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  1. because you put the not gate wrong. it converts the red signal from above to the line below. Switch the not-gate.
  2. Liquids have to be removed from sweepy-dock manualy. Autosweepers cant drop bottled liquids onto a bottle emptier.
  3. I can confirm the issue. A gas/liguid bridge is there, and cant be selected in the pipe overlay. Everytime i only get the underlaying pipe, but never the bridge. I can only select the bridge, if i exit all overlays, and click my way through the whole bunch of overlapping buildngs until i reach the bridge itself. In gas or liquid overlay the bridge is just noch there to select.
  4. In the mod section and in bug reports are some issues listed with modded ONI on linux. I´m sure you find what you´re looking for.
  5. Another possibility: Your hardware is fine, and its just a thing of "Hey i´m using a Mac, throw all weird bugs on me" The game was designed for Windows, and then ported to Mac and Linux. Linux version has all kinds of issues with mods. Mac had/has? issues with restriction policies from Apple and graphics bugs. Due the much smaller Mac-user base for games, its always hard to track such problems.
  6. I´m not that into Mac myself, so i have to ask. Can you monitor the temperatures of the Macbook components? CPU, RAM... Macbooks are known to have not the best possible cooling. And ONI does really stress the CPU. In general this should just result in throttling the CPU, and the game just runs worse. But if the whole system overheats, whats likley on a laptop, other components may shut down due to heat. And then > freeze.
  7. If you want a real challenge, code a pathfinding routine. If you manage to get a real complex one with thousands of possibilities without any error whatsoever, you got a high paid job in the IT-industry. Its one of the hardest tasks you may find. Especially when there is a dynamically changing set of possible paths.
  8. The telescopes mechanic is pneumatic. It needs the oxygen to move.
  9. This guy seems to be somewhat not right in his head. I dont know if he´s just a dumb person, or has a disability. But his comments let me thing of the latter. He seems to dont even know what he´s doing at all.
  10. Late game my base is 100% powered by a few steam turbines and a lot of solar panels. Coal and NatGas is just there for emergency backup.
  11. Radium is there since forever, and they never used it in any way. Like many other materials present but not activated. Dont hold your breath on it.
  12. Based on the raw data comparing 9900k and 3950x they are just a few % apart from each others in benchmarks. I dont think the difference in ONI would be even noticable. In terms of price, the 9900k would be better choice. Its now cheaper, but it only comes with 8 cores. When it comes to ONI thats enough, and the 16 cores of the AMD CPU would not make an impact on the game. ONI does not scale that well over many cores. The only way, the 3950X would be superior is in a scenario, one would deactivate 8 of the 16 cores, so the remaining cores can run with a higher clock speed. If you crank this cPU up to 5GHz on 8 cores (proper cooling given) it may give a slightly better performance compared to the Intel CPU.
  13. It is faster to save > quit > start load than load a game from another running game. So there is no benefit of loading a game while the game is already running another one.
  14. Sweet little thing. Now i have to scale it up for 24-30 dupes...
  15. Only the transmitting to steam is disabled. Ingame they still work.
  16. And by this, you would introduce the next big lag feature, because all the chunks have to be calculated in terms of gas/liquid movement and heat transfer. You dont solve the problem with this, you make it worse.
  17. It would be nice if KLEI would give us an option zo just disable the whole achievement stuff. I for example dont care the least about them, and i´m really annoyed everytime the message pops up, and i miss to hit the x exactly. I do really would love to get just rid of it completly.
  18. Thats a major error in your judgement. ONI likes RAM. Normal gameplay can require up to 12GB, extensive gameplay even way more. Below 16GB its not even a good idea to start playing. And it uses heavy CPU-Ressources. There are players on this forum, with an i9 and they beat this CPU to the wall with ONI.
  19. Ha! thas an easy one. Dont use too long seed ^^
  20. Dont you worry. We both are very firm when it comes to tech stuff. We are both grown up with that stuff when it was new and crude back in the days. We dont just use it, we understand the tech.
  21. The problem is, that those values are not properly transmitted all the time. We got 2 sets of identical hardware (board, CPU, RAM). On mine the system booted up. detected everything fine, activating the RAM at its peak stats, and everything was fine. On my friends one, the system booted with lower values, first refusing to run the memory with its higher values. They had to be set by hand, and then it was fine. You just cant rely on the system detecting everything right.
  22. If you subscribed to the mods via steam, deleting the folder wont do any good. The mods library will just re-download them, and there you go again. Ubsubscribe from the mods, check if the folders are gone, delete the mods.json in your documents/Klei/ONI/mods folder. If this wont help, reinstall the game and try again.