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  1. I suggest KLEI gives us a proper airlock. 100% sealed but its dimensions are 10 wide 10 high, using 5000 kilowatts and takes 1 minute to pass.
  2. I would not updates (every) mod i would have made prior to finalizing the code for the DLC. Its just a lot of work to do so every time KLEI chances something. Yeah thats annyoing for the mod-user for sure. But the DLC is still in preview alpha early access.
  3. I guess Cairath will update it eventually, but i think he will wait until the code for the DLC is more or less final.
  4. You can delete it, and half a second later the game will hard crash.
  5. I have no real problem with rad-wheezys, but the actual radius is a bit too much. I do really like to cool some things with them, but with the big radiation radius its not really suitable right now. So i hope for a mod, that disables radiation wheezys or at least reduce the fallout range to 1 or 2 tiles.
  6. My Problem with the daily intake is, it consumes too much coal, and dupes wont need it all the time at all. If you feed them see-food, they wont need pills to conquer low radiation. But they will also consume the pills, without any additional effect, consuming coal in vast amounts. This results in micromanaging this, which will either result in radiated dupes, because one forgets to give them pills, or they will just chew them like gums for fun.
  7. Its called manual, because its not powered or automated. They never had automation ports. And why should they? It would be redundant with not powered mechanical airlock.
  8. Judging from the log, some tile(s) reached the hard limit and is cutting down the amount, destroying the rest. His happens, when liquid/gases are compressed. You may want to check if one (or more) tile(s) are above 1000kg of liquid, which would be the normal max amount for a free tile.
  9. Naaaa, how do i pretend to lead the gold market now?
  10. Nope, not every mod will make the game slower :P Some of them also improve performance, because they replace massive contraptions. I never played skylines, but i´ve seen videos, and judging from mods i´ve seen, yes they DO impact the performance. Because they add complexity and such on a really big scale.