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umm... Guard is KILLING innocent pig citizen!!!


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Makes sense, pigs AI detects that the poison tree is an enemy, and proceeds to make the pig start chopping it, as poison birchnut tree's cant be attacked normally.

But the pig guard AI only detects that a tree is being chopped down, instead of a tree being attacked (which it can't be), which results in this interaction!


I imagine this could be fixed pretty easily, I think all pig city owned buildings and objects are all given a property tag, and I guess a tree transforming doesn't remove the tag.

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5 hours ago, Mooagain said:

Pigs can chop trees?

yes, all citizens from Hamlet are referenced from pigman

and pigman do chop poison birchnut tree

except guards aren't... they protect poison birchnut tree and eventually burn down your base


btw it is quite interesting Klei even add attack animation for passive mob

maybe this is cheese? isn't it? I remember globber also attack able for some reasons

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