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  1. Checkpoints always facing outwards. So you place your oxygen mask checkpoint away from the oil biome entrace, and the exosuit checkpoint pointin towards the oil biome. Make sure, the number of dupes can access at the same time is lower or equal the possible suits/masks, or they may just enter, drop the mask, and then die there. And yes, idling between the two setups is a common thing. Make sure your docks are always supplied with oxygen and your dupes have something to do all the time. Even then you may get the "trapped" warning from time to time, because a dupe will hang his mask, the shift ends, but the mask is still loading oxygen and cant be used again yet.
  2. Some things can only be generated within the world-gen process, and cant be added/changed later. So, i guess, this is a thing forever.
  3. Not true. I had several savegames with the base game, where is had no compactor-door setups and just transported the regolith to my vole farm via conveyors. If one does it right from the start (or orders the dupes to collect the vast amounts of regolith after building the system) if wont overload anymore. The key to success is to build the bunker doors at the very top of the world, so regolith cant stack up 50 tiles or so, but only 2-3 tiles It will never again bother you with trillions of tons.
  4. Radbolt is only good for range, If you want height, its not your first choice.
  5. Hydrogen with 500°C output, vs NatGas with what? 70°C? (i would have to take a look at the specs). I wont call that fair
  6. So, do i get this right? Public test for the DLC will get the update today and will break mods? (for safety reasons i unsubbed to test versions), and DLC will get in inevitably at june 24th?
  7. i guess i have to get into active modding myself... because i fear, there will be many (for me) essential mods that will not be updated ever after this change.
  8. Yes fridges are practically useless unless you want them to get an automatoin signal for something. Other than that...
  9. Anti entropy thermo nullifier? Thermo regulator with hydrogen? If you dont like the buildings that are ingame, you either have to pass or take a look at mods.
  10. Never melted a platform at all in my entire (DLC) life... And never cooled it either...
  11. Nope. Some values are saved, some other revert to default every time. Food consumption is saved for example, state of sandbox mode or equipment duration ist always reverted.
  12. Give that man an award for the text. Na i dont mind what award, but give it to him. (if you are a woman, i apologize and please dont kill mehr for my mistake) As for the topic itself: PLEASE KLEI, add another option for food preservation in the game settings. Yeah your changes are legit, but its not the way so many people liked to use the system for years now.
  13. I would make one addition to it: If there is just one flatulent dupe, it will (not if but when) flood the storage with natgas eventually. So an exu-suit dock in front of it would prevent this. Or, as an alternative, a gas pump that removes everyhing >1g.