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  1. Yes you should. Solar energy is endless, and free. You want this. And there is nothing to do with the open space, besides rockets.
  2. Leaking by replacing is normal behavior.
  3. Graphics glitch after rocket launch

    Heretic! Thats the mighty space eel! Jokes aside, thats a kind of bug, we have since rocketry was invented. Somehow the engine wont like heavy multi-part moving objects it seems. Its just a display bug.
  4. CTRL + 1-9 Shift + 1-9 to jump to the saved location. And yes, found out that just 2 weeks ago myself, because someone postet it here. You´re welcome ^^
  5. priority always 5 (video included)

    So the priority preselection wont work on critter-wrangling. Does this happen to other tasks too?
  6. Long Commutes

    40% travel time is 40% wasted time. It would be nice to adjust it by ourself, thats right. But as of for now, its just implemented, and not adjusted. They will gather input on this topic, and make adjusments later.
  7. Pathfinding ERROR

    This is not new. Dupes always refuse to use doors, if they dont have a tile beneath.
  8. I would love to disable this warning on certain buildings. I KNOW there are no ressources sometimes. I dont care...
  9. Add a Water Faucet...

    It cant be suggestes often enough. We really need this. Its ridiculous for a society, able to make space worthy materials, but has to pump water like in the stone ages.
  10. Wolframite bunker door?

    The replacing may be the issue, if your mesh tiles were made of wolframite. It also just contents woflramite, not is made of. It still has 400kg of steel. What happens, when the dupe has finished building? Does ist drop the wolframite?
  11. Battery Energy storage 'cheat'

    I wont consider this a cheat. Take a rechargeable battery. It gets warm, if you charge, or discharge it. But it wont get warm, it its just lying on your desk. Same here. Its just charged, but it wont do anything. No work is done > no heat generated.
  12. There is only one solution for this. Pump the water out (maybe into a liquid reservoir), rebuild the room, pump it back (if you really need the water openly stored)
  13. It happens all the time, some dupe is using the toilet, and gets starving for a fraction of a second. The message comes up and disapperas immediately. This is not caused by long paths. The dupes can be already in front of the bathroom, and the fridge (full) is just 5 tiles away. Its not a gamebraking bug, but a very annoying one, because it gives out the very important warning sound every time.
  14. Without a trained scientist (learning++++) will be a trained cadet within 2-3 cycles with the certrifuge. Without, it takes wayyyy longer. (given, the cadet will use 100% of its worktime in the machine.)