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Did Wigfrid get any downsides?

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I’m pretty sure that making the characters more annoying to pick up and learn isn’t how Klei plans to get players interested in playing as them.

Which is why most of what was annoying about every character has been phased out with their rework.

But.. just remember that- They can always add in a new Uncompromising Mode that brings back the harsh crippling downsides.

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Wigfrid undoubtedly became stronger, not quite sure if shes entered the overpowered tier. 


Kinda a shame though, she was maybe the peak of what a strong character should be, and now shes stronger. Wish they would have toned down her leeching ability to compensate at the very least, even when its nerfed to like one third of ita value is still nuts.


I hope the top 3 get tuned down, deapite the direction these refreshes are going, having important downsides and trade offs is important for making a character feel dynamic and fun.

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She's the only one character that can interrupt mobs casting, it isn't instant debuff unlike abigail so.. a clear downside it's her casting animation.
Soliloquy song can interrupt deers in klaus fight for example, and its easier than switching between 2 staffs. Same for bee quee minions, varg, spider queen.

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8 minutes ago, TheGoldenDonut_ said:

It's a joke. I think Klei needs to add more downsides in reworks.

I think what’s ACTUALLY going on is Klei has hard numbers, numbers that we the players don’t have access to- Numbers that tell them which characters are most played, and least played, how often they are picked, how long they are played before being swapped out for a more useful pick.

and they are watching and monitoring those statistics, (and if their not they probably should..) I personally hate Warly and can’t play him at all, but I can play as Wes just fine with minimal hassle involved.

Warly is hands down my least favorite character in the game, his picky eater downside isn’t fun for me.. it’s annoying, and realistically it makes no sense- if your starving you’ll eat anything even if it’s your 200th time eating it.

I get that the idea behind his concept is so players aren’t just continuously eating one food recipe- but there are a hundred million factors that go into that based entirely on player to player playstyle.

For example in ALL of my time playing DS/DST I’ve rarely ever built a bird cage to keep birds in and pump free Eggs from infinitely.. to me this feels like a “Cheat” you will never run out of meat resource with this one simple crafted structure.. 

Warly for me just feels like a harder version of Wes... except unlike Wes- Warly actually has abilities that benefit a team instead of hindering it.

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Well, I didn't have a chance to try her out myself but I'm fine with these types of additions, which I really wouldn't call as outright "buffs" but rather "additional mechanics to make the character more engaging".

Were the songs necessary? No.

Could they have made much bigger changes to her such as new battle crafts, structures, battlecries, weapon mechanics, downsides etc? Yes.

Did they take an very safe route? Absolutely.

Do her new buffing powers make her way stronger than she already was or make other characters like Warly's spices, Abigail, Winona's catapults or any other character abilities obsolete? Thankfully not.

And that is safe and good game design. What they added to her doesn't make her strictly stronger- they're just a new mechanical avenue for her players to explore and enjoy. To use them she'll need to collect various, rare-ish items around the constant, keep engaged in combat to activate them, allocate item slots for them and disengage from combat for a few moments to sing them. Those are the negatives that come with her rework that don't meet the eye in the first place.

Overall, while small and overly safe, her rework is good by design and doesn't tune up her power levels. I personally would have liked it if they tuned up her diet a tad bit to disallow sweets and leafy meat based foods (ey Wurt cant eat strait-up leafy products, I don't see a glorious Walkyre liking bowls of salad, veggie burgers or jello, either make them their common taste or dissallow them both). Also that fire song seems like the weakest of the bunch and needs a little oomph to be relevant. Still, as expected, one wouldn't nerf one of their most popular characters down the drain and I'm thankful that the new additions to her, while sweet and interesting, are quite limited and will not be harming any other character's standing in the process.

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