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The illustration of macrocephalic Wendy in the latest "character update" is a correct representation of the character.

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In JoeW's latest post about Wendy's upcoming update;


We can clearly see how in the image Wendy has a huge forehead, as if it were a form of macrocephaly.
It could be just a "mistake" or a strange stylistic choice of the artist on duty; but personally I don't mind the idea that Wendy is really characterized by a form of macrocephaly: first; macrocephaly is often associated, in fiction, with characters of great intelligence, insight, sensitivity. I think Wendy should embody these characteristics.
Furthermore, a more developed brain than normal could also explain her extra-sensory abilities, which allow she to communicate with the spirits of the deceased and to interact with the paranormal entity. It would justify in a pseudo-scientific way the meta-psychic connection channel that Wendy and Abigail have shared since they were born, and remained even after her death.
In short, although I doubt that it is a "deliberate" and "reasoned" choice, I find the choice to represent Wendy affected by macrocephaly very apt.

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Is more of a perspective matter: she is presenting us the Abi Flower and the camera, probably for dramatic effect, is placed in an upper diagonal point, closer to her head + flower. Perhaps is a still-frame from Wendy rework video. Yet being out of context makes for a rather uninspired pick, as it looks very weird in the end.

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