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Will you have a Forge or Gorge match If they are only online on Weekends?

Will you have a Forge or Gorge match If they are only online on Weekends?  

61 members have voted

  1. 1. Would you mind the Forge or Gorge events are only online on weekends?

    • Never mind.
    • Disagree.
    • Whatever. I am not enjoy in those events.
  2. 2. If nothing new updates in those events, will you still play it?

    • Yes, of course.
    • No, I can't stand events without new items.
    • I won't play those events again.
  3. 3. Have you ever played Forge or Gorge before?

    • Forge.
    • Gorge.
    • Neither.
  4. 4. Do you have steam friends who only start DST while it has updates?

    • Yes.
    • No.
    • That friend is ME.

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There are 3 reasons Why no Forge or Gorge events this year.( I guess)

  • First, KLei staff updates the  Third events Return of Them. The Forge and Gorge events were pass.
  • Second, KLei don't have time to updates Forge or Gorge, and They won't online without any new items by KLei.
  • Third, The price of renting events servers is very expensive. The events add nothing into nromal game except skins.

So that's why no match events this year or maybe it won't be online forever. /sad



Here is my suggestion, Forge or Gorge are only online on weekends. Not few mouth each year.

Now KLei sold those events skins even they are not online. I hope Forge or Gorge will come back and make those skins sense again. Either there are new event Items or not.

by. 老司饥

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I never got to play in the events, they didn’t stay on consoles long enough for anyone to actually play them. But that’s okay because the only thing I want from those events were the new enemy types anyway- so Klei just needs to update the main game and add them In without the events attached.

But that’s just my opinion- I feel like they should not waste any money on hosting these limited time event servers and instead- add more content to the base game itself, refresh old characters and make them more fun, add new characters.

which is exactly what they’re doing with the Turn of Tides and Return of Them Content.

i wouldn’t mind being able to host my own Gorge/Forge world in the same way I can host Hallowed Nights, Winterfeast, Year of the Pig King.

but as far as Klei wasting money on rerunning the old events I’d rather have more added to the base gameplay itself instead of a limited time event that once it’s over.. its over.

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12 hours ago, Theukon-dos said:

alternativly, just release the files for them so that players can host there own

I think there was a mod for the force but i havent Seen one for gorge .

In inoficial events you can play the event but cant get any chest or other rewards.just the gameplay.

Im not sure how that would effect the official events but it would be fun to be abled to play all the time(even if we dont get chestdrops)

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