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This is what i learned from the new update

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I found a functional crop set! (for Autumn) I also have a small guide on how this works

First you will need to create 4 cultivation plots where there will have to be 9 holes in each one (Zooming the camera helps a lot!)


Then you will need the following crops: potato, eggplant, pumpkin, garlic and tomato respectively


Plant 8 potatoes, eggplant, pumpkins and tomatoes, for garlic only 4. Plant them following the pattern shown in the image (Note that you can modify the position of the plants but there must always be 2/2/2/1 in a grid)


Now you have to water the plot 4 times (Tip: spamming right click does it in about 3 seconds)


You can use the one-man band to make all plants happy in no time


If, when analyzing the plant, your character says one of the following phrases, you are fine for this day:



Wilson: "What a happy plant!"

Willow: "It looks... fine?"

Wolfgang: "Is happy, yes?"

Wendy: "The plant, at least, seems to be doing well"


Wickerbottom: "This crop appears to be in good health"

Woodie: "Looks right as rain!"

Wes: "..."

Maxwell: "It seems reasonably healthy"

Wigfrid: "The foul plant thrives"

Webber: "A happy plant"

Winona: "Healthy as a horse!"

Warly: "The picture of health"

Wortox: "Well well, this plant looks swell!"

Wormwood: "Happy"

Wurt: "Seems fine"

Walter: "I think i'm doing a good job!"


In the next few days you just have to make sure to water and play music for the plants


Make sure that all the plants have heard music before it is tomorrow, they will only need happiness when they have moved to the next stage of growth, so you will probably have to spend some time playing music (In the image you can see that not all plants are affected because they have not yet grown)


A few days later and you will have many large crops. The 4 plants in the corners will not become giant crops for not being able to have the bonus of nearby plants, you can plant the seeds that interest you least in those places if you do not mind receiving a smaller amount of products



How does this work?

All the plants that were chosen in this crop plot share the necessary nutrients with each other:

Products and consumptions of plants



Consume: Manure 2
Produces: Growth formula 1 - Compost 1

Consume: Compost 4
Produces: Growth Formula 2 - Manure 2

Consume: Manure 2
Produces: Growth formula 1 - Compost 1

Consume: Growth formula 2
Produces: Compost 1 - Manure 1

Toma root:
Consume: Growth formula 1 - Compost 1
Produces: Manure 2



Simple formula

When adding all the nutrients, if the result between what is consumed and what is produced is 0 or more, it means that the farm does not need to be fertilized periodically.

If it is a negative number it means that the farm is not productive and will have to be fertilized often.

In this case

M = Manure - C = Compost - G = Growth Formula



We can reduce the 8 (potatoes, eggplant, pumpinks, tomatoes) and the 4 garlic to 2 (potatoes, eggplant, pumpinks, tomatoes) and 1 garlic, so the values of the plants that are 2 are doubled, Example:

(1) Eggplant
Consume: Manure 2
Produces: Growth formula 1 - Compost 1

(2) Eggplant
Consume: Manure 4
Produces: Growth formula 2 - Compost 2


Consumed: (-7M -6C -6G)
Produced: (7M +6C +6G)

(-7M -6C -6G) + (7M +6C +6G) = 0

The farm is productive


Yes, but why do I want these plants?

I was thinking of a farm that could cater to the basic needs, especially of new players:
Pumpkins for food (+37.5)
Eggplant and toma roots for health (+20)
Potatoes and garlic for sanity (Creamy potato purée +33)


it's a good recipe, especially for when I'm not in the mood to fight shadows as webber


Production and costs

Time to talk about those weird things called numbers, this is the farm production previously seen:


It seems little, but keep in mind that the materials that were used for the construction and the process of this farm are only (3 boards, 2 ropes, 2 flints) and (2 gold, 4 nightmare fuel, 2 pigskin) instead of the expensive (10 grass, 6 manure, 4 rocks) that were needed to build a farm that produced only 1 fruit.


Farm types

This farm prototype can be customized depending on your survival needs.

Sanity-hunger farm



The easy availability of cream potato puree and pumpkins make this farm a good source for these statistics.





Sanity-health farm



In case you can produce a good amount of food in other ways, it is probably the one I use the most when playing Webber



Health farm



You have toma roots and eggplant, cooked they are good for your health






Good if you have problems with... everything




The new farms are pretty cool, fun and interesting to use, they seem boring and tedious, but they really are not, it is not such a complicated system, possibly the most difficult thing is to get a combination of crops that fits the play style of each player, is a great improvement to what they were.

Be sure to check out these great guides!



Thanks to QuartzBeam, Zeklo and ArubaroBeefalo for clarifying many concepts that I had confused!

(Also forget everything I said in my previous post)

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3 minutes ago, stranger again said:

Entonces, ¿cómo calificaría las granjas entre diez? 

