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  1. I don't think thats new I remember seeing it a while ago also where did you find the tree?
  2. Q.O.L. Bugs

    not sure if this is what was happening to you but projectiles hurt the player instead of the beefalo which isn't a bug
  3. Just tested it, and it somewhat works you have to relog after it starts or the effects of Aporkalypse will still be there after you relog the clock will be frozen, and Aporkalypse won't happen again Edit: I did more testing and during night its always full moon and thunderbirds still shoot 10 lightning bolts. Heralds still spawn iron hulks are always active so its basically the same but without the tint and pigs go outsides
  4. I found a bug.

    you should post this in the bug reports
  5. I guess but it might just restart
  6. actually this might work Find a file called Aporkalypse and change the season length to 0
  7. according to the files its 10000 days which is as much as a endless seasons world Much better
  8. if you really want to disable it I think you can turn it off in the file called (seasonmanager_pork) in the files, but thats a pain