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  1. I found some hidden infos in the rocket details dialog, which opened me that my rocket can only do 11 tiles. so no way to make it there. I would have to have a midway station and refuel
  2. okay, now i added another fuel module. the rocket has now 1800l petroleum on board, 890kg oxylite. The fuel warning is now silenced, but oxylite is still short. if it is 150kg petroleum per tile, a round trip 8 tiles away would require 2400kg petroleum, so that does not make sense, as the rocket reports now having enough fuel.
  3. you are kind of right, it also has a fuel warning. but still, the oxydizer warning should not be there
  4. Yes that was roughly what I expected. Now I have a rocket ready that has 900kg petroleum and 890kg oxylite on board (the dupes fail to fill it up completely) but the checklist says that there is not enough oxidizer on board to make it there and back (eight hexagons away - 16 round trip). if I need only half the oxylite to petroleum ratio, then shouldn't it rather complain about the petroleum being insufficient?
  5. Does this mean: i need half the oxylite amount for the petroleum amount? Or half of the Fertilizer amount? how much Fertilizer is then neccesary to relative to the petroleum? Or does it mean: Oxylite makes the rocket double as fast with fertilizer?
  6. Hi, with Spaced Out, what are the fuel ratios for petroleum and oxylite? I try to get a rocket about 8 hex away and back.
  7. Hi, The Problem is, I have constructed myself a rocket and then found that the engine is too weak to get to the destination. I try to replace the "Small Petroleum Engine" with the "Petroleum Engine", but the selection dialog shows "Space above rocket blocked" in friendly red letters. The space is of course not blocked above the rocket, at least nothing I can see. What could be the cause? okay, found. The ladders left and right of the engine were in the way. Well, "above" seems to have no meaning in space.
  8. I take a screenshot and see this dialog: I do not see a crash log next to the game binaries as suggested.
  9. always 70 or more, right. And I just wanted to confirm this is still the case.
  10. just my memory that Klei had changed heat dynamics, and some buildings output does no longer have fixed output temperatures (to do some gamey heat destruction). The wiki still says the heat output is always 75 degrees.
  11. Hi, is the information in still up to date?
  12. I just found the reason the rocket did not wanted to start was the pilot was no longer registered as the pilot. weird. Now I found another issue. the rocket started, refueled came back but the pilot does not leave the rocket, and the game says the capsule is not accessible. This is weird. The Pilot who now cannot exit was the one who built this and then entered the rocket. restarting the game fixed that
  13. Hi, The Launch Sequence is warning that my ship has not enough fuel to return, but it is not intended to return, it needs to fuel at the destination. How do I start the rocket anyway?