Camera Zoomout No 'Long Commutes' Show Industrial Machinery Tag
  3. I saved and reloaded the game. a rocket that was (and still is) in flight now has left their booster in the hangar. I know you have debug code on rockets in your codd, so enjoy this save Idyllic Fortress.sav
  4. Hi, I had seen that they changed the game behavior in building output temperatures, what are your current strategies to handle excess heat now?
  5. Liquid flow logic f̵l̵o̵w̵e̵d̵ flawed

    I have played on from there, but as I remember when investigating, the remaining water pressure there was around 1300-1400 kg/tile. Later I found another tile of water in the same lake where pressure rose to 40,000 kg per tile.
  6. It seems I am on the way to produce neutronium there, that polluted water there is already pretty dense. Idyllic Fortress.sav
  7. Solar panels are not cooled from gas below

    it might be a problem from the beginning but it still does feel more like a bug than a feature
  8. If you install Solar Panels as kind of a roof of a room with backwalls and air, the air below the solar panel does not react thermally with the solar panel - it does not cool down.
  9. The Glass Forge has a temperature of 44 Deg C, the surrounding Air has 42 deg C. but the dupe handling the forge got scalding wounds. This seems not right to me.
  10. Oil Refinery - dupe kicked away

    I made an embarassing bug video to demonstrate that. Also my current save game. load it, let it run, wait a few seconds until dupe tries to do his chores. Team 'Mine and Sweep'.sav This also happens in current preview build.
  11. A dupe that got sick with Slimelung and lies in the med bed has forgot how and when to eat or pee. This is further detrimental to his health.
  12. When I use the schedule planner, I cannot see what my dupes job is currently. In the past the hats were shown, that was at least a little helpful to put them into balanced teams.Now I would have to switch back and forth with the jobs view, that is not very comfortable. Also, there are dupe traits that make a dupe more effective in the 'morning' or the 'night' of a cycle, there is no way to identify such traits in the schedule screen.
  13. Ruins placements in world are buggy

    you know how tricky it is finding reported bugs?
  14. Ruins placements in world are buggy

    I thought so, I also thought it makes sense to point out it's still broken, also the seed might be good for them to debug it.
  15. Ruins are placed with not sufficient collision detection: