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  1. Is it mandatory to disable every mods to play the current version of the game ? Do we need to wait for an update in order to use them ?
  2. In addition to the lockdown in France, i've just finished to write my thesis . So please Klei, give me something to continue being busy all day ! My credit card is allways in my hand waiting for the DLC !
  3. Hello the team, Since yesterday afternoon, the game just keep on crashing randomly when autosaving. At first i thought it was because of the mods installed so i removed everything without any change. After two or three autosave, the game crash. I join you the log file and the save and hope that you'll find the problem. By the way, i want you to say how amazed by all the work you put on this game and to thank you for all the hours i spent on it and the others that are yet to come Vulcania.sav