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  1. Not again... I give you the same answer, as to every other: NO
  2. something like that... over and over...
  3. Thank YOU! It bothered me forever i see trillions of calories, but not what is actually allowed to consume.
  4. What do you propose? If you give a computer the task to calculate the result of squareroot 18, it will calculate exactly this. It does not calculate to approximate squarerooot 18. Sure you can just display the first 2 digits and limit it to kilograms instead of grams. But it wont reduce the workload at all. The opposite is true if you start to round, because rounding is always a step above calculations.
  5. In theory you just could sync both computers mod folders via cloud?
  6. Nope it wont help. There is alreay a low res mode included, but it wont do much of an impact. ONI does not need a dedicated GPU at all. It can run just fine form an iGPU. Its always the main CPU that is the limiting factor.
  7. A human can still live in a -10°C enviroment als long as he has enough fat reserves and is moving his muscles to stay warm. In a 50°C+ enviroment he cant survive for long, because he cant radiate the excess heat form the body, and sweating is near to completely ineffective.
  8. So because you cant restrain yourself, all shall suffer and the feature shall be removed? Nope, dont concur. And btw. i never had ANY problem sustaining an active water cooler. I dont know whats your problem here. Yes you may want to purify the water for the cooler. So whats the problem at all?
  9. They used to produce heat way in the past. The problem ist, one cant cool them properly.
  10. If you use other mods too, your statement is true, but this mod may not the culprint too.
  11. Using 0.2.12 i have neither the problem with the research menu, nor duplicant buildings. Just saying.