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  1. It's that time of year again... what does that mean? I will surely have to resume independent studies so my time in the forums will be considerably reduced, it was fun the month I was here but I guess I have to go for a few weeks, months, or even forever... who knows, but maybe in that time have a little more mastered English!

    Take care, and never stop dreaming!

  2. Ban ZeeDragon because I don't understand what that means
  3. I don't think what I heard can be considered music but... I also like this ones, but not as much as the others
  4. I haven't been playing much lately, but I'm waiting for more Subnautica Below Zero updates, I'm fascinated by sea creatures even though they scare me, it's like, an astronomer looking at the stars, but in this case it's a teenager who will surely drown in the ocean. I would also like to have a yoyo, I think they are very cool!
  5. Me and sara fooling around, the timing for the emote /pose was amazing cacti is epik
  6. What a messy comment from me, sorry! xD It is a pet like chester or glommer, I think I would have said a better companion
  7. I did not know about that, I think I confused them when I was planting all the seeds in the same plot without watering them or playing music, I'll fix it!
  8. When you sow a normal seed, a random plant will grow, regardless of its season, to get the specific seeds you just have to feed a bird with the fruit. In other words, it is not necessary to start planting, but if you want to have a farm with specific products it is Plants that are abandoned will attack you with vines when you try to harvest them, farms are not essential, so if you cannot take care of them you always have the option of not building them. My mistake, they only grow slower and will produce the least amount of products. I think the best option is to always stick with a planting system that suits you the most depending on your situation, on average you should use a total of 2 ~ 5 types of seeds per season, so you will need some ice boxes. It's not as hard as it looks! Plus, you'll always have the field research hat that gives you information about the plants. Also, the most time consuming part of the farms is their construction, once you have the holes to plant, before heading out to explore it should only take half a minute to water and play music with a one man band. If you take trips that last many days, I think the new pet (that fruit fly) helps to take care of the off-screen crops
  9. Spider nests that are placed in boats will never grow, not even when directly upgraded by webber Webber cannot continue to improve the nest after giving him 10 silk, there are no changes in the level Comparison of the growth of the nests in boats and land (Day 1) Comparison of the growth of the nests in boats and land (Day 11) The nest on land is level 2, in the boat there are no changes Comparison of the growth of the nests in boats and land (Day 21) The nest on land is level 3, in the boat there are no changes Webber can improve the nest, which means that it is not a visual bug, but that the nest is not upgrading Spider boat seems to be a good strategy to keep the spiders at bay!
  10. Estoy bastante seguro de que no es así como debería funcionar
  11. When Do not Starve Together was updated to the Hallowed nights update, I started to see an error that read: "Unable to write to config directory. Please make sure you have permissions for your Klei save folder." Fix it by creating a new directory to save, but now, try to make a dedicated server with the method of this video: I again had the problem of: "Unable to write to config directory. Please make sure you have permissions for your Klei save folder." I dont know what i can do.