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  1. you expected correctly, and a dev hasn't responded yet
  2. I had to wait for 15 years for a game update that I loved to play besides like a million other people, that game was C&C and boi oh boi, did this franchise have a history, so patience is your best friend mate~ do not rage out over something this small, its just entertainment, find something else like the rest of us to enjoy in the meanwhile.
  3. again I'm gonna say, wait until Klei answers back for any of your complaints, they did say they have no plans but did not say they won't be making any plans further or not, so just wait and see what happens~
  4. you better delete this comment as well if you have nothing useful to say here
  5. people like you come along and drag the conversation somewhere else it hasn't been decided yet you see, we all are waiting, not just you and since Klei hasn't given notice, it obviously means they might do it in future, so in a sense having patience can be of virtue, also this is just a form of entertainment, please find another game to play until this one gets updated and believe me, it will get updated eventually, Klei has a track record of making updates at complete random times. so just wait out, keep asking in between, its not that hard.
  6. I know updates aren't decided upon yet but can we still get bug fixes? I mean you don't really need to do anything new, just fix what's not working properly and that can greatly help us play with what we have already : )
  7. skins can easily be put in a singleplayer game where players can also just mod them in and use them without paying or spooling etc (also skins aren't the reason people are playing DST....who even told you that?")
  8. Yup, this place is getting stupid Might as well join in and say out loud! HAMLET WAS FOR... funsies
  9. @Blunderbuss we just have to wait for any dev to respond to anything here now, they haven't confirmed or denied anything yet nor given any time frame either for whatever is gonna eventually happen. I really wish Klei responds to DS Players or tell us straight they are done and we shouldn't expect anything unless they decide to do it again. also I really wish the so called "Elite" class of people here stopped being salty about other people being concerned for a game they like to play.
  10. can you explain "Embarrassing"? because I don't understand what exactly it means, please elaborate also don't care about what people say here, we all are allowed to share our opinion, no matter what flavor,
  11. wow dude, calm down, this is children's game and these ARE children, lets not go that far