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how i find enderman in dont starve

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4 hours ago, frono said:

my friend tell me theres enderman but i never seen it. does anyone know how?


he saids this pic is real cam i find enderman or know i trust him because he is my friend

thats a fake image, normally the endermen are holding guns, your friend likely just used console to spawn it in, because endermen dont spawn with their guns when being spawned in with console. also your in beta verson right? otherwise they won’t be able to spawn in.

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Simple, you need step on the edge of the world, the end and create a nether Portal , find the rare and exclusive shiny black pikachu and catch it with a pokeball made from redstone and iron and quickly travel back to the Constant withn 3 seconds or it will escape and disappear. At the very end, once you reach the Constant, the 3 seconds are up, the pikachu will escape and turn into an enderman. 

See, so simple :lol:

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