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  1. Help with keybinds

    why did you not tell from the start that the mouse your using has more then 3 buttons? Most games don't have support for more then 3 mouse buttons, bind your extra Mouse Thumb Button with a keyboard key from your windows or any app you may have that will allow you to bind your extra mouse buttons, then bind that keyboard key in the game which will get automatically binded to your mouse. I hope your able to understand this if you use gaming mice or something.
  2. Help with keybinds

    thumb key? thumb button? what sort of key/button is that? just bind the attack key and force attack key to two nearby buttons on your keyboard that you can press together with one hand easily. just like using Crtl+X or Crtl+Y etc, everyone plays the game like this.
  3. Help with keybinds

    in my case I literally use a combined key bind instead of pressing two keys at once to force attack the closest thing. playing with Wigfrid all the time kinda makes you want to hit everything that's near you
  4. Book and Beanie?

    LETZ DA COLLECTIVIZATION PROGREZZ! (proceeds to steal berries from a nearby berry bushs)
  5. Great Progress!

    do not defend epic games by any means, they are EA cranked upto 11 and every game company that made a deal with them had to give up on a lot of things just to keep their contract with them, Klei isn't even near a bad company of any sort, they are hardworkers and you can't discredit them because one part of a product didn't come out well. (its alright to criticize but there is a limit) Remember, Epic is a Game service company (and used to be a developer service company like Steam) and Klei is a developer company, there is massive difference in both. and as far as HAM and current state of DS goes, Epic isn't involved much in causing this, I personally think due to changing game trends the devs have to plan out what to support more and it seems they haven't yet (which obviously shows that they have given no news yet on HAM/DS)
  6. our survival depends on this! @minespatch , @4 Da LOLs
  7. that just makes them more worse!
  8. I prefer the simpler swine of the wilderness then the fancy ones, they are not very helpful
  9. she is a CHILD, away with your gender assuming thoughts! seriously tho I thought we were talking about Wilson's obsession with a certain lady pig. (maxwell is into her too it seems, guess the wilderness takes a toll on you)
  10. Great Progress!

    I would be very very happy with QoLs , these will improve all DLCs then just a single one.
  11. Book and Beanie?

    or MAYBE become a politician of sorts and attract every pig guard nearby on screen to become our allies. (the book probably contains some speech about doing a coup)
  12. Great Progress!

    I never knew Klei made deals with Epic Games. whichever company has made deals with those guys have ended up worse then what EA did to any company they dealt with. but I don't think that reason alone would be enough to warrant such immense amount of "Silence" from the devs over HAM. I mean it literally feels like to me now they are avoiding anything relating to this DLC or Singleplayer DS. well spring has started in my place so I'm just....gonna wait more I guess
  13. but but...Wilson has Willow.... or maybe she is too hot for him...probably
  14. The Ultimate World