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  1. There will be a problem with the original posted design in long termn. Because the pillars hosting the miners are made from metal, they can heat up. If everything is working as planed, thats no problem, because nothing should transfer heat. The problem begins, when the system glitches. Sometimes one row of bunker-tiles is not enough, and meteor-debris will crash through. And sometimes a meteor strikes next to it, causing excess material fill the gap between the roof and the pillar. I would make 2 little changes: make a double layered roof to prevent the one bug, and make the 2 tiles hosting the miner of insulated tiles, so they will not transfer heat.
  2. Pneumatic door

    You forgot to disable the global permissions on the top. This overwrites all custom settings for certain dupes. The system works as follows: Allow/deny all Dupe x < > Dupe y < > If the top is at allow all, all below is useless.
  3. What if you remove all of the food, ingredients, remains and so on prior to killing the mod? Maybe even the food producers (because they have the things in listing). And thats what i´m feared. A bad mod author could kill games of thousands of people, just by "updating" his mod, enforcing to update via steam workshop, and everyone who uses that mod would run into an unplayable savegame. This is a serious issue, which has to be adressed.
  4. Wireless Signals

    Just 2 Posts below... Why another one?
  5. Everything eatable is called gentic ooze. Even your dupes are made from it.
  6. You guys are amazing... Usually i have a heat problem, then i throw in some cooling, if it fits, okay. If not, i throw in more.
  7. Lags 'n crashes on an advance party

    You cant. The GPU is more or less useless. Oni can run fine on an intel iGPU. RAM is used as much as needed. It would no good to allocate more RAM. But theres always the CPU. The main problem here is, ONI still uses only one core for most of the things. We´ve got some multihreaded tasks, like pipe-network or pathfinding, which was a huge benefit. But everything else runs still on one core. Therefore your CPU wont run at peak performance, because the game does not support this yet. But there are a few things you can do ingame. Limit pathing. Dont allow dupes to choose from dozens of possible ways to reach a target. Because everytime a dupe wants to move from a to b, the game calculates every possibility, and chooses one from them. The fewer possible, the lesser performance impact Use dedicated storage. Mixed compactors are know as hell of a performance problem. Compactor dirt, compactor iron = good. Compactor iron & dirt = bad. Limit Critters. Critter movement is nearly as heavy as dupe movement, but if you got hundrets of critters and 20 dupes... you get the numbers. Keep piping (gas, liquid) simple. Every branch costs performance. This wont take much in early bases, but if the network reaches thousands of tiles it sums up pretty quickly.
  8. I dont know if i undertand you right, but if so, its easy. For example gold: The building itself has a comfort zone up to 100°C. Gold adds 50° to it. So the building will withstand 150°C, and will suffer damage at 150.1°C, and will eventually break. Its always the temperature of the item itself. If you mange to keep the building itself in the comfort zone, it can sit in a much hotter environment.
  9. The turbine removes the heat from the steam, resultin in ~95°C Water and...... heat. You need something to get rid of the heat If you enclose the turbine, the heat has nowhere to go. Either open the room up, or put some worts in it and flood it with a good gas (hydrogen works best). 4 Worts can get rid of an average turbine. If you use it to cool wast amounts of heat, 6 to 8 worts are usable.
  10. I´ve seen games, you can do that. And everytime there is at least one user in the forums, complaining, he hit "delete all", hit "yes", then hit "yes i know they are all gone if i hit yes again", and all his saves are gone....
  11. Why do you let them eat at all, if you dont like it that much? In the new game settings, you can set them to not need to eat, and move on.
  12. I dont see the benefit fro a geyser sensor. For volcanos just use a temperature sensor. And you can always prioritize one power-generator over another. Just build a pipe-element sensor, and if the selected element is present, the NG-Generator is able to work, so the coal generator (for example) can shut down.
  13. suggestions vaccum

    Nope gas cant be heavier than nothing. Vacuum is, per definition, nothing at all. And nothing has neither mass nor weight. Gas on the other hand has pressure. Pressure tends to expand. So, vacuum cant exist when a gas is present.
  14. Sure, if you run a mod that extends the sweeper range, it just reverts back to normal, and everyhings fine. (besides the work you have to do, to get your system up and running again...) But i have a mod, that adds some items to wear, and so it affects dupes, stats, and so on. This could have a serious impact on removal. And because of the forced update via steam, a mod author could do so much harm.
  15. In general, if you run out of water fast, make a research run for the algae destiller. This provides you with a decent amount of polluted water, as long as you can find slime. This gives you the chance to discover water sources on the map. And when you low on water, delay unnecessary research, because thats a really big water sinkhole.