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  1. you say it heats up without external causes? Fascinating... There is no use for it, although I hope they will come up with a Gulp Fish or Hatch mutation or similar that consumes it.
  2. Crash occurs. This is not caused by player interaction. I have reloaded and saved this until the crash happens very shortly after loading and unpausing. Insiders Joke.sav
  3. Hi, In this thread I would like to collect useful information of the current state on ONISO rocket science. If you can answer these questions, please reply: - how tall can the tallest rocket become in this configuration? If I want to set up a rocket silo for the tallest possible combination from bunker doors to rocket base, how much space needs to be reserved? My calculation for the largest rocket is: With maximum 7 modules for petroleum and hydrogen engine your rocket can be 2+6x5 = 32 tiles tall. Correct? - Do rockets still have a 3x9 cone of heat that needs to be handled, and if so, does the radbolt engine produce heat and//or radiation in its cone? - Do you have a solution for overheating cockpits? - do you have good layouts for life support systems on a cockpit?
  4. Hi, I am observing dupes opening a door but then do not step though but freeze. This fixes itself after a while, but it is irritating. I have seen this most often when two dupes want to pass through a door at the same time, the second dupe then has the problem. It also happens when the activity the dupe wants to do is very close to the other side of the door. In such a case I see them do their task while frozen. Insiders Joke Cycle 486.sav
  5. we also need some way to store and release them controlled. I found that the radbolt collector does store more than fifty radbolts when disabled by automation. but I think it releases all of them at once wen enabled.
  6. Hi, at the moment radbolts are best used for space related buildings, but the radbolt generation is mostly not happening out there. I would like to have some block type that a radbolt can pentrate
  7. Hi, I think that the rocket platforms should provide access facilities to climb in and or to insert stuff into the rocket. at the moment I have to place ladder tiles which do not match depending on rocket size and have to be redone manually. When my science has reached rocket science levels I expect a more elegant solutions than granite rock ladders.
  8. Hi, I would like to see an option to maintain spacefarer modules when landed to remove accumulated CO2 and excess heat that rises to dangerous levels after a few cycles.
  9. Screenshot no longer possible - what I was seeing was a back map with some of the red and white symbols for some jobs not possible here and there Reloading did not fix it - but I found a workaound, by selecting the pilot from the dupe list and then used "Move To" to focus on him. If it happens again I add the next savegame and screenshot.
  10. Not a bug but a feature request. When a spacefarer module is used over a number of cycles, it tends to heat up and fills with carbon dioxide. It seems as a requirement to me that it needs some means to restore its livable state without having to gut it.
  11. I cannot switch to the rocket internal view any more. The game instead switches to a masked map of another asteroid or so. Savegame attached. Insiders Joke.sav
  12. alright then. I did a complete system restart, then the game behaved. Probably nothing then.
  13. is it just me or did the game become seriously sluggish with this update? Both general startup as well as game framerate is impacted beyond acceptable.
  14. здесь помогает говорить по-английски
  15. I am very optimistic that a hotfix will be placed in the next 24h. We have to play something else in the meantime.
  16. I found some hidden infos in the rocket details dialog, which opened me that my rocket can only do 11 tiles. so no way to make it there. I would have to have a midway station and refuel
  17. okay, now i added another fuel module. the rocket has now 1800l petroleum on board, 890kg oxylite. The fuel warning is now silenced, but oxylite is still short. if it is 150kg petroleum per tile, a round trip 8 tiles away would require 2400kg petroleum, so that does not make sense, as the rocket reports now having enough fuel.
  18. you are kind of right, it also has a fuel warning. but still, the oxydizer warning should not be there
  19. Yes that was roughly what I expected. Now I have a rocket ready that has 900kg petroleum and 890kg oxylite on board (the dupes fail to fill it up completely) but the checklist says that there is not enough oxidizer on board to make it there and back (eight hexagons away - 16 round trip). if I need only half the oxylite to petroleum ratio, then shouldn't it rather complain about the petroleum being insufficient?