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  1. I think this guy is somehow a dev account that posts in every thread in the forums, saying everything is good the way it is atm, so they don't need to do anything... XD Why only add items, when u can do cool things related to beefalos.
  2. I mean, for the wickerbottom book nerf on food related plants and things, would be understandable, but grass, twigs, reeds and trees are not food. For those who likes to do mega-bases and go for hundreds and hundreds of hours in the same world, farming basic resources with the book is the way you save time doing repetitive tasks over and over again. The survivability aspect of the game don't get affect by how much of basic resources you have. And lets be honest, for you get to that point you already mastered the game, you're are just saving your time of basic tasks. Just stay the same it was before, but nerf how berries, crops and food plants are affected, you don't need to over complicate it, her book already have its downsides, you still have do deal with a lots of nightmare creatures if you dont have the bone helm. Just nerf the food and that's it. And if klei doesn't want her to mass produce food, they forgot that she has the sleepytimes stories and birds of the world. And BTW mass food production in DST will never be a problem, ppl will always find the easist solution to time-killer tasks.
  3. While warly have his own repices, wormwood should own his own seeds, unique plants that only wormwood can grow. Or make him the supreme farmer, so the process of making giants crops are way easier to him.
  4. I still think the soil is the problem here, doenst feel like one IMHO. The rocks just add some asthetic, thats cool but not necessary.
  5. Yeah I know, but gorge turfs match the farmland/carpet turf from it, and gorge farmland doesnt even look a farmland at the end of the day. Thats what I'm saying. It kinda feels even more missplaceded in DST. Even if guys don't like the example that I posted, and I don't think it should be the same as the mod, far from that, dont get me wrong. The mod one indeed looks a sowing ground and when u add the dirt pacthes it feels even more close to what you should expect from a farmland.
  6. Jokes aside, yeah, I know thats the first day of the BETA and I know it may change in the future. But what we have now, for me, its does not look a sowing ground, thats more a carpeted turf skin more than anything else IMO. The picture bellow is from a gorge based farm mod, it clearly looks more a farmland than what klei gave us (IMO). I'm not even taking about the rocks around it, I'm talking about the texture of the dirt it self, but the rocks looks cool aswell. What u guys think about it?
  7. I agree with all u said in the first paragraph, old farms took lots of resourses to be made, but were automatic. Indeed the reward do not compensates the time wasted. Even more that I've always been playing solo and don't have another person to help me gather resources.
  8. Nah its does not work at all, but thanks for the reply. Btw do you guys have the same issue as me? Theses randomly rubberbandings?
  9. Ty for the reply. I'm pretty sure its not my pc or programs running in parallel. However my internet oscillates all the time, not that bad but instable. Can internet be related to this issues other than my pc? I kinda have high end pc and I'm monitoring the CPU usage, it doesnt passes 35% at the high peaks.
  10. Thanks for the reply. I know that, but I never experencied something like this, like I mentioned before. I used to have lag compesation off all the time, and indeed theres is input delay, but never rubberbanding. I don't have much time RN, but I recorded a short video, I really don't know if you can see it because this problem do not accour all the time, sometimes you can't even notice but sometimes is pretty noticeable. Don't Starve Together 2020.11.25 -
  11. Ok, so I never saw this before, I'm playing in my solo world, local only, and my character looks like a rubberband, it goes back and forth a lit bit when my my compesation is set to none. But when I set it to pretictable, the "lag" is gone. I'm currently playing with no mods, only the client geo placement. My graphics card's drivers are on date. Does someone know what might be the problem here?