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  1. is don't starve like...Fortnite, PUBG, overwatch, roblox etc?

    I mean the stuff kids mostly play/melt their brains with?

  2. How about you keep trying to suck up to the devs and maybe they will give you those features in DS eventually. I've had enough of mindless loyalty to companies and brands that have nothing but profit in mind.
  3. don't talk too much about tencent anymore, the devs will give you a warning point.
  4. hey @JoeW can I a get a warning for freedom of speech as well?

    you money grubbing, pipe weed smoking, keelhauling, scobberlotchering, gobermouch, whiffle-whaffle jackass!

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    2. Machine Reaper

      Machine Reaper


      and to pick on the devs more incase they make more stupid decisions 


    3. DrMcGillacactus


      I have high hopes, but my expectations are unknowable at this point.
      I'll keep following the games they make, simply because I like their games. Twas nice to chat a bit without re-spiking the controversy. Goodbye for now

    4. Machine Reaper
  5. @JoeW is a Capitalist Commie, give me my warning point you hack!

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    2. JoeW


      A warning point for what? If you're going to fish for warnings you will just end up with a ban if you don't want to abide by the rules.  

    3. Machine Reaper

      Machine Reaper

      what rules?

      calling you or anyone a commie?

    4. Machine Reaper

      Machine Reaper

      or just bashing you guys for selling yourselves out

  6. @Blunderbuss we just have to wait for any dev to respond to anything here now, they haven't confirmed or denied anything yet nor given any time frame either for whatever is gonna eventually happen. I really wish Klei responds to DS Players or tell us straight they are done and we shouldn't expect anything unless they decide to do it again. also I really wish the so called "Elite" class of people here stopped being salty about other people being concerned for a game they like to play.
  7. can you explain "Embarrassing"? because I don't understand what exactly it means, please elaborate also don't care about what people say here, we all are allowed to share our opinion, no matter what flavor,
  8. wow dude, calm down, this is children's game and these ARE children, lets not go that far
  9. I'm sorry if this is an reupload, I had to share this somewhere
  10. looks she has been feasting too much, I hope she won't gobble webber as well