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Am i the only one who's a little impatient?

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I'm kind of impatient for the hamlet season updates.  I know we got a sniplet like a week ago, but as April closes in i can't help but worry hamlet may get abandoned without the necesary tweaking. I still count on klei though, because that doesn't seem like they're kind of thing.

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To be fair, it does feel like it's been quite a while since we've had any meaningful content that changes the game in major ways.

Aporkalypse is still very uninspiring, seasons have no major dangers and there's not much end-game to be seen.

However, I do appreciate the quality of life improvements, fixes and general clean up.


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There's still a while left in March. We'll probably hear something next week. If not then it's definitely likely they could have fallen behind. They fell behind a little for the DST update so it's definitely possible the same is happening with Hamlet too, they still got to worry about the April update. 

In the end though the longer things take the better quality the end product will be. Rushing everything into a deadline means less possible things you can fix/add.

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11 hours ago, KXWl1 said:

A new boss, multi-roomed homes and so on, these features are unrealiized, so I am little impatient, too.

from what was said in the roadmap

"We’re going to be adding more to the seasons, adding new perks and challenges alike. Expect to see more content in every season, as well as a new boss creature. We’ll also be implementing multi-roomed homes, allowing players to build more elaborate abodes to stay in."


"allowing players to build more elaborate abodes to stay in."

for this we got the ornaments tab back


"We’ll also be implementing multi-roomed homes,"

there are multiple things in the files showing its probably close to complete.


"adding new perks and challenges alike."

they added those stupid rotating turrets in the ruins.


"We’re going to be adding more to the seasons,"

they whole bramble bulb crafts.


"as well as a new boss creature."

This is clearly going to be the finale of the road map so there going to release it last, its a new boss which we only have 2 at the moment.(herald doesn't count fite me)

Anyway there isn't much time left until April and I'm sure the devs are trying their hardest to deliver the content so just give them some time.




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Alright.. not to sound impatient. But this is/was the last week for a big hamlet update to come out of march.. and we've only had 1 update so far throughout of march... 


Now, i know you're very hard working on it Klei. But, a statement would be nice to know what's happening as of now, if we'll get it throughout of april, or if it'll get delayed if needed.

I'm just being concerned if this is too much for you to chew. 


EDIT: I never said this! this never happened alright?! i'm so sorry i ever doubted you klei

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