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  1. Once again you gave us an awesome story; but this time from a new perspective!
  2. I honestly don't know how the Shinebug got inside the barracks...
  3. Well, in one of my games;as I have explained earlier, Ren was Trapped in a Carbon Dioxide pit. Seeing as how he had the unconstructive trait; he had to have someone else rescue him. The others decided that building Ren’s. Grave! Was more important than actually rescuing him. He eventually did get out, and is fine now. Though that’s probably why he is so distrustful of everyone.
  4. Especially considering the fact they were literally printed into existence!
  5. They are Dupes, Also Ren got Trapped there a little while ago, and they decided to Build his grave instead of actually helping him! ( He eventually got out, he’s fine now; though I do like to imagine he has severe trust issues now!) unfortunately, I didn’t get a screenshot of That Incident because I was too damn busy trying to get him out before he suffocated!
  6. Nikola Hasn't even Gotten Close to finishing his Sculpture, and Travaldo Is Already Jealous of his Skills!
  7. I honestly love this story; keep it up! The body horror, the drama, everything is just amazing!
  8. That’s Dupes for you, stupidly trapping themselves while your trying to accomplish something one particular Dupe in my colony is especially prone to this she got trapped six times! And she has only been around for thirty Cycles!
  9. Oh, shi- I forgot, I’ve only been playing ONI for a month!
  10. Post Mortem I’ve given LSS a name; Tom, after Major Tom.