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  1. I don't ever come to this thread, but just visiting I can tell some of you need some encouragement from Wurt
  2. I was pointing out the description specifically, I wasn't even aware the "date" was there. Was the description always the same? If so, oops
  3. Don't quote me on anything, but Hamlet's Steam description miiight have been leaked. (Not that it really reveals much new stuff lol) edit: oops, ignore this
  4. Is this a new record for the biggest necro in the history of the forums?
  5. The description on the steam page still says ANR part 1, despite the fact the whole of ANR has been released.
  6. I’m implying that you shouldn’t believe everything you see on the internet, even if it does look convincing
  7. guys look!!! release date for hamlet leaked!!! (anyone can make a leak, it’s not hard)
  8. I still haven't seen the guys on the title screen yet, or in the loading screen, any ideas?