They're so much better than they used to be, and it seems like a good pastime to unwind from how stressful Don't Starve can be in certain situations.
As production and utility I would say that a 7/10
As a fun hobby and a nice place 9/10

4 minutes ago, stranger again said:

¿Debería probar la nueva agricultura? (cuando salga para consola)

Surely yes! but keep in mind that it can be annoying if you don't know how farms work

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Wasn't sure if I was mathing wrong, but I definitely can't replicate in-game.
Top-right & bottom-left consume way too much manure and top-left & bottom-right consume too much growth formula.

Example: Top-right/bottom-left is: 4 Potato, 2 Eggplant, 2 Pumpkin, 1 Garlic

Potato is: (G+2 C+2 M-4) * 4 = G+8 C+8 M-16
Eggplant is: (G+2 C+2 M-4) *2 = G+4 C+4 M-8
Pumpkin is: (G-4 C+2 M+2) * 2 = G-8 C+4 M+4
Garlic is: (G+4 C-8 M+4)

Total: G+8 C+8 M-16

That's a huge loss of manure.
I'm guessing you did the math in relation to all four plots, but nutrient changes only occur in each individual grid.

I'm finally starting to understand the place of fertilizer though. Depending on the loss you can manage to get away with certain combos so long as you fertilize it before planting new crops. In this case, I still wound up with a couple giant crops, but the soil got completely annihilated.

 I just need to find out the max amount of nutrients a tile can store...

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7 hours ago, Zeklo said:

I'm guessing you did the math in relation to all four plots, but nutrient changes only occur in each individual grid.

I tried it both ways and it seems that the nutrients are shared between all the grids. Then I simply ordered them so that they would have happiness bonuses from being together. The reason is 2/2/2/1 in a single grid but when put together it seems to be 4/2/2/1

I could do an experiment where 2 plants that complement each other in nutrients are widely separated by grids to see if it is true that many grids together count as one


I tried it and if it seems that the nutrients are shared individually, I used 4 farm forms and the only one that gave the best results was the one that had all the plants in the same grid



I don't think that it is totally necessary to get giant crops, so this farm prototype could be adjusted to the needs (it needs changes regarding the distribution of nutrients) so I am going to give some examples that solve specific problems, such as sanity, health or hunger.

Thanks for clarifying this issue!

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I'll add what I learned about the Fruit Flies so far: 

Fruit Flies will occasionally spawn if you have (not rotten) plants. They will ruin the mood of your plants and also fill any unoccupied tilled soil with weeds. every 20 days, like a boss, the Lord of the Fruit Fly can also spawn under similar conditions. This one will also plant weeds, and he can also spawn other fruit flies, although I'm not certain of the conditions. If you kill it, he only drops leafy meat, but will most likely drop the Friendly Fruit Fly Fruit which act as the eyebone of the Friendly Fruit Fly, who tends to plants. She doesn't respawn currently, however

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32 minutes ago, ryvrdrgn14 said:

Can you start these farms in the caves and do they still need Flingos during summer?

I still haven't tried planting in the caves. Assuming how the flingomatic ignores the plants, I think it is only necessary to prevent them from catching fire.

32 minutes ago, ryvrdrgn14 said:

Also don't crops need to be in season? I know some crops can grow in multiple seasons as well. An efficiency guide for combinations per season would be great.

They can grow in any season, although as some grow faster than others (being out of season) it would create an imbalance between nutrients when harvesting.

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2 minutes ago, 0rutyna0 said:

I am not talking about that. The holes are dug evenly and tightly to each other. It is difficult to achieve this manually.

just patience xD

1 hour ago, ryvrdrgn14 said:

Can you start these farms in the caves and do they still need Flingos during summer?

Also don't crops need to be in season? I know some crops can grow in multiple seasons as well. An efficiency guide for combinations per season would be great.

plants doesnt dry anymore, at most i guess you will need to give them more water so you dont need ice flingomatic to make them produce

as i tried, you can plant out of season but it will be a bad harvest (in some crops that i didnt take care i only receibe 1 fruit with no seeds) 

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41 minutes ago, Spearowgilly said:

What about the peppers, what's the optimal layout for them?

The first layout that came to mind is tomatoes and peppers

Explanation and process



Consume: Manure 4
Produces: Growth formula 2 - Compost 2

Consume: Growth formula 1 - Compost 1
Produces: Manure 2

Consume: Growth formula 2 - Compost 2
Produces: Manure 4

As you can see, 2 tomatoes supplement the expenses of 1 pepper and vice versa.


Usually a grid has the capacity of up to 9 plants, so we can increase that amount to 6 tomatoes, 3 peppers.


But this is not the most efficient way of production because the peppers will not have bonuses from nearby crops as they are only 3. They will only grow to normal crops


But we can fix this by expanding the grid. Please note that the peppers must be together.
After ~5 days, you will have only giant crops:



This farm produces:
x33 Peppers 
x65 Toma Root 
Toma Root.png

Although there are more tomatoes than peppers, it is a sustainable way to plant them.
Take care!

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1 hour ago, Sapientis said:
On 11/28/2020 at 2:30 PM, Adam_Webster said:

I'll add the rest shortly! I also don't have the characters Wurt and wormwood, so if someone could contribute some of their phrases it would be great

Wurt: Seems fine

Wormwood: Happy

Thank you! I will add them immediately

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