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  1. The updates ok,but its not that big.It just an endgame boss,i hoped that they would update the ocean or something,it is what it is
  2. IS this an actual ROT update? Wait is this the big ROT update they were working on?Isnt this the summer solistice thing as its an event?
  3. What are your thoughts? (Excuse the blankness of this topic) (It might come this week) Thanks for replying everyone! Well @JoeW ? Check our ROT discussion!
  4. Ive heard that its the last update for ROT,so it must include a lot of things that fill up the ocean first of all and lunar content i guess.WHat do you guys think and when do you think the beta is going to come out?
  5. When is the update dropping?Perhaps this thursday?
  6. Did they reveal anything on the upcoming update?
  7. Can anyone here leak the details/features in this stream for the upcoming update?