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  1. rabid beetles

    so u use all those cheat but refuse to delete all the rabid beetles that are lagging your world with a command? okay....
  2. Why we need merged crafting.

    i can't seem to find a mod that makes merged crafting a thing T-T the one that was in these forums doesn't work with hamlet.
  3. Your World, Your Rules!

    i had never tweaked my worlds and if i ever do would be to do a lights out run.
  4. [Game Update] - 308103

    the tumbleweed thing is already fixed. (nvm i think i doesnt happen in my world because its not linked with hamlet)
  5. [Game Update] - 305080

    what are u talking about? i have 81k entities in my world and they constantly lag it.... if i go to the jungle and try to spray bug b gone i would be dead in a second... because i have 1 fps thanks to rabid beetles there being to many to the point i have constant lag spikes and the jungle is almost instant dead because of lag and the amount of rabit beetles (the world is 350+ days btw)
  6. FPS in ruins: 4fps

    how many entitys do u have in your world? u can see this by presin the backspace key
  7. [Game Update] - 305080

    when is the fix for rabid beetles making worlds unplayable coming out?
  8. entity count

  9. entity count

    Apparently i have 81k mobs and its laggin so much my 300+ days world... the jungles are infested with rabid bettles and everytime i have to go deactivate aporkalypse im at risk of being killed by rabid bettles because i have like 5 fps... is there a command to dissapear all the rabid beetles and their eggs? i dont want to lose this world because of lag.
  10. Another Few Tips on Hamlet

    old hamlet colors.... i cry everytime.
  11. Qol broke some stuff

    all items that where on a shelf in my world dissapeared
  12. [Game Update] - 302970

    i lost all my shelf items
  13. If i shift click into a crock pot the food item dissapears same thing happens in chest
  14. My game crashes when I place turf

    the same thing happens in my save
  15. thats what u deserve for doing that lol