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  1. How it works, does not matter, as long as it works. And you can disable if for things you dont want.
  2. Game not going to main menu

    You see the playerprefs.yaml in your first bug-display? Delete it by hand. It wont get deleted when you un/reinstall. It happens the file gets corrupted, and then the game wont start. Dont be affraid, there´s only the settings stored. You can delete it, and when the game runs again, just change everything in the options menu (if you had changed anything that is)
  3. There´s a mod for this
  4. [Game Update] - 394616

    To understand this, you have to know, not all of the "video-work" is doen by the GPU. The GPU is nothing without the pre-calculations of the CPU. Low-Res-Textures result in lower CPU-Load, and therefore more availlable power for other tasks. Oni runs fine on nearly every GPU, even iGPUs from Intel (and they are not good by any standard)
  5. Conveyor rail not merging sources as expected

    Then you have found your solution. placing pipes (and conveyors are just pipes for solids...) through other ouputs always causes weird results.
  6. [Game Update] - 394616

    Wait, what? What the heck i am playing on my DOS 1.0?
  7. I was not asking you to do so ^^. I´m just curious if it would be possible.
  8. [Game Update] - 394616

    Sony, Samsung, LG: Watch everything in 8k! Our smartphones now can even record in 8k!!!! KLEI: Presenting: Low res textures for your enjoyment!
  9. Stupid question maybe, but would it be possible to ask KLEI for the map-generation-algorithm and pre-calculate the maps? Or vise versa, giving the stats you want, fill it into the form, and generate the perfect world for this.
  10. I want this as animated picture in good qualiy (HD) for download. KLEI please!!!
  11. Theres a ticket-machine somewhere around here... take a number. What? Its out? Wait... a here, we´ve reached the 10.000´s. Congratulations.
  12. Will not start since newest update

    They have upgraded the Unity-Engine which depends on .net-framework 4.x I dont know for sure, if .net is required to be installed to play the game, but i guess so. Have you tried to remove the game, and install fresh from Steam? Steam should run the .net installer before starting the game the first time. You can also download the installer from Microsoft. As i said, i´m not sure if this solves your problem, but its worth a shot.
  13. more than 30GB on ONI Appdata output_log.txt

    I may be wrong on this, but i never had a log file > serveral MB. And this in years. So i assume it will be deleted under normal circumstances.
  14. Coordinates Don't Work

    There is nothing that can be fixed. It has changed. Old seeds wont generate the same map as before.
  15. The icons are all red. There is no valid storage anywhere reachable. If there where storage, the icons would be white.