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  1. [Game Update] - 308103

    the tumbleweed thing is already fixed. (nvm i think i doesnt happen in my world because its not linked with hamlet)
  2. [Game Update] - 305080

    what are u talking about? i have 81k entities in my world and they constantly lag it.... if i go to the jungle and try to spray bug b gone i would be dead in a second... because i have 1 fps thanks to rabid beetles there being to many to the point i have constant lag spikes and the jungle is almost instant dead because of lag and the amount of rabit beetles (the world is 350+ days btw)
  3. FPS in ruins: 4fps

    how many entitys do u have in your world? u can see this by presin the backspace key
  4. [Game Update] - 305080

    when is the fix for rabid beetles making worlds unplayable coming out?
  5. entity count

  6. entity count

    Apparently i have 81k mobs and its laggin so much my 300+ days world... the jungles are infested with rabid bettles and everytime i have to go deactivate aporkalypse im at risk of being killed by rabid bettles because i have like 5 fps... is there a command to dissapear all the rabid beetles and their eggs? i dont want to lose this world because of lag.
  7. [Game Update] - 302970

    i lost all my shelf items
  8. the same thing happens in my save
  9. Infinite Oincs

    can this happen with the professor pig in the first island?
  10. Adult snap tooth quick attack.

    he went too far away and reseted the aggro... thats why it atacked so fast.
  11. Can't launch my hamlet save

    same thing happened to me after the last update.... i miss my world so much
  12. Can't make prototype (Hamlet)

    this same thing happened to me... i had to create the alchemy engine inside my house for it to work.
  13. im playing as wickerbottom and i can't build stuff that requires an alchemy engine