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Good music to play ONI with?

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I'm looking for good music to play the game with. I love ONI's original music soundtrack but after 800 hours I need some variance from time to time.

I'll start recommending these German duplicants.  I really like how the industrial vibe can fit the game.

I'd like to check suggestions from others in the matter. What you listen when playing besides the default music?


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People probably just listen to whatever they like. I'm a metalhead too, though it doesn't exactly "suit" ONI. 

Something that might be considered more fitting is Megadrive, an electronic/synth artist with a retro flavour. Entirely instrumental, but not uninteresting, it makes for good background music. Several full albums are on YouTube; here's one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DGnjdlrgnA


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