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  1. Job/Skills change opinion

    Okay, I found assigning hats now. Just what I select does not stick One of the dupes accepted the hat. the others not
  2. Job/Skills change opinion

    Renaming Dupes seems to be a workaround, not a feature to solve this issue. I have played only 10 cycles or so in the beta branch and haven't seen anyone wearing hats anymore.
  3. This is not going into the right direction. It was difficult to schedule my dupes by their job, now it got even worse. How can I get a skilled digger into each of my three scheduled shifts without switching back and forth between the schedule and the skills view, selecting a dupe at a time, having to remember what his priorities are and his skills. This is becoming annoying already with a small number of dupes.
  4. I haven't tried that, but my approach is to combine a metal volcano with a steam engine to cool the metals down to 230degrees, then have them moved by autosweeper. the remaining temperature can be cooled down in a water bath, the heated water usually gets disposed in oxydizers. Metals do not hold much heat, so the environment does not suffer much heating up.
  5. it might be a problem from the beginning but it still does feel more like a bug than a feature
  6. Hi, In my current game I started to use solar panels for power, and I have them protected by a layer of glass tiles, and above them I have (following suggestions from here) a series of Robo-Miners, Auto-Sweepers and Conveyor loaders to clear debris - and they overheat constantly. I have given them some backwall and try to cool them down with water I drip on the tiles when getting too hot, but that seems to be not ideal, what do you do to clear them?
  7. If you install Solar Panels as kind of a roof of a room with backwalls and air, the air below the solar panel does not react thermally with the solar panel - it does not cool down.
  8. Thanks. Since when does the Tepidizer have a maximum temperature of 85 deg C?
  9. Hi, At which amount of liquid does the peptisizer consider itself submerged? I had a setup working for my steam rocket, but this seems to fail since last release.
  10. Yes this was the issue. Thanks all!
  11. i am using the two-gas exploit too, but all of my turbines now show the underpressure warning and the blocked inputs warning.The only difference in to the picture above is that my layer of hydrogen is only one tile thick and only above the turbine, not within. And they were functional not long ago.
  12. Hi, My steam engines seem to no longer work. Did the mechanics change recently? Cheers, Kai
  13. The Glass Forge has a temperature of 44 Deg C, the surrounding Air has 42 deg C. but the dupe handling the forge got scalding wounds. This seems not right to me.
  14. reverse the drywall changes

    It is still not nice. the feature of backwall tiles under doors and other tiles allowed to change the floor plan later without having to lose pressure. Taking that feature away is sad.