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  1. The tiles can be damaged and then they wont count anymore. They get a lighter shade of green when damaged.
  2. You may take a look at: From the description: -- where buildings are allowed to be build e.g. in the background, on the floor, anywhere Maybe you can set the wires to a level beyond, and they still work.
  3. Addition: Make sure, the mods have been made or updated after the last major patch for ONI. There are mods on Steam and on other sites, that outdated and may never work again.
  4. If you select a single element inside a category that contains only that element, it checks the category as whole. Its a known issue, and it happens also with sand/regolith a lot of times, because untik you discover regolith, sand is the only "filtration medium". Yes its annoying. But now you know about it, and you can check it wont happen again. This is present for years now, so dont keep your hopes up, this will be fixed.
  5. ?
  6. If i recall correct, there is a mod on STEAM, that allows to change such settings in bulk. Maybe you want to take a look.
  7. What i meant was, a CPU from 2006 (or prior) has lower performance per core compared to a CPU from today. So even if you dont use >2 cores, you will get a much better experience with a newer CPU
  8. Or you should consider updating your hardware to something past 2006? Yes, there are new laptops out there with dualcores inside, but they are not condisdered gaming rigs. Everything <Quadcore is considered outdated today for gaming.
  9. Or use an overflow system, that pumps excess gas out of the chamber somewhere.
  10. 2 rockets should be no problem. 3 rockets may, but then, consider a fourth one. If you have access to a planet with methan, coal or other fuels, and you can reach it with petroleum-engines, your problems are solved. You can support your third rockets needs with the stuff you bring back from space with the fourth one. Petroleum is not that power consuming to produce, neither is a steady amount of oxylite.
  11. Nope. A sink can only be used to wash hands. It does not produce bottles to transfer liquids by hand.
  12. Thats the wrong way i guess. If they make a big DLC, you may want to start from scratch got benefit from everything. It was never the best idea to adapt a bigger patch to an existing save.
  13. Yeah, the good old "is there space 2 tiles away, they can hop to, because the tile the dupe was standing on got dug?"-bug. Everytime a joy.
  14. You could also move your press to a colder biome. Its not needed to be near the oil. Thats what pipes are for.
  15. As i can see you have some space left on the middle right side. Why dont you place some space scanners for incoming rockets there?