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New Hot Lava Promo Skin

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5 minutes ago, crystal_clodet said:

my computer is laggy today, maybe thats the cause.

It's possible that minor network traffic issues could have caused you to get the item, but fail to get the notification, but then it still showed up when your inventory successfully downloaded.

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Again guys- Console player over here.. so we are still waiting on Hamlet DLC for the Singleplayer DS.

but last I heard- Hamlet didn’t go over well so they weren’t going to bother bringing it to Xbox One. And if that is the case it’s unfortunate for those who wanted it on console, but it also allows them to focus all their time and attention on further development of content for DST (including adding the best parts of Hamlet into DST) and continue to work on their other games. 

I personally didn’t seem too interested in Hamlet myself, but that may be just me.

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