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  1. Hi there, maybe it won't help much with the problem but if you use mods, I still have the tip to disable them step by step and find the culprit causing this as I had this error before, too. But in general: It doesn't matter on which drive you install ONI itself, the game profile will be saved under your Windows user profile directories anyway. It's obvious you have enough space on C:, maybe you modified Windows to save the profiles on another drive? Though this would have made no sense for a normal usage. So, I stick to my suggestion: It's a faulty mod. Try disabling them. If that didn't help, try deleting the game profile directory and if that doesn't help it either, let me and the devs know here. I really suspect some incompatible mod...
  2. The title of the game is leaned towards a physics/chemistry-related theme and deals with these issues which are plenty enough to kill you. Maybe you want to go and play Rimworld? I like it that nothing but myself creates my doomsday in this game. This world has enough people who see each other as enemies, It's actually quite an achievement to create a game without the obligatory aspects of violence that many mediocre games feed on to satisfy the kind of low quality emotions that many people have in this dull-making times of sensational consumerism... Just my 2 cents..
  3. I was wondering as well about the testing branch. But then I compared the build version numbers and they match, so it looks like we were getting the current update with minor patches on the way to today's release. Actually that's how it worked in the past, too, except that the testing branch was deactivated in the moment of official patch release. Guess that will happen within the next few hours, too.
  4. I only hear crying... and see unnecessary big letters. First of all: Mods are community created, if you use mods, don't blame Klei. Second: This is Early Access, errors and bugs are to be expected. Third: If you are too stupid to get that, it's your problem!
  5. It's 7 am in Canada :/ I expect this release to take at least another 6 hours... Intentionally updated my removed DLC version and checked the base game after a week of DLC Alpha. I'm already looking forward to the release, after having had all the nice new UI improvements apart from the neat game play style change the base game feels not messy enough.
  6. Yeah, I had several of these combinations too. Guess it's more a test of intelligence and choice than a bug...