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  1. Just to clarify... you say MAC operating system, but when opening the bug report you filled Linux...
  2. Oh another one. 1. dont put your savegame folder on a cloud storage. 2. make an exception for the games folders in your antivirus-suit.
  3. 1 tile can always only contain ONE sort of gas OR liquid. And to answer your question: 2 million kg/tile. This was set in a patch earlier this year.
  4. Wrong forum. You are in the Oxygen not Included Section. You may want to post this on the dont starve forum.
  5. They´ve seen it. They dont reply on every single bug post. Especially not if its a new issue, and they have no solution yet.
  6. Try disable your antivirus suit, or make an exception for the game.
  7. I´m pretty sure, the author itself wont get any updates.
  8. Or... you use offline, physical sticky notes? Just imagine a "notepad" without the need to even power up your computer. That would be awesome^^
  9. There is a mod out there, that does exactly what you want. So if you not one of those, who strictly dont use mods, grab it.
  10. If your receiving end draws more power (or equal to produced amount), there is just no power left, that could charge the batteries. Imagine the following setup: One coal generator (600W), and one battery on one side of a transformer. On the second side of the transformer, 2 batteries, and 500W consumers. They will consume 500W of the produced 600W directly. Then there is 100W left for storage. They will go only to the 2 batteries on the second side of the transformer, leaving the one battery beside the generator dry as a desert. Until the 2 batteries on the receiving side of the transformers are full, the battery by the generator will receive nothing.
  11. Its neither. The map is a sphere, (or a cylinder...). Thats why the normal map is limited by neutronium borders. In space there are no borders. So, they can dig stuff on the one "end" while standing on the other. There is no end. Imagine a flat map of the world, and imagine there would be an island , where the sphere is cut. You could pee at a tree on the right side of the map, while standing on the left end.
  12. From your log, i would suggest to disable any antivirus for testing. (they cause known problems) If this helps, check if you can make an exception for the folders used by the game (see below) If this wont help, uninstall and remove ALL files from Oxygen not Included. They are located in your Steam install folder, c:\user/appdata/local/klei and c:\user/appdata/locallow/klei. Then reinstall via steam.
  13. Jet suit and normal suits are 2 different items. You need the normal version for rockets.
  14. Whats displayed if you hover over the ressource in the list? Is there something like x of y? If so, your material is already reserverd for something you are building. For example, you draw a very long line of wire made of gold, and you run out of gold, the build job persits. Every gold you make is already dedicated to this job.