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  1. Would you say Hamlet is more town management sim?

    You only have to worry about one coming after you after day 60 (even then he will take about 3 days to spawn) and you can also prevent that by just finding the clock and turning it back.
  2. Would you say Hamlet is more town management sim?

    this DLC's Bosses don't come after you except for one, all other need to be found in the world by yourself only if you want to. the one boss that does come after you is an Hot Air Balloon by the name of Ancient Herald, all he does is summon a bunch of frogs around you and ghost and nightmares sometimes and his only attack is banging on the ground which sets everything on fire around him except for you, which means he can't harm you much directly (a log suit will be enough to tank this guy to death) he only appears in Aporkalypse which is a season that triggers after day 60 but you can find a clock that controls when this season takes place, you can control the clock manually and trigger it when ever you want. that's all there is, oh also there is a an Ironman suit as well but it only has a durability of 3 minutes so its basically god mode for 3 minutes.
  3. Would you say Hamlet is more town management sim?

    if you can muster for Summer and Dry Seasons in RoG and SW respectively then this DLC is not hard to play, it has annoying stuff in at times but its also too much rewarding as well. its currently the most modern Single Player DS experience currently so you will enjoy it. think of Adventure Mode in sandbox. also don't forget to take your key and coin to other DLC Worlds for further profiting.
  4. Are you satisfied with hamlet?

    all we got was a hot air balloon that likes to summon frogs and sets them all on fire after a while...and guess what? that hot air balloon is present in one of the artworks for DST's latest lore surrounding the Ancient Gateway. so from this what I can say is that Lore-wise HAM is accurate and connected to DST but it has not been defined yet at all, we have NO lore in HAM currently and Wagstaff's appearance also plays a massive role in explaining the lore further which hasn't been touched upon at all... well spring has started already so lets hope Klei decides to give us something now at least....
  5. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    I'm sorry if this is an reupload, I had to share this somewhere
  6. Are you satisfied with hamlet?

  7. my start of an art thread! (4Da LOLs)

    my own assessment
  8. Deerclops is a she?

    @CameoAppearance , @Rinkusan well I did end my argument with the word "it" cause lets be frank here, its a giant cyclops yeti with an obsession for destroying architecture and nothing else seems to be its purpose as of yet so we can't decide much further then this...also the "She" thing with Wurt can be explained below if you didn't understand. this also seems a very reasonable answer to the topic....lets end this here okay? we do NOT want to go further then this please
  9. Deerclops is a she?

    Wolfgang: He looks mightier then me. Maxwell: Even I'm afraid of that Guy. Webber: He might be able to digest me! Winona: Don't even think about it, you dumb lug! Wurt: She not look happy, flurp. so seeing from all this we can say that most of the survivors tend to call it a he with only Wurt calling it a She (which I think is in a manner like men like to call their cars and big guns and possessions a she to treat them with respect etc) but over all we can say that the Deerclops is quite manly since he doesn't even have eyelashes around his single eye and his characteristics over all seem masculine (Moose/Goose has eyelashes which gives her quite the motherly/female look) so in the end I would go with "it" to settle it. also I consider Tigershark fully female and cute and her little kitties even cuter, fight me~
  10. Deerclops is a she?

    now that's real poetry mate! Bravo! also are the mods around here sleeping or just being lazy with life or something? @ImDaMisterL
  11. :)

    have you tried turning it off and on again?
  12. my start of an art thread! (4Da LOLs)

    ~ Natural Pudge ~ now that's a special thing!
  13. Are you satisfied with hamlet?

    He is just a gown full of hot air... literally
  14. my start of an art thread! (4Da LOLs)

    looks she has been feasting too much, I hope she won't gobble webber as well
  15. Are you satisfied with hamlet?

    @Sunset Skye I am not satisfied with HAM and I already gave my point. I don't wana argue about it and make a mess out of this thread. You are right about your points but I am not satisfied so let's end it at that.