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  1. so they decided to make a new engine for a game they didn't think they would work on very much past adding caves.
  2. I never understood why dst and ds are different games this problem wouldn't exist if they just decided to make dst a dlc or something.
  3. ds is just better to me I hate the inflated health bars, I prefer the normal caves/ruins as buggy as shipwrecked is I love exploring it with coffee, fire farms work bigfoot world hopping, skins are cool but dst just feel slower and after the first summer I feel as if I can't deviate and I have to do certain things at certain times or else I'll have to wait a year to do the other things.
  4. Positive sides of Hamlet

    I wish hamlet had more nonrenewable resources just to give world hopping more of a purpose. something like volcano loot or the ruins(normal ruins).
  5. Positive sides of Hamlet

    I meant the idea of aporkalypse I agree with your points.
  6. Positive sides of Hamlet

    eh the idea is cool but it really doesn't have anything to stand on. Herald's cool but slow and can barely attack you, mants changing is cool but they do nothing, the hulks activating seems like it might lead to something but it doesn't, increased bat waves is stupid and never needed to be a thing, and a bunch of the other minor tweaks like 10 lightning bolts from thunderbirds are neat little changes which I feel the aporkalypse needs more of, plus some bigger ones.
  7. Your opinions on Hamlet?

    I have no clue what any answer means. besides saying no to wheeler.
  8. Why Are You Guys Quiet?

    I can ensure you the things they would say would be one of these. 1. changed their minds. 2. gave up and didn't finish it. 3. still working on it. 4. ran out of time.
  9. Why Are You Guys Quiet?

    I think the reason there isn't a road map is because the don't have any plans for the future.
  10. Why Are You Guys Quiet?

    What do you mean the devs are clearly not being hated enough you should riot more, and they should explain every little thing going wrong or why they don't listen to every suggestion by the community. this is sarcasm for people who can't tell.
  11. The bee queen is one of the worst designed fights in dst. being spammed with enemies possibly being stunlocked to death by the minions and the attacks are almost unavoidable if you want to do any damage.
  12. [Game Update] - 335195

    better than nothing. would be cool though.
  13. My problem with Hamlet.

    I think the tradition argument is stupid just because 2 other things did it doesn't make it tradition, but it still would be cool for a new tree guard or just enemy in general the current cast of early game enemies hasn't changed.