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  1. @JoeW is a Capitalist Commie, give me my warning point you hack!

    1. Machine Reaper

      Machine Reaper

      and don't you dare do that pre-emptive warning ****, be a man for once!

  2. is that @JoeW wiping his tears with all the money he got from Tencent? they meant DS for ports, not even sure the entire DS line of games for ports or just DLCs
  3. basically they are working with porting partners and taking feedback from users about bugs being faced on them. so yeah, its bug fixing for ports. maybe DS will get some exclusive port version now similar to DS mobile in China being its own thing, Klei is expanding after all.
  4. I think they meant only to fix bugs on consoles, not PC :" (
  5. Give us Aporkalypse trigger options in World Gen please! this will IMMENESLY help HAM alone.
  6. offend me what for? not supporting Klei and your views? are you really that shallow?
  7. why don't you do the same and stop worrying about us people going monkey on a company that has just set itself on fire.
  8. @JoeW your guidelines and principals are now Tencent's, Good luck following them no matter how bad they end up for all you guys : )
  9. I don't get why people even care about that guy enough to like or hate him.
  10. your mentioning this to the Generals of the army at the moment. thus the need for a Mobile Don't Stare game for the Chinese market under Tencent publishing. if that game won't make the money Tencent requires of Klei to do so then changes will be made by Klei to their...ahem...Creative direction to better suite Tencent's demands. well that's what EA does but lets see if Tencent will do the same.
  11. Klei devs said major shares but wiki says otherwise and also shows a major shares company above showing clear difference. actually I won't be doing the same mistakes Klei did to end up like this. after all I am learning from them and trying to avoid what got them to this point. every company cannot always end up having to bend to a mega corporate culture and instead keep their own thing going as much as they want unless they want to make more money which will always involve making shady dealings.
  12. I've seen this thing happen 3 times before with other companies, the result was butchering of the corpse of a good game franchise and turning it into a meat puppet that dances for small change. lets see how long Klei holds out before their new masters tell them to bend to their rules.