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  1. First thing is to check if your drivers are up to date. Second close everything else running. This can happen, if something steals focus, while running in the background. Try even disabling your antivirus software for a test, but dont forget to turn it on again.
  2. Never. Its just not console-material at all.
  3. This was obviously a design choice by the devs, to prevent flooding the whole base, breaking tiles by overpreassure, and disabling machines.
  4. Noticed this one too after the last patch. Save/Reload fixes this though.
  5. Polymer Press wont turn on

    It obvious you did not noticed the near black CO²-output. Normaly the mod let the machines run, even if not output is connected. For example the coal generator works fine without pipes. But the press is designed to have an CO² output as a requirement. It wont release the gas into the enviroment direclty. So, not pipe, no work. Maybe the color is a bit too dark, and i´ve missed the ports myself several times, because of this. So, you are not stupid, and not blind ^^
  6. I want to make a list of know issues and bugs, to provide a) a help for players, and to avoid some of the multiple bug reports. Rules: Post an issue, explain it, if possible, and if there is one, give a solution or workaround. Please dont discuss problems here. If there is enough feedback here, i will edit this post and make some kind of sorting (gamebreaking/crash, cosmetic...) 1.Bug: Bunker doors wont stop meteoroids: Cause: The door is repaired, but not acknowleged as functional. Solution: Open and close the bunker doors when repaired. 2.Bug: Rocket parts are there, allthough the rocket is in space. Cause: The system renders parts not there (mainly on save load). Solution: Ignore it. Its just cosmetic.
  7. Would you please provide a list of your mods? Without its hard to guess.
  8. Vacuum also insulates 100% IRL. The only way to get rid of heat in a vacuum is infrared-radiation. A normal pipe has way to little surface to get rid of all the heat, so you need heatsinks to make the surface much bigger and therefore the amount of radiation. Just holding a hot thing into space wont cool it down in an reasonable amount of time.
  9. And what use would it have? You can already build just science or sightseeing-modules instead, and replace them when you want another one, without dismantling the whole rocket. They only cost 10kg of whatever fuel you use, and so would your barebone-module, because it would have mass.
  10. The power display itself is out of line, and sometimes its stuck at the default value. While annoying, the real ouput is the tinkered one.
  11. Deconstructing Looping Pipes Crashing Gaming

    1. the output log is not in the game folder but in your windows profile /appdata/locallow/klei 2. thats a known bug. As a workaround try to deconstruct other parts first (even if you dont want them to be gone) and then deconstruct the issue-parts. It nothing helps, activate sandbox mode, and delete the tiles.
  12. Polymer Press wont turn on

    Would you provide screenshots of the various overlays, or even better the save? Sometimes there are simple issues, preventing machines to work.
  13. [Game Update] - 371502

    What should your GPU do? The game does not need a heavy duty GPU at all. There is nothing to render. There are not complex 3D-elements with huge textures an light/shadow-systems in this game. ONI runs nearly equal on a RTX2080TI as on an Intel iGPU. As for the multicore-CPU support... not everything can be multithreaded. They alreday are working on some code optimizations, but this takes huge amounts of time. And the last beta branch showed, its not that simple, so they had to revoke some changes again.
  14. Electrician myself... Yes i see your "problem", but it does not bother me at all. Its a game mechanic. I just dont mind, the empty battery y is not charged by full battery X. Its just like a row of buckets, with a pipe overhead, and when the battery is full, it stops dripping. I´m fine with this, because it works.
  15. Batterys dont store AC nor DC, but chemical energy.