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Points from the game site and game motivation.

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What would attract players to play a lot in my opinion?

Introduce the ability to receive points from the game website for completing any quests or killing bosses in a mode where you cannot use the console.

The person would do difficult actions and receive rewards that increase motivation.

I said everything I wanted about this game. My suggestions would attract a new target audience, and old hamsters will definitely not like them. Thank you for attention.

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Eh, naw. It takes away the joy of just playing for fun. I didn't sink over 800 hours into the game in 9 months to get spools, I wanted to have fun. And what's the point of collecting spools for a game you play to collect the spools? Skins are an addition, not a goal. 

I finally tamed my first ever beefalo today and I feel happy not because I gained some outside reward but because I got to see my annoying fellow transform and now I can zoom across the map in one day. 

Sidenote, still no idea for the name of my new friend, any ideas?

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For what gain? DST isn't a type of game that has upfront rewards and goals, but instead allows the player to whatever they want, whenever they want. It is a intrinsically motivated game type, like Minecraft or Subnautica, where there is technically a "end game", the entire game is centered around on doing what you want to do because you want to do it, not having a skinner box type reward system is the core of the game. This is what the entire core of Don't Starve is based on, and you have to accept that the game will never go the route of a extrinsic reward system. The solution isn't to change the game, it for you to find a different game.

Onto your actual suggestion, it doesn't mix well with what the game has. Even if we have this system in place and player have a hour flat to kill the boss, hardcore players can and will just cheese the s**t out of it. A pile of spicy electric goop and a few dark swords can decimate a dragonfly in a few days. It just doesn't mix well, like oil and water.

Finally, the game has a core and target audience, and you trying to "popularize" the game will basturdize the entire games concept. You need to accept that you aren't apart of the game's audience and put that focus somewhere else, accept that the game will not fit into every concept you like and accept what you have, or learn how to code and either make this game or mod that you want.

3 minutes ago, BezKa said:

Sidenote, still no idea for the name of my new friend, any ideas?


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This is pretty much your other thread all over again but this time you're trying to hide it between the lines. We're not stupid, y'know.

I'm gonna repeat what has been already said about 10 times; It doesn't fit the game well. It's a sandbox survival game that doesn't hold your hand or give any guidances. You're just dropped there and left to your own devices. By adding quests you're just ruining the feel of the game. You don't get a outside reward for doing X thing. If you're gonna keep making threads whining about it, you'll just prove 2 things; 1. You're incredibly stubborn and petty, considering you completely disregarded people telling ya that is you don't like the way the game is played then you shouldn't play. 2. You very clearly don't know what the feel of a game is.

29 minutes ago, OrdoXenos said:

My suggestions would attract a new target audience, and old hamsters will definitely not like them.

Holy hell, do you realize how stupid this statement is? We're not old hamsters, a fair number of people in this fanbase have been around for maybe less than 2, maybe even 1 year (Myself included). Even someone who's played the game no more than a couple hours and enjoys how the game works would really dislike this kind of idea.I'm going to bet you've never managed a large community. Especially thinking that this would make the game better.

The game is built to satisfy all playstyles and players, new and old. This game is not supposed to be built just to satisfy new players and anger older players. Again, if you're just going to keep whining about this, then please go find another game to scream about. 

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Personally in my opinion just because something is popular doesn't mean it's good, likewise even though something is good doesn't mean it has to be popular too. DST may not be Among Us or Fall Guys level of hype and fame, but it certainly found a way to make its mark through its own means; I'd hate to see a great franchise (and an even better development team) get corrupted by trends and popularity contests when, in my opinion, too many games already do the same.

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I’m worried about this to be 100% honest- and JoeWs post the other day detailing that IF they did a Battle Pass like System for DST they would want to do it their way and not be something gross, Which heavily Implies that there are at least discussions floating around in Klei’s offices about this potential Battle Pass.. It certainly doesn’t make me feel anymore comfortable.

I HATE the Battle Pass System in just about every single game it’s in.. because your forced to play a game to unlock content that most the time you pay into to start unlocking in the first place.. and your then forced to complete the entire pass to get the rewards you paid for and your entire moneys worth, or you fail to meet the deadline in time and you lose some of the rewards.

It is as stupid to me as that dumb trend where every... single... game... you bought HAD to have a Zombies horde mode... even if it didn’t fit the theme of the game at all it had to have it because That’s just what everyone was doing.. and it’s popular.

Bleh.. puhleez.. I have NEVER been a blind sheep following the popular crowd, I was always a leader NOT a Follower-

But here’s the funny thing about Leadership, that Everyone reading this can learn from: a GOOD Leader can not just simply demand or command others to follow them, those people have to actually WANT to follow them because they’re doing something those followers agree with & like.

I follow Klei, because they provide me with content I want to support, but if Klei were to go down the route of “Insert every other currently popular gaming trend here..” 

Then I would probably just play “Insert Other Game Here..”

It would be roughly the same as Apex Legends suddenly becoming identical to Fortnite Over night... and getting its whole build random structures while shooting game mechanics, I Don’t play Fortnite BECAUSE of those mechanics I don’t like.. and If Apex Legends suddenly started to get those same Mechanics I don’t like- I would probably just play Fortnite.

I think the way players can earn up to 14 skins per week in DST (7 from daily log in and an additional 7 from actual play time in game) is perfectly FINE and does not need changing..

Since I’m already on a long rant about Battle Passes- Apex Legends has specific goals you have to do to progress your pass like for example “Kill 5 people in one match or in a Specific Area and deal X Damage there, or Create 250 items in replicator”

these “Challenges” are making the game harder to actually play and enjoy- because I can either stick with my team and go for the win, or I can break away from them landing in the specific location my dumb battle pass says to.. which ultimately more often then not: Gets you killed faster then you would have without the dumb quest involved.

The TL:DR although I used Apex Legends in my example this is still very much a CLEAR and straightforward example of how much I completely despise Battle Pass Systems.. They force you to play a game on THEIR SCHEDULE, at THEIR PACE, and by jumping through whatever challenge hoops THEY FELL LIKE PLACING UPON YOU.

Its Scummy, It’s in just about every game you can name now days (Including Rockstars Red Dead Redemption 2) and I absolutely hate it.. so hard pass.

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I personally think that the team should focus working on the RoT updates instead of trying to expand their player base. With what you have suggested, I don't think it fits the style of this game

On 10/2/2020 at 3:18 PM, OrdoXenos said:

My suggestions would attract a new target audience, and old hamsters will definitely not like them.

Is there really a need to gather more of an audience for this game?

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