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  1. Fullness stuck on 4000kcal

    I've had this happen too, somehow the dupe gets stuck in "eating" mode. I believe the high stress is because they are no longer receiving the morale benefit from eating foods, now that they have evolved beyond such things
  2. I have a desalinator next to a salt water geyser that gets fed a constant stream of salt water (about 94C), and yet sometimes the temperature of the water it outputs will start slowly yet steadily drop by around .1 degrees every 7-8 packets, reaching around 50 degrees when the desalinator needs to be emptied. Saving & loading will cause the output temp to jump up a bit, but it will still steadily drop. The desalinator itself is running at around 100 degrees, which is pretty good considering it eventually is working with the force of over three aquatuners! XD I recreated the effect in a sandbox map, it appears to happen after the desalinator is quickly switched off & back on with automation (but not every time, it takes a few tries) This happens with no mods running. Here's the map with it happening in the wild (desalinator located by mid-left border of the map): NS5 (cooling desal).sav Here's the sandbox map I recreated it with: cool_desal_sandbox.sav Hope this helps! Keep up the good work
  3. We Should Steer Clear

    ♫ The dupes all flee with a terrified face as he wades through the walls toward the center of base oooh no, they say he's got to go Glo-Glo-Glosszilla!
  4. This is a good one for those "Red Alert!" moments
  5. Hello everyone! I'm fairly new to the game and just made it to the surface, and have found inspiration for a mod; I'm attempting to make a "skylight tile", to make sunlight easier to use for base lighting. The basic idea is that I would copy a regular glass tile and 1 - remove its transparency so it cannot allow the sunlight directly through 2 - generate a light cone like a ceiling bulb 3 - Instead of a constant 1800 lux, have the light it generates be a function of the illumination received on the top of the tile (say, 15% of the sunlight) I had hoped I could just copy & paste my way to victory, but I'm having a bit of trouble on part 3 making the light brightness change. At the moment I'm just trying to use "(int)Game.Instance.currentSunlightIntensity", but from my (limited) understanding it looks like there is nothing in the "Light2D" class that can allow light to change with time. But it must be possible to do in game though, because that's how the sunlight works, right? I imagine there is something fundamental I am not getting. Well, at least in the meantime I've got these magical glowing tiles :P. Short version: is it possible to make a light source that varies in intensity over time? (My modding & coding experience is quite minimal so I apologize if this is an obvious/asinine question)
  6. Sunlight does not diffuse

    In a vacuum, sure. But light still scatters in an atmosphere, otherwise a skylight would have be the size of the entire room lol. But you probably are right about it being intentional, it occurred to me if sunlight were to diffuse using the current model people would be able to spam solar cells from a single beam of light... Still a shame we can't have natural skylights without tearing off the whole roof.
  7. Light from lamps will spread out after passing through a 1-tile wide opening, but sunlight just goes straight through like a laser. sunlight will not spread after passing through the window: lamplight will spread after passing through the window: