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Add toilet paper in dst!

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Right now, everyone wants toilet paper (for some weird reason). If Klei added toilet paper in dst, with the ability of crafting it  costing 10$, I think they would become rich soon enough. Anyone else thinks this would be funny? XD

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Why are we cluttering the forums with stuff like this? :( We should be talking about the next Return of Them Update #4 She Sells Seashells.. or the potential of fun new mini-games being added into DST, not enough to turn the game into Mario Party.... but just enough to give people who can only play for 15-30 minutes something they can play and enjoy without feeling like they have done much of nothing..

Mini-Games would solve that empty void, such as short things you can do like the Pig Kings Championship Belt Mini-Game.. you and your friends can get smacked around by pigs for a few minutes for fun!

We should be talking about what it would be like if characters like Walani, Wilbur, Woodlegs, Wheeler, Wilba, Wagstaff and Charlie were added to DST...

We should be talking about The most popular PC Mods and if there’s any way any of those can become official free content for Console players?

We should talk about serious game changing ideas like an actual hardcore Uncompromising mode or Elevated Plots of Land..

We should be talking about the thing I get criticized the most about on these forums- The possibility of Merging Shipwrecked, Hamlet, Gorge, Forge & Return of Them related content and Biomes all into the Main game of DST- Giving us PLENTY of New & Familiar Biomes and craftables to enjoy..

We should NOT be talking about adding Toilet Paper into the game.. just to try & be some funny joke about current real world problems. :( 


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