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  1. It's that time of year again... what does that mean? I will surely have to resume independent studies so my time in the forums will be considerably reduced, it was fun the month I was here but I guess I have to go for a few weeks, months, or even forever... who knows, but maybe in that time have a little more mastered English!

    Take care, and never stop dreaming!

  2. Wormwood when being implemented to DST received an "update" that simply adjusted most of his passive abilities, I see why many people would like him to receive a character update but as the development of the update "Reap what you sow" progresses they are being presented many changes to agriculture, which is the central theme of the character. I'm sure there will be many changes to make Wormwood fit the new system that could be considered as a rework
  3. I renamed some questions to avoid confusion (the post name is still wrong but shh... no one will notice) Thanks for the clarification! . (ok maybe i should change it)
  4. It wasn't, but with the nerf it directly affected those looking to build Megabases, that's why klei introduced "Applied silviculture" so that it would be different from "Horticulture, Abridged" and that way it would not affect Megabasers Warly and Wormwood were already characters, they received updates when they were implemented in DST, the others are still character updates :p
  5. Hi! I return with another series of questions to see how happy the community is with what klei has been doing lately, I hope you have fun answering them and that you can share your ideas Take care!
  6. I think it's the closest DST food I've been able to eat in real life, I like to call them "brochetas"
  7. WEBBA! I mean, Webber, because I think we have a pretty similar personality, besides that I feel identified with him in most situations. I like all colors (except brown, brown sucks)