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The Crystalized Items have had a pattern so far

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So I've noticed something.

The Metamorphosed Flame was released when Willow was reworked. Willow being based around fire, a crystalized flame would make sense.

The Ice Box is being released when Warly arrives. Warly is based around food and cooking, so an Ice Box makes sense.

So far, there has been a pattern for the Crystalize Collections releases. Them being released during specific reworks, and the items having something to do with the characters/updates in question. Could this mean the other Crystalized items hints at future reworks and/or updates to RoT?

Perhaps the Crystalized Eyebrella is hinting towards Wigfrids or Wx's rework, or maybe it hints a mutated Deerclops will be added eventually.

The staffs maybe hints towards lunar caves or more craftable stuff.

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4 hours ago, Nino123 said:

the icebox looks like victorian style, so relative to the gorge and Warly ? Then, maybe, next items will effectively related to some characters (new ones or rework).

Victorian? I never made that connection, to me victorian has this darker fancy style instead of a light bright fancy style. I don't if thats just me though.

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