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  1. Just be the host. Say "no Webber server" and ban anyone who plays Webber. It is important to say that it is a no Webber server, otherwise it is just rude to instantly ban someone. They will know that they should not join and they will find another server without any problem.
  2. While playing Webber, I noticed that when he eats something stale, he says "stale like mum's leftovers". The thing is: Wicker bottom does not like stale food. It also fits that she is a women and that Webber said "mom" instead of "dad". Not to mention that due to half of him being a spider, we do not know his age, so he might be older than he looks. What do you think of this theory?
  3. *Before you reply, please consider reading until the end and if you make an argument that I already answered to, give a counter argument*. In DST, I noticed something: sea content tends to make the game lag more. Now, this lag would not be that big of a deal if you are not fighting bosses. However, in a boss fight, even a bit amount of lag can screw you and get you hit. Before the sea update came in, I never had issues. Now, I am NOT asking for the sea content to be removed: I am asking for it to be an option so that you can remove it if your pc is "bad". The benefits would be that it would allow players with a less good pc to play without the game being unfun due to lag. Now, I will already answer to your replies: 1: "Looks like somebody needs to get a real job and get the money for a new pc. Go work and stop annoying us with your problems with the game that only affect you". Here is my reply: not everyone can get a new pc. Childrens might not have parents that are willing to pay for a new pc and its not in their control: same for people who have a limited amount of money and cannot afford good computers. In some cases, it is not their fault. I think that it would be worth it to allow those people to play with less lag considering that it would be easy to implement. 2: " Looks like a noob needs to git gud. Lag just adds more challenge and I play with it all the time". The thing is: there is a difference between artificial difficulty which buffs something without making it cooler (just making the fight more frustrating) and true difficulty (giving the thing cool powers and abilities). 3: "Learn to enjoy what you have, you do not need boss battles to have fun. The time you have enjoying the survival aspect is enough to stop crying". 2 things here: first, having a lot of cool fights unavailable due to lag is quite bad and enough to cut the time I will spend on that game by half. Not to mention that sometimes, you just need to fight something, for example spiders to get silk. 4: "Why are there so many mistakes in this post?*. I am sorry for this: english is not my first language. This would not take much time implement: they are a lot of options in the world configuration, so if Klei had the time to add those, then why would they struggle to just add the option to disable the arguably useless sea content, which would be just one option? Why would Klei not do something that takes very few time and can completely change the game play experience for some people?
  4. I liked Dragonfly for a while, but recently there has been an update (it is not clear if it is a bug or not) that made it so that she can literally spam lavaes forever. Instead of enraging, there is the potential of her returning to her lavaes every single time they are all dead. How is this a good change?! The only thing this does is: make it so that more players will cheese her with walls. And even if you use walls, the fight is gonna be longer and very boring, since you will just pass half the time watching her spawn lavaes. Can someone give me one reason this would be a good change? I am not gonna talk about the fact that you cannot disable the see content for less lag (which causes hitbox problems in boss battles), since people will tell me to get a better computer and a better internet connection even tho both are at least ok. Also, this is not the first time Klei made bad changes to bosses. The Fuelwever, for example, also had a trash change made to him. You used to be able to use a glitch that made it so that the bone cage would not trap you if you went near the edge. This glitch was one of the rare bugs in this game that was good, since it promoted skill and good positioning. Then, Klei patched it. The only thing this change did was: remove the more challenging option of doing the fight with no lazy explorer and forcing the player to grind more, which made the fight more tanky. Meanwhile, the Anciant Guardian, which can be blocked and stunlocked forever, as not seen this bug being fixed. Congrats Klei, you patch bugs which add skill but you let pure cheese starts work without doing anything. Also, if Klei does not change bosses so that they become trash, it is because they are already bad base kit. The Crab King has the potential of taking hours to find. Most boring crap ever. And then he gives you useless loot. You also need to cheese him with bees, which is boring, unless you wanna waste tons of gear. Even with the ice staff, it is still an expensive fight. Anyways, this is not the topic of this post, so lets move on. Finally, we have the Bee Queen honey change. She used to spawn no honey on the ground and she could be kited. Now she does and you are forced to tank her. no more kiting, just brain dead tanking. Like how is it a good choice to remove the option to kite? Removing the option to use skill is good apparently? If you look at other bosses from well designed games, you can always dodge their attacks, depending on your skill level. "Yea but you just have to move around her to avoid the honey and kite, assuming you have a 30000000% speed boost". Ok, well lets apply your logic, but for another situation. "A student got 100% in a test. This means everyone that did not get 100% in this test is a noob that should get better". Just because someone is a DST god does not mean that we can listen to them only. So kiting her is not realistic. In conclusion, I am done with DST, to many dumbly designed bosses, tons of annoying bugs that can last for years, way to many bad changes, etc, etc. Time for me to switch to another game. I will still answer to the first 3 comments from that will be posted as a reply. After that, it is not worth bothering yourself, since I have better things to do than argue with random internet people and will ignore your comment.
