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  1. yeah, nah. Problem solved by reloading. Every time I saw it was when I planned multiple constructions on the same raw tile.
  2. Tiles that are pretty obviously reachable are stuck with the "unreachable dig" flag and are not completed.
  3. Map features are planted in illegal positions. I was able in an earlier map to dig into some of those edge features,but the volcanoes/geysers were missing.
  4. I have a bottle of Steam, that is now 36 degrees C cold. No sign of condensing.
  5. If the animation runs, and you have build a floor right above the oil well, that is the third row, the animation clips over that floor row.
  6. The Oil well reserves 4x2 tiles but the animation of the oil well takes 4x4 tiles. This should IMHO be the building height, too.
  7. I think that if other materials are dumped that way they form piles up to 25t, then there will be a new pile formed.
  8. I am using a conveyor chute to drop Lumber near the burners. Below the chute the Lumber piled up to 100t but then additional Lumber seems to be destroyed.
  9. I have some mods subscribed before Go-Live. Since then the game tells me on startup that some mods require a restart. Restarting the game brings me to the same dialog. The dialog can be escaped from, so it's not a game-breaker, but its annoying. These are my active mod subs: Bigger Building Menu Geyser Calculated Average Output tooltip Bigger Camera Zoomout No 'Long Commutes' Show Industrial Machinery Tag
  10. I saved and reloaded the game. a rocket that was (and still is) in flight now has left their booster in the hangar. I know you have debug code on rockets in your codd, so enjoy this save Idyllic Fortress.sav
  11. I have played on from there, but as I remember when investigating, the remaining water pressure there was around 1300-1400 kg/tile. Later I found another tile of water in the same lake where pressure rose to 40,000 kg per tile.
  12. It seems I am on the way to produce neutronium there, that polluted water there is already pretty dense. Idyllic Fortress.sav
  13. it might be a problem from the beginning but it still does feel more like a bug than a feature
  14. If you install Solar Panels as kind of a roof of a room with backwalls and air, the air below the solar panel does not react thermally with the solar panel - it does not cool down.
  15. The Glass Forge has a temperature of 44 Deg C, the surrounding Air has 42 deg C. but the dupe handling the forge got scalding wounds. This seems not right to me.