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  1. she mostly reminds of Numbah 5 from Codename Kids Next Door, she was also hip and relaxed but was quite cleaver.
  2. oh yeah, I still don't get where she comes from either, maybe Jamaican or possibly Hawaiian. not asian tho. she seems too hip for that
  3. isn't the USA the biggest exploiter of resources in the world as of still? I mean granted the Chinese are Commies and thus...evil USA hasn't been a good side and its gotten worse sinceDonald Trump was voted in, it left all sorts of forums for climate change/environment safety groups and even went as far as to threaten UN with blocking funds if it doesn't hold China accountable for the Pandemic in the world. EVEN the entire BLM was basically a form of representation against the exploitation of foreign races of any sort (Black people being considered as such). so in a sense we are also literally treating chinese as bad like Black people in the US are being treated as criminals. in the end its all about money that's all I can say and this entire thing about Klei expanding their game's reach by using Tencent, its for the same reason. nobody does this sort of thing unless they have profit in mind, I mean does Klei really care about Asian people and the games those people like to play? they don't even have an Asian Character in the game (but do have events tho oddly) so they would have to join hands with an Asian company to bring their game into their market, Tencent is like EA of china so its probably the best choice PROFIT wise
  4. these days Companies are getting picked on more for which country they do business with instead of their policies and products in general. its both stupid and hilarious at the sametime.
  5. also I find it extremely hilarious that Klei was trying to show it was fully supporting the BLM and the protests against the American Government and even added and an African american character into the game right away to show it cares, but instead now it getting bashed on for supporting Chinese Government by just collaborating with a Chinese gaming company irony is a mild word here.... is Huawei's CFO still in prison in Canada?
  6. I bought DST for 4$ during this summer for my bro. then I found an skin pack of Wigfrid also which was also 4$ both were on 75% sale the skin pack was 3 years old, Bought the skin pack just to see what it felt like... it felt very very childish.
  7. I come from a contrary inside the equator AND we have Mango season going, RIPE AND JUICY! actually there are two varieties we have, one is a Big and fleshy one and the other is small and green which is very sweet and juicy. however incase of HAM I don't think Mangoes will be possible in the climate it has, Mangoes requires temps in the range of 50c to 40c and only start ripening properly around start of june, its pretty sizzling hot here and enough to burn stuff and explode spray cans (similar to RoG Summer)
  8. what sort of variety are we talking about here?
  9. sarcasm for the devs only, the rest can really f u c k o f f now I understand why most veteran players leave this game and call it toxic as hell
  10. p.s @Sunset Skye leave me alone plz, for once I know you are very very important here and matter a lot more then anyone but please just let me be, okay? I don't care about what you do here so you should do the same as well in my case, I don't really know what's your problem nor I want to find out let's just be frank. Okay? Or if you really wanna keep playing this stupid game of trying to prove you know better then anyone else here about anything. Then let me tell you this, the devs, the company, they don't give a rat's ass about us guys, they only care about what they are interested in and they are hardly gonna reward you for all the time you have put in their products cause your nothing more then a customer for them as the same as I am. So drop this nonsense of sucking up to these guys and trying to prove to any of us that what we feel is wrong or something and mind your own business, do something useful instead of investing Soo much of your time in this place at least. We are unhappy with the state the game is in and that is that. Let us be now.
  11. Thanks for the DLC but next time you guys are gonna make something for funsies you better tell us so we won't get Soo serious and whiny about the bugs, lack of updates and anything else. We are supposed to have fun like you guys, not pick on you for not providing us what was promised. So please next time, don't try making something if your just gonna half ass it and abandon it and mock everyone else's expectations with saying it was just for funsies Good day~
  12. Yup, this place is getting stupid Might as well join in and say out loud! HAMLET WAS FOR... funsies
  13. guess the devs had been done with DS since 2013 when DST started out, no wonder some bugs from that never ever got fixed. either way it seems funsies can still generate an entire DLC and even ported content from the latest game. lets hope klei gets the urge for this type of funsies again.
  14. true words are there are no updates or any announcements yet. no confirmation or clarification on anything related to this DLC. so yeah, Hamlet is in hiatus right now. (not dead) wait for the devs to respond