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  1. New Season Perk Speculations

    I don't think the heralds should they're everywhere during the Aporkalypse, and you can kill them inside the ruins which might cause problems although ruins regen might be neat, and I want a big boss for Aporkalypse which could do that. also rabid beetle drops, but no herald drops?
  2. Update?

    first artifact 2nd I was more talking about how valve never says anything about what there doing or making 3rd
  3. Update?

  4. yeah but if I look at the forge collection they have locks on them, but they still drop
  5. is this a bug? I'm really confused
  6. the only reason I thought they might have been added mainly wilton is because of this sound file thought it might have been a test the character before you buy kinda thing again I don't know how old it is nevermind found it in the ds files
  7. I was bored and decided to look at the dst files not sure how old these are, but I think these are some of the new paid characters for dst. I'm stupid ignore this
  8. Things to improve hamlet

    oh right thats a thing
  9. Things to improve hamlet

    that sounds completely useless. Klei should add it
  10. [Game Update] - 312201

    going to be honest I don't like this change. Could the grid snap only happen when the player holds alt or something instead of always?
  11. New Layer

    I was talking about the ""