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  1. Since the last update allowing heavy watt wire to go through solar panels, they are not blocking path of creatures. As you can see on the screen, shine bug can go through and lamp are not on a tile.
  2. Can we have an automation output to all the radbolt consumer? Green when they require rad and red when they're full. With a system similar to the smart battery.
  3. It seems that you need to provide it foods. At some point (~50 kg of resin), the tree will let it out and you will be able to mop/pump it.
  4. The sap tree remind me of the tantacles in the marsh biome in don't starve. I used to give them pigs for their skin
  5. Hello, In the preview branch, when you are building a nosecone on the platform, the visual of the nosecone is the one of the built nosecone. Edit : Seems to be a similar problem as
  6. I think it is totally new... It may be useful to control the nuclear reaction in the reactor to avoid any badaboom ( @babba )
  7. It seems that someone want to reproduce Tchernobyl on its base... 
  8. Is it mandatory to disable every mods to play the current version of the game ? Do we need to wait for an update in order to use them ?
  9. Hello the team, Since yesterday afternoon, the game just keep on crashing randomly when autosaving. At first i thought it was because of the mods installed so i removed everything without any change. After two or three autosave, the game crash. I join you the log file and the save and hope that you'll find the problem. By the way, i want you to say how amazed by all the work you put on this game and to thank you for all the hours i spent on it and the others that are yet to come Vulcania.sav