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  1. @hoppin mandrake tier lists in general can get people to be triggered if they disagree.
  2. @Mike23Ua I think that no character should be weak, so that you can play whoever you want due to play style, but having an easier character is a blessing for newer players that would just get into a frustrating streak of loses.
  3. I agree with most of this, but do not nerf characters. If you think one is to easy, do not pick him, problem solved, they are tons of other choices anyways. The reason why easier characters is not a bad thing is that they are some extremely difficult bosses to solo if you are new to this, and making them easier due to strong characters will remove a part of the frustration. The only thing strong characters do is allow those are not as good to have fun, and if it is to easy for you then you literally just have to either play another character or give yourself limitations. Its your fault for not doing those if these characters are to easy.
  4. Just be the host. Say "no Webber server" and ban anyone who plays Webber. It is important to say that it is a no Webber server, otherwise it is just rude to instantly ban someone. They will know that they should not join and they will find another server without any problem.
  5. While playing Webber, I noticed that when he eats something stale, he says "stale like mum's leftovers". The thing is: Wicker bottom does not like stale food. It also fits that she is a women and that Webber said "mom" instead of "dad". Not to mention that due to half of him being a spider, we do not know his age, so he might be older than he looks. What do you think of this theory?