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  1. doubt its new, I tend to search for new stuff by sorting by date and I never saw it, so either it snuck under my radar or its really old.
  2. this is nice for decoration, will we get any other decorations for the city tab?
  3. better than nothing. would be cool though.
  4. they could fix that easily by just activating the part of the slab code the would make them regen
  5. I feel like we are all missing something important. Klei finally gave the hulk pieces their own map icon! They looks cool good job klei.
  6. I mean if you really think about what would you world hop for? nettle? ruins stuff? there isn't even a reason to do it because they haven't added anything that would be worth world hopping other than world gen. I still really want it tho
  7. thought you would mention toadstool or something soloing dragonfly or fuel weaver isn't that bad solo.
  8. so does EA that doesn't make there games good, not comparing Klei to them that much Klei did hamlet because the fans wanted it, and gave it out to a bunch of people for free, but releasing a product that is missing promised features warrants complaints.
  9. everyone in the comments is flipping out over the living artifact, they think its a new character or something.
  10. the game is unoptimized, theres no way to reset world gen and there still exist bugs from the beta.