  5. @thegreatJash he is not difficult to kite. He only has 4k health anyways, so it is not a long process. Also, the chances of Deerclops positionnig himself near a magma pool are low. Anyways, it is not hard to understand that you can easily lure them away from it if that happens. Then, if Dfly despawns, she will take a certain amount of time to respawn, just like I said. This lets you get the eyeball easily. The meat is not that important.
  6. @LordNiggle sorry that was a typing mistake from me. @Charlie Dark yea but this wastes to much resources.
  7. Deerclops is a simple boss, as long as you understand how to beat him. This is not the case of a begginer: they often forget to prepare entirely. The reason why killing Deerclops is a good thing is: the eyeball allows you to craft the eyebrella, a very useful rain protection item. Here are the 2 most effective methods I know of to kill him: 1) The kiting method. Hit 2-4 times, depending on your skill level / speed boost and dodge. If you use this method, make sure that you have stuff to keep you warm, 10-15 cooked green mushrooms or equivalent to avoid insanity while fighting him, a fresh ham-bat or a tentacle spike and a Log Suit / Football Helmet at full durability to fight him, just in case. 2) Killing him using other mobs. You can also bring Deerclops to other bosses or mobs. First of all, you can get him in a forest and make him chop trees for you, so that a Treeguard spawns. If you do this, make sure you have enough stuff to keep you warm as it can take a long time. The good side of this is: you will get a lot of logs. If there is a tentacle trap setpiece (the one with 1000 tentacles and 10000 reeds), lure him there, tentacles will kill him. Lastly, can can lure him to the Dragonfly. Use armor for this, as you might get hit. You will need to get the Dragonfly's agro and then get in range of deerclops and doge his hit while Dfly is in range. If Dfly does not agro, then repeat the process. Keep your distances as Dfly could decide to attack you instead if you are to close. Then, lure Dfly to her despawn point once she kills Deerclops and quickly grab the loot before she comes back.
  8. DST is a team game... Right? Well, not everyone is nice and cool. They are quite a few traps you can do at spawn. Maybe you wanna make an April's fools joke. Perhaps you just want to make sure that beginners die and that only pro players will survive to get on your team. Or maybe you are just mean. But whatever the reason is, here are 5 traps that you can use to kill people that join your server. I will make a disclaimer: only use these traps on friends for a funny time. Its not fun for people who join to get killed. Trap #1: the wall trap. This one is simple: you put any kind of walls around the portal. The player will die to environment. Some players do not know that you can smash them normally: they are usually beginners. However, experienced players might think about smashing them normally. Trap #2: The character selection trap. This one is simple: make a wall around the portal and place a fence to let some players out. Then, place a few mobs that are aggressive towards some specific characters. For example, if you are tired of your friend being Wigfrid, you place bunnymens right next to the wooden gate: since she starts with meat, they will attack her. To keep them out, make a small enclosure with food in the middle, so that your friend Wigfrid does not escape if she is lucky enough to join during the day. Trap #3: The skeleton trap. Kill yourself multiple times and use life giving amulets. Make sure you die in such a way that it leaves skeletons behind that will block off players. Your friend will not be able to smack them and will die to the environment. Trap #4: The Shadow Pieces trap. Lure the shadow pieces to spawn and then teleport yourself away so that they lose aggro next to the spawn. This will kill a your friend for sure XD. Trap #5: The emptiness trap. Basically, the concept is to remove most of the resources next to spawn and use them for your base far away. This will make it so that your friend is in for a challenge. In conclusion, your friends are gonna hate you, but hey, you will have a lot of fun
  9. Dragonfly is a fun boss, but this bug is really annoying. Almost every time I fight her, she goes for her lavaes instead of enraging when her lavaes die. "This is not a bug, this is a change devs voluntarily made". Well here is my answer to you: how would that be a good change? This would only encourage players using the cheesy method of blocking her lavaes with walls instead of fighting her legit. The only thing this change would have done is: making more players cheese her. The devs are smart, they would punish players for fighting bosses legitimately. Also, can you find the patch notes that say that Dragonfly now randomly chooses between going for her lavaes again and enraging? So yea if the answer is no then this is a bug.
  10. @Misuto 1) Well for the Moose-Goose honk a regular patern would be better. In single player she does 3 hits and then honk. She also used to respect that petern. Can you show me the patch notes proving this changed? 2) For the hitbox bugs, I saw videos showcasing them, so its not just me. And Ican confirm that I do not lag on other games, and it should especially not occur if I am the host on a solo world. 3) The Shadow Rook has this weird hitbox when you dodge in a square, this is what I am talking about. 4) Bee Queen attacks leave honey where they were landed. So in her attack range there is honey dropped. 5) I did not go far for long: I just lured the grumble bees away in phase 3. Saying that I need to git gud is a poor argument cause I could just cheese her and simply use the wall glitch. 6) The dragonfly used to always enrage when all lavaes were dead. Can you show me the patch notes where it sayed that it was the correct behaviour? Also here is a comment on another post complaining about this issue: 37 46 posts Report post Posted November 1, 2018 It's a bug. Specifically there's a race condition between the last lavae automatically dying after 30 seconds, and something which resets the amount of lavae in the wave. This means two things are trying to proc at the same time. In the proc onLavaeDeath, it checks if this is the last lavae in the wave, if it's true, the dragonfly enrages. There's also a timer that's reset every time a lavae spawns, for 30 seconds, so basically the lavae is set to die in 30 seconds, and there's a timer for 30 seconds at the same time. What does this timer do? Reset the amount of lavae in the wave. But code can't run two things at the same time, so it chooses randomly. If onLavaeDeath procs first on the last lavae's natural death, then the dragonfly will enrage. If the timer procs first, then the amount of lavae in the wave will be reset, and the onLavaeDeath check will not see it as the last lavae in the wave, and the dragonfly will continue spawning. Also maybe an interesting thought I just had, if you could keep the dragonfly asleep for 30 seconds the timer would technically proc, food for thought I guess. So what can we do to get around this? Well just avoid natural lavae deaths to avoid the race condition. If you flute before the dragonfly spawns the last lavae, most of the other lavae will die naturally, then the last lavae will spawn alone, free for you to kill for a consistent enrage. I use that strategy in this video. It's interesting to note this though, this bug is easily fixed. The timer for resetting the lavae wave is worthless because the dragonfly automatically calls the proc to reset the amount of lavae when it reaches the specific health points where it should spawn lavae anyways. If they wanted this to be random this is a bad and confusing way of doing it anyways. It's clearly a bug aka "feature" Removing the timer made the dragonfly fight function as it seemingly should for me when I edited it out in the code. 7)
  11. DST was a fun and original game that was a lot of fun, but right now tho... They are so many bugs that need to be fixed. Bugs literally ruin almost every boss fight. First of all, the Moose-Goose. She randomly despawns with the player right next to her while the nest is close to her. Also, she is supposed to use her special attack after attacking you with her normal attacks 3 times. She does not respect that pattern at all: she often does a special attack after 2 hits or something similar. 2 bugs for one boss fight. Yikes. Then, the Dragonfly. When all of her lavaes are dead, she is supposed to enrage. Instead, she often goes back for her lavaes. So instead of the normal 3 times, (the wiki says it for anyone who says this is not a bug. Also look at old gameplay and see this was never happening before. Also, realize that there is no patch notes saying that it is now random if she enrages or not after the death of all her lavaes) she goes for them 4, 5 or even 6 times! It makes for a very long fight. Also, it punishes players who want to fight her using legit methods: wanna play without walls to fight bravely without cheating? To bad! It is really dumb that the game forces you to cheese her if you do not want to lose to one of the many bugs in this game. Now, lets talk about the Bee Queen. I once fought her: I was in phase 3 or 4. She sent her grumble bees. I went far away and came back. I was right next to her when she despawned! Literally, she was in range to hit me, but no no no, she chose to fly away. Try to tell me this is a cool feature. Like come on. And now, it is time to talk about hit boxes... "Get a good computer and a good internet connection". My internet connection is already excellent and my pc is average. I play other games and do not experience lag issues on them. Yet in DST, even if I remove caves, turn of lag compensation and disable a couple of settings, I still get hit weirdly. Dragonfly hits further than normal, my attack rate is random, screwing the timing against Dragonfly. I get hit by Bee Queen and I see there is no honey on the place I got hit (Bee Queen hits leave honey on the ground, it is not normal that I get hit at a place where is does not leave honey). I did not forget the shadow rook, which sometimes hit you even if we can see that his body clearly did not touch you at all when he reappeared. Like if I took something to measure, I am sure I could see at least 3-5 millimeters between me and the rook. Now, I have fought Bee Queen, Dragonfly, Moose Goose Klaus, Deerclops, Bearger and Antlion. For all of these bosses, we have a total of 6 bugs, not excluding hitboxes. This mean that, on average, we have almost one game breaking bug per boss. And I do not even know all of them Really? Klei, before adding more content, please try to fix at least some of these bugs. Your game is really original and fun, but not being able to fight bosses simply because this game has so many bugs is heartbreaking. Ps: Please excuse any mistakes I might have made, English is not my first language.
  12. @Arubaro this post is about having the option to make the luck average: no more extreme luck or bad luck. Like maybe for permanent, no durability loot like walking cane their could be more kills required.
  13. In DST, luck is a big aspect. Sometimes you get lucky with monster loot, sometimes you do not. Some players like it, which is fine, but it is dumb to force players to involve it in their game: sometimes you just want skill, not luck. Having to endure things like not getting a walking cane after 10000 MakTusks kills is simply dumb. You should not be forced to endure the dices for no reason when you are the only one affected. I do not ask for removing it, I would just like it being optional. Here is how to make this work: for example, you are going into the swamp to kill some tentacles as Wickerbottom to get tentacle spot for your books. Instead of having a 20% chance to drop one each kill, you now get one tentacle spot every 5 kills. The number of times you need to kill a tentacle for getting a tentacle spot is randomly chosen from 1 to 5: once you killed 5 tentacles, the cycle repeats itself. In conclusion, I do not think luck should be removed, but at least the option to remove a good chunk of it would be really nice :).
  14. Bosses of DST can be tricky: they have a big amount of health and special abilities that makes them hard to fight. Perhaps one of the biggest questions is to know how much stuff you will need for each of them. Each boss will have his own paragraph and will be put in this order: the one which starts with letters closer to "a" will come first and the ones with letters closer to "z" will be at the end. I apologize for grammar mistakes I might make. This assumes you are playing as Wilson. It also assumes that you are not an amazing player or a noob at fighting that boss: if you never did this fight before I would bring more stuff than needed just to make sure. Things you need to start the fight (example: shadow atrium) will not be mentioned. This also assumes their is no exploit used (exept for the Dragonfly). Ancient Guardian: you will need 1 fresh ham bat, a magiluminescence, 14-20 blue mushrooms or equivalent (with cooked green mushrooms to counterbalance), and 4-6 football helmets or equivalent. A start caller staff is recommended for light, but not mandatory. Ancient Fuelwever: You will need 1 nightmare amulet, 1 lazy explorer, 1 or 2 weather pains, 6 dark swords, 12-20 football helmets and 500-600 health points from healing food. Do not forget to bring 40 cooked cactus or equivalent for sanity. Antlion: You will need 3-6 football helmets or equivalent, 6-12 pierogis or equivalent and 1 fresh ham bat. A desert goggle is recommended but not needed. Bearger: 1-2 football helmets or equivalent, 2-3 pierogis or equivalent and 1 tentacle spike or equivalent. Bee Queen: You will need 1 fresh ham bat, 40-60 pierogis, 16-22 football helmets and some kind of additional speed boost for the third and fourth phase (example: a walking cane). Crab king: Use 20 killer bees as the crab king does not have any attack that can damage them. Then, go far away enough that you can still see the crab king when zooming out to the maximum but to far for the crab king to reach you. Deerclops: You will need 1-2 football helmets or equivalent, 10-20 cooked green mushrooms or equivalent, 2-4 pierogis or equivalent, 1 fresh ham bat / tentacle spike and things to keep you warm and make a campfire. Dragon Fly: You will need 24 stone walls (12 walls on each side of a magma pool), 4-8 football helmets or equivalent, a pan flute, 10-20 pierogis and a fresh ham bat. Be careful: if you lag, you might want to tank her because kiting becomes to difficult. In this case, you might want to multiply the amount of armor / healing by 2 to 3 times. Klaus: 1 pan flute (recommended for the Krampus moment but not mandatory), 3-6 football helmets, 10-15 pierogis and 1 fresh ham bat. Do not forget to bring stuff to deal with cold. Malbatross: 2-4 football helmets, 3-5 pierogis or equivalent, 1 hambat and a few kits to repair the boat just in case. Moose-Goose: 1-2 football helmets or equivalent, 1 tentacle spike or equivalent and 2-3 pierogis. Shadow Pieces: You will need a walking cane (and the use of the road), 4-8 football helmets, 1 fresh ham bat and 5-10 pierogis. Toadstool: you will need 4-6 weather pains, 8 dark swords, 40 cooked cactus in a frigo and 5-15 pierogis or equivalent. This is it for this long guide! Hope you found it useful. See you next time!
  15. @Charlie Dark its ok, I understand his frustrations. @zee_dragon no problem, I will try to make less mistakes next time.
  16. @zee_dragon sorry for the mistakes, english is not my first language.
  17. @1bubbainpa not everyone, so I am not saying you are bad or toxic, its just that you have a chance of meeting people like this on public servers.
  18. @x0-VERSUS-1y well who wants to play on public servers? Laggy games, bad or toxic players, not to mention that people iwll randomly leave the game. You are better off playing with people you know. Also, disabling lag compensation really helps a lot.
  19. The Dragonfly can be a tricky boss to defeat: you need good timing to dodge her attacks, she spawns annoying lavaes that will attack you and she has a high health pool of 27500 health. So here is the tips that are needed to rush / defeat her. First of all, you need to prepare for this battle. They are 2 things that will make preparing for her easier: first of all, if you see butterflies, kill them. As long as you can fight dragonfly relatively soon, having those sweet +8 health wings will make it so you will not need 30000 blue mushrooms to defeat her. Secondly, instead of making a long rock wall, make a short one and put a sign between the rock walls or use a burned tree instead. You will need 5-8 football helmets, a fresh ham bat, 12 rock walls, 2 signs, and 400 health of healing food. Do not forget to bring a pan flute. Secondly, you need to fight her. Disable lag compensation or the caves, otherwise the fight might get laggy and the Dragonfly will get weird hits on you. Here are the kiting patterns depending on the situation:If you just got hit by her: hit 7 times and then dodge. If you just dodged one of her attacks, hit 6 times and then run away. If you want to go behind her, attack her 4,5-5 hits (,5=cancel an attack) and move away. If you want to change the battle angle of 90 degrees, hit her 5,5 times and move away. If she becomes enraged, either instantly use a pan flute or run away, let her slam the ground and then use it. And now, a few little things to be careful about:if you come to close to the lavaes that are stuck on the wall will jump threw it. Also, do not go to far away from her spawn point of else she will despawn (you can use it to dodge the first hit of the fight if you go back to her original position). Hope you found this guide usefull!
  20. For me, it would be, by far, the dragonfly. This boss forces me to have a lot of skill, timing and quick decision making. This is also a boss that you do not need to tank, which makes it skilled based: a lot of fun! Her loot is also the best in the game (in my opinion) which rewards me for having skill. The only disappointing thing in this fight is lag, but you can turn off the caves to avoid it. Since going into the caves is a suicide for me, it does not disturb